Hotel?? or Home??

Just look at all these doorways!!




Left Side of Hall

Left Side of Hall

Right Side of Hall

Right side of Hall




It almost looks like a hotel rather than a home, doesn’t it?

Except without the maids, the bell boys, and those annoying key cards.

Well, these toddler locks are about as annoying to open as key cards!


And, we do have a pool here at the complex, and a work out room….

And someone does pay to stay here…..

And people move in and out with regularity….

And without the wreath on my door, I certainly would be confused about which room is mine, since I have moved 3 times….


Am I sure this isn’t a hotel??

Well, I don’t provide clean towels, or make beds either!

And I certainly don’t carry luggage!

So… maybe it’s a Motel??