Shink Shining

Congrats, Melinda!           What??    What for??          For starting out confusing us with once again with made-up words!        Oh, that.      Well, I do dearly love my alliteration, ya know.          We know, we know!!         Since I wanted to talk about shining the sink, sink had to become shink.      (I beg the pardon of all those who don’t speak alliteration.)

slob, humor, sink

The shink, uh, sink.

Anyway, I’ve been rethinking the whole sink shining thing, from Fly Lady.    I’ve been adamantly opposed to her methods.      Firstly, cuz I was lazy.     Fully dressed down to shoes and make-up ain’t happenin’, as I have clearly stated previously.       Secondly, I don’t wear make-up, almost EVER!!, and no shoes in the house, so, I literally CAN’T do her method!   (Not that I’m morally opposed to shoes in the house, I just don’t wear ’em.    I do NOT make my guests take theirs off and put on slippers!)      

slob, humor, barefeet

Toes, and shoes. Freedom! (At SF’s house. I don’t dare have wires like that out in the open!)

But lately, I’ve been wondering if her sink shining thing might, just maybe, have some merit.

Why’s that??          Well, you know the problem with roaches that I have.      


Yes, yes I do.     And I’ve noticed that they seem to LOVE to treat the shink, er excuse me, the sink, as their maternity ward.        Oooooh, okkkkay.        And exactly how does that relate to shining it?        Well, I wondered if I shine it, so that it’s dry all night, if that would slow down the birth rate, or maybe alter the location??

Hmmm, well seems to me the only way you’re gonna find out, is by trying it.

What??       You mean I should actually TRY it??          Uh, duh!       How else are ya gonna find out the answer to your question??          {stammers}     Well, I just really, um, kinda thought it was more rhetorical, really.

So, okay.     I dried out 1 side, so that the other, wet side could be the control.     Ya know, like a real scientific experiment, and all!!

slob, humor, dry sink

Dry as a bone.

And lo, and behold, when I got up in the middle of the night, the wet side was crawling with baby roaches, as usual.      And the dry side??       Wait for it!!            The dry side only had 1 roach in it!!    

I was amazed!!           So, what did we learn??            Well, that drying the sink would be worth it!         (But, I still won’t do it every night, I’m sure.        By bed time, I’m usually bushed!!        And just remember- Slob IN Recovery- not Recovered!  Yet!)

Summary:   Experiment was successful.      Follow thru is essential.

swish and swipe

I read it on Nony’s blog, ASlobComesClean, about the “Swish & Swipe”.  (And of course, I couldn’t find the post I am referring to….)  I found it!!  Ya know, cuz she has a search feature, and all!!  Duh!

I believe she said it came from the Fly Lady. I had never read that blog, but it was scary, just from what I’d heard.  Fully dressed to makeup, and shoes??  First thing in the morning???  Ain’t happ’nin.

Thought, that’s just too much trouble.

Then I find myself taking 30 min and a jack hammer to chip away at all the crud.

(Have you figured out yet that we’re talking toilet today??)

Finally I decided maybe there is something to the “Swish and Swipe”.  And I started swishing the brush around, every day(ish), and swiping the counters, every day(ish).  And guess what??  The bathroom stayed clean(ish)!!!

Who knew?

Experts know whereof they speak.

Why didn’t I listen sooner?



Anyhoo, now my toilet is usable by guests on any given day.  (Now that PP is potty training, she’s getting in on the action too!  It’s so cute to see her cleaning the toilet!!  And soon, I won’t have to do it anymore!!!!)


daunting duplication

Seeing double??

Twice as Nice

Twice as Nice

How did I come up with 2 can openers? 2 exactly the same can openers?

Bumfuzzles me!

Twice the toothpicks?

Pickin' and Grinning, Anybody?

Pickin’ and Grinning, Anybody?

Seconds of Sea salt:

Savory Selection

Savory Selection

5 paring knives?

How many hands do I think I have??


Four Fork-prongs:

Had to do some fancy word dancing, there.

Had to do some fancy word dancing, there.

Everybody screaming for ice cream?

Everybody screaming for ice cream?

Sets of spoons

Sets of spoons

Super sweet!

Super sweet!

A congress of cups?

A congress of cups?

(Unnecessary, and taking up needed space.)

Pouring out of pitchers

Pouring out of pitchers

Can you guess which one always held the tea?  😉

Both Breads

Both Breads

Great: Graters

Great: Graters

Six Seasoned Spoons

Six Seasoned Spoons

Trio of Scoopers (Couldn't do the alliteration thing.  I tried.

Trio of Scoopers
(Couldn’t do the alliteration thing. I tried.

So, it looks like I have some fodder for reducing here!

Donated 1 can opener, kept both toothpicks, (what? we have 32 teeth apiece, right???  Well, some of us more than others.)

Kept both salts, even though I’m not supposed to eat it.  But, I’m thinking of my guests, here.  I’m being self-sacrificing!

Banished the black fork, and the blue scoop, for obvious reasons… Can I spray paint kitchen utensils???

Still have the set of stevias, kicked the red and black measuring spoons to the curb, dumped the black and white measuring cups, and poured out the tainted pitcher.

Only have the 1 bread knife now, and 1 grater.  Considering that I’ve never used a grater since I was 10 years old, we’ll see how long I keep even 1!

Begone, blue spoon, and the metal spoons.  I just got new non-stick pots at Christmas, and I plan to keep them nice!

Wow, that felt good!!  Daunting duplication no more!

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