College Collective

It was always assumed we 3 kings kids would go to college.   Were you breathing?   Yes, sir.  Do you intend to remain in that condition following graduation?   Yes, sir.   Then you’re going to college.    (Maybe it was never stated verbally, but trust me: it was implicit in their eyes, whenever it was time for report cards!)

Also assumed, was WHAT college, A BIBLE college, for course.   And WHICH Bible college was therefore predestined: Southeastern Bible College of the Assemblies of God.   (We called ourselves SCAGites, isn’t that a lovely image???)   By the time Brother got there, (AFTER I graduated in 1983, Sister in 1993, and MAMA {Go, MAMA!!} in 2003) it was SEU, Southeastern University.   We’d come a long way, baby!   AS you can tell, since he’s older than Sis, he’d taken a detour on the way there.   Barely survived till then too, since our dad nearly skinned him alive for declaring. “I don’t WANT to go to college.  I’ll be happy as a manual laborer.   {Aha! NOW I remember why we called him Manuel!}

Anyway, now where was I???   Oh yeah, college.   No wonder my mind wanders, that was a LONG time ago!    (Since you know what year it is, do the math.   If you don’t know what year it is, it’s okay, we still love you.)

So, I dutifully went to college.  I really loved school, so I was looking forward to it.   AND bonus; I got to live in the dorm!!!!   Woo hoo!! Par-TAY time!!   All my  life I had been a good church girl.   Well…. mostly!   I was still a virgin, never did drugs, (Unless you count caffeine!) and obeyed my parents (usually).   I didn’t even sass back…. unless you count eye rolls, and tongue sticking-out-behind-their-back, which they ALWAYS totally busted me on!   How do mothers DO that??   ( I found out when I became a Mom.   It’s a superpower God gives Moms.)   So, anyhoo, I was looking forward to the freedom of being on my own.   Yeah, right!!   SEBC  thought they were our parents!   Just without the Mom superpowers.

So, I did a few minor infractions, but stayed on the Honor Roll.   But the school never gave out 5 dollar bills, like the REAL parents did!!

PurpleSlob college boyfriend

Me, (YES, really me! 3 decades ago)

(Allen C, my senior year boyfriend, and I at my Senior Banquet.   I pretended this was our wedding photo!!   What??  He had on a tux, and I had on a white dress!!  I had a vivid imagination, yes!)



When I graduated, cum laude, thank you very much, I knew I was gonna be a teacher, till I met Mr. Right, got married, had babies, and never work again.    OOOOhhhh, my sides hurt from making myself laugh so hard at THAT one!!!  Being a parent is the HARDEST job in the world!!   Followed closely by being a teacher.

Okay, now I’ve totally lost my entire train of thought for this post….

Something about going to college and meeting boys, was what I originally thought I was gonna write about.   Oh, well.  Hope you enjoyed this peek into the past!

Next time I’ll try to stick to the point!


Kitchen CAtastrophe

As of Jan 8, 2016  this is what my kitchen looks like.

dirty dishes on counter

Dirty kitchen, it’s the dishes’ fault! Not mine!


EEK!  But, wait!  Some of these are from Christmas Eve.  Whoops, that makes it worse, not better, doesn’t it??  My dirty dishes have been sitting there for 2 years!!

dirty chocolate syrup pot

Mama’s dumpling pot used for chocolate syrup.


Baking pans used for biscuits.

Dratted ding dong dishes!!

While I go to work trying to make it sparkling clean, um, clean, uh, reasonably clean, er, not nasty, please enjoy this stroll down filthy dish memory lane.  sigh   I’ve had a LOT of dirty dishes in the last 18 months.

May 4, 2015.

August 19, 2014

November 17, 2015


Huff, puff, mouth breathing….

Phase 1:



Phase 2:


Phase 3:


After 5 hours of forced labor, 3 gallons of elbow grease, and 6 sinkfuls of suds, sweat, and tears;  here is what it looks like now.


What?  I need to finish? [BIG SIGH]  FINE. {mutters under breath} Slave driver.



Whaddya mean why didn’t I completely finish???  I’m done, whether the kitchen is or not!!  



I’m headed to a well deserved nap.  If you don’t hear from me after 15 hours, send a search party to make sure I’m still breathing!  Straight down the hall, follow the sound of the snores.   WAIT, what am I saying???  It’s the exhaustion speaking! cuz I don’t snore!!   If I keep denying it long enough, that makes it true, right??  (I’m looking at you, *cough* Hillary *cough*.) 



Ok, Ok, Ok!!  Now that I’ve had some good beauty sleep, I’m ready to tackle those 2 year old pots and pans.

TA DA!!!


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