Wee Willie Winkie

No, Willie is NOT wee, nor are we gonna talk about winkies. EVER.

But you know me, if I can’t alliterate, it’s not a good day.

Anyhoo, we are however gonna talk about Willie, and the whole Duck gang.  {I’m afraid to say the alliterating word after Duck, for fear that I’ll owe A&E a royalty!}

Will I or won’t I say Willie a dozen times, in this post?  Only Willie knows, oh, and me!   I accept the challenge.

6x?  12x?  18x?  Well, I can promise it won’t be 18x!!!  However, I just might say Willie 17x, just to go right up, but not over the line!   By the way, “will” doesn’t count, cuz it’s missing the “ie”, that Willie has.  {Are you counting?? We’re up to 6} So, saying “will” doesn’t count as a Willie.  {oops, up to 7!!}

Heeeeere’s Willie!!!

Willie the duck lipped guy

Willie with his Duck lips.  A feast for the eyes.


Duck, duck, duck, Willie!  (Keeping track of the x??  only 6 more to go!)

This Willie “camo” {Yes, I’m aware it’s supposed to be “cameo”, but Willie wears camo, Willie doesn’t wear cameos} is brought to you courtesy of cousin Jan C, and Sis, Michelle. They are Willie fans, extraordinaire!   And all things Duck related.   Sis has their poster on her bedroom wall!!   No, it’s not weird for a grown woman to have a Willie poster on her wall!   Now, if she kissed it goodnight, THAT would be weird!!  It would weird out even Willie!!

Well, I’ve bagged my Willie limit for the day.   That was 17x!!  

Okay, so I can’t say that guy’s name which starts with “Will”  any more today.   (ah ah ah! remember?  I said “Will” doesn’t count as a “Willie”!    DRATS!   That was 18x, and I promised I wouldn’t say Willie 18x!!  Ahhh, but there, I’ve said Willie 20x now, so it’s okay!!   20 is definitely NOT 18!!  I made it!

Challenge completed!


Lovely Lavender Lodestone Looks

Well, the votes are overwhelming in favor of keeping the pretties, 80% to 20%  so that’s settled.  That’s what I wanted to do in the first place! YAY!

Now, what to do about the missing ones?

I’ve had 2 good suggestions by readers.  (I HAVE READERS!! Still excites me!)

Jan C. said alternate lavender and silver. (And no, I’m not just taking her suggestion because she’s my cousin!)   


Carmen said put the 2 silvers at the end.  Here’s what that looks like.

Silver only on ends

Silver only on ends


Didn’t take a pic of other end, but imagine it!


Time to once again exercise your right to make your voice heard.  (YES, I listen!!)