Bad, Bad, Bath

Remember Bad Bad Shoes??       Well, this has nothing to do with that!        Umm, okaaaay, then why did you bring it up??       Just so I could repeat part of the title, and link to an old post!          {Shakes head}     Melinda, you are incorrigible!         I know!     Ain’t it great??!!

Okay, so where does the Bad, Bad, Bath part come in?        Well, I’ll show you!

slob, humor, bath carpet  Horrible hideousness!!       What in the Sam Hill were these people thinking to put carpet in a BATHROOM????          I know it LOOKS purple- trust me, it wasn’t!!     It was a filthy blue-gray- who knows what the color was originally??

slob, humor, ugly    Ugh, ugh, ugly!!     I guess it could have been worse!

slob, humor, ugly bath




Don’t all these different textures and patterns just make you feel serene??       Nope??        Me neither!!




slob, humor, ugly green sink!     One of the 2 worst parts- green fixtures!!    (My contractor already had the mirror removed before I realized he was gonna start working!)   Thank God the toilet was white!!     

slob, humor, ugly green   Speaking of my contractor:   Here’s Jim! slob, humor, contractor Jim








Well, maybe this is even worse than the green??

slob, humor, mildew    Mildew is really bad, Melinda!      I know!   I know!!

Horrible hideousness!!     But trust me, it has already been scrubbed multiple times!!

Nicole-when I first moved in.

and Jessica-this past summer.

But not by you??      Surely you jest!!        You know me, right??        Seriously tho, since it’s been scrubbed, maybe it’s not really mildew, but an alien life form??

Anyway, this is the bad, bad, bath.     Beautiful new bath on its way!!      YAY!

Interns Incidents

The interns, Jessica and Carly did so much!   The incidents of them helping me, were in no particular order:

Carly cleaned the air purifier filters.

slob, humor, cleaning

Great job, Carly!! Thanks!

And de-cluttered under the micro cabinet.

Jessica purged the shelves above the micro.

They swept and swiffered kitchen/ dining/living rooms.   They’re all really just one big room.   I like to name them separately, just to pretend I have a bigger house than I do!

Jessica folded clothes, then cleaned the couch cushions.   I didn’t even know that could be done!    Lol

slob, humor, cleaning

Pulling out the cushions to clean them. Yes, PP thinks the couch is the perfect storage for her art studio, apparently!


Both girls totally did our church proud!   Thank you Pastors Keith Conley, and Rob Morrow, from Harvest Assembly of God, for sending them over to help me!


Harvest Assembly in Lakeland, Fl.     Come visit us!

Interred Interns

No way!   Melinda!   I’m shocked!!

WHAT??   What is it??   What’s wrong??

You buried some interns??

Yep, plumb up to their necks, in fact!

Girl!!   I knew you were a killer, but!!   People now???   Not just animals???    The cat, the elephant, and the cow were all bad enough!!    When did you get the urge to kill people??

Wait, WHAT?????    Kill WHAT people???   I didn’t kill any people!

But, but, but, you just said you buried the interns up to their necks!!

In SLOBBERY!!!!   Not DIRT, well, not dirt in the ground so they’ll die, dirt!

slob, humor, dirt

They were buried, alrightey!  Just not 6 ft under!

Not the 6-feet-under kind of buried in dirt!

teeny, tiny voice    Oh.   Okay.   Well, good, then.

Don’t you have something else to say??

Um, yeah.   I’m so glad you didn’t kill them!!

exasperated   Anything ELSE??

Oh yeah, um, I’m sorry I thought you killed them.

Thank you.

Okay, now that we got THAT straight, maybe I proceed, please?

still in a teeny, tiny voice      Yes, please do.

Well, my church sent one of their interns, Jessica, to help me clean my house.    Since my leg has been acting up, and with the kwilt crunch,  housework just hasn’t been a priority.  


Okay, well, even less of a priority than ever!

So, Jessica came the first week, and did a bang-up job on the bathroom!   It hasn’t sparkled like that, since I paid Nicole to clean it back in Dec!!   And swept the hall.

The only before I took.

slob, humor, dirty floor

Right at beginning of hall, in front of fridge. And I promise, this one isn’t a mouse!


slob, humor, clean floor

Beautiful bare floor!! Cute toes, and nightgown hem, Melinda. Really, must your toes photobomb EVERY pix??


But, she works 2 paying jobs, plus interning at the church, so she has really limited time, as you can imagine.   So, this week, she brought Carly with her.

They cleaned and organized the kitchen.   Emptied 2 cabinets, and donated stuff!   YAY!    More clutter outta here!!

slob, humor, intern, decluttering

Jessica decluttering glasses, which were bequeathed to me with this trailer.

That Jessica is a no-nonsense get it done whirlwind!!   I love her!!!   I want to adopt her!!

Carly even unpacked my newest Joy.   {Thanks, Sis!!}

slob, humor, intern, Joy

Carly’s apparently a little camera shy.

slob, humor, mantel , Joy

Finally, Joy on my mantel! (The erstwhile holiday shelf.)


They did so much more!   I could go on and on all day.   But, I won’t.   cheers from the crowd   At least not today.   equally loud groans


But rest assured, I’ll be back, with the rest of the story.

Party Time!!