Beautiful Bath Bottom

Oh no, Melinda!          What’s bugging ya now??         Are you really gonna talk about your bottom??           NO!!      Silly, I’m talking about the bottom of the BATH!        Ya know, the floor??

AS a reminder, as if you need it, I’m sure many of you germophobes (Kristen) are still retching from seeing it the first time.        My carpeted bath floor.

slob, humor, bath carpet      OH!    And I didn’t even show you the WORST part!!

There’s worst???        Noooo!!!         (People fainting, as they clutch their heads, moaning.)

slob, humor, petrified poop




That, ladies, and gents is petrified poop.      In my bath vent.         The legacy of the lady(?)  with 3 cats, who evidently didn’t know their litter box, from a hole in the ground.

Thank you, Jim, for shoveling that up for me!!!

Yes, I closed the vent when I moved in, and pretended it no longer existed.      But it’s hard to ignore when you see it every time you sit down!!        He only left it there a day or two.        Maybe to make sure I realized what a great debt of gratitude I owed him???

Anyway, y’all can all open your eyes now, it’s gone.

The materials piled up, ready to go.     slob, humor, new bath materials

{Can’t WAIT to show you the sink!!       But that’s another day.      It’s on the floor now, but it doesn’t belong there!}

Here’s how it looked after he ripped up the carpet.

slob, humor, stripped floor  Those strips of double backed tape ain’t no joke!!       After 50 years, they were still so sticky, I got stuck to the floor!!       And I had gone in barefoot, not even giving it a thought!        Come to think about it, maybe it was good that I went in barefoot, otherwise, he might have had to tile over a pair of shoes!!       Seriously, it took pulling with all my body weight, to pick up my feet!    Then, I had to walk to the sink, and reverse the process all the way back to the door!       So now I have literally invested skin in the game!  lol

Thankfully, that stage only lasted overnight.  WHEW!

slob, humor, backer board stage    The backer board stage.

Oh, just in case you were wondering, SF let me stay at his house that whole week.     He was the only one who had 2 bedrooms, with an actual bed in it!       Thanks, SF!!         I can’t live without a potty!!

slob, humor, self explanatoryThen of course, the project had gotten more involved, since there was no shut off valve for the toilet, so the whole house had to be shut down for the whole week.      Thankfully, he knew how to do that too!!

slob, humor, almost there!    Almost there!!

slob, humor, grouted       The grouting stage.

The toilet I had had sitting in the workshop for a year!!        Now, finally I was gonna have a taller potty!!   YAH!!

He decided to also add a tile baseboard.     Looks wonderful!!

slob, humor, beautiful new floor!

I can’t thank you enough Jim!!

(Now the cabinet looks so bad, it needs to go too!!     Plus, it’s so low, I almost have to bend in half to reach the sink!!      Who did they build this for?      A Little Person??)

It only makes sense, if I get a new floor, and sink, that I get a new vanity too, right??       And about that ugly tub…..      Please, a new shower curtain too, that’s NOT blue??


Bad, Bad, Bath

Remember Bad Bad Shoes??       Well, this has nothing to do with that!        Umm, okaaaay, then why did you bring it up??       Just so I could repeat part of the title, and link to an old post!          {Shakes head}     Melinda, you are incorrigible!         I know!     Ain’t it great??!!

Okay, so where does the Bad, Bad, Bath part come in?        Well, I’ll show you!

slob, humor, bath carpet  Horrible hideousness!!       What in the Sam Hill were these people thinking to put carpet in a BATHROOM????          I know it LOOKS purple- trust me, it wasn’t!!     It was a filthy blue-gray- who knows what the color was originally??

slob, humor, ugly    Ugh, ugh, ugly!!     I guess it could have been worse!

slob, humor, ugly bath




Don’t all these different textures and patterns just make you feel serene??       Nope??        Me neither!!




slob, humor, ugly green sink!     One of the 2 worst parts- green fixtures!!    (My contractor already had the mirror removed before I realized he was gonna start working!)   Thank God the toilet was white!!     

slob, humor, ugly green   Speaking of my contractor:   Here’s Jim! slob, humor, contractor Jim








Well, maybe this is even worse than the green??

slob, humor, mildew    Mildew is really bad, Melinda!      I know!   I know!!

Horrible hideousness!!     But trust me, it has already been scrubbed multiple times!!

Nicole-when I first moved in.

and Jessica-this past summer.

But not by you??      Surely you jest!!        You know me, right??        Seriously tho, since it’s been scrubbed, maybe it’s not really mildew, but an alien life form??

Anyway, this is the bad, bad, bath.     Beautiful new bath on its way!!      YAY!