Update on Kitchen Clutter

It’s been _8_ days now, and my counters are still clean!  ( Relatively)

20150418_135025Here is the pic from Kitchen Clutter.

Here is from May 2, before I started cooking.

20150502_154836Yes, it’s the exact same pan! But I did wash it, because I needed it to cook the slaw!

20150414_222100To the right of the stove, from Kitchen Clutter.

May 2:

20150502_154843Still clean!  (relatively, except for the receipt.  The oil and vinegar are in their new homes.  Yes, I’m too lazy to move 2 more steps to the right, to the pantry.)

20150414_221823From Kitchen Clutter:

From May 2:

20150502_154828I promise it’s a completely different picture!  I’ve been keeping it clean!  Yay, me!

From Kitchen Clutter:


Now I have to go take a picture of that side.  It completely slipped my mind!!  (In my defense, it was behind me when I was taking the other pix.. My mommy eyes in the back of my head must be atrophied since I’m over a half century old now!)

potholder 004

Not so bad, really! 2 ice cube trays, a magnet, and a dish towel.  For a slob, that’s nothing!

I really am proud of myself.  Keeping it nice this long!  Now…. check back in another month– that’ll be the test!