Youthful Yuk Yuks

More meme Monday morning!   Ready to rumble laugh??   I hope you laugh so hard, you snort milk out your nose!!

Or teacher!!

Or day care worker!!

Or mom of hungry toddlers!

slob, humor, meme

Yuk, yuk, yuk!!  AS in laughing yuks, not yucky yuks.


slob, humor, meme

Those things can get outta “hand”!! Get it??


slob, humor, meme

IKR??!! I feel ya, girl!

slob, humor, meme

Only if they’re under thirty, too!!

Oh, those youthful worship leaders!

slob, humor, meme

Hey, he followed instructions to the “letter”!!

slob, humor, meme

Sorta funny. Guess ya had to be there….


slob, humor, meme

Oh me!

Did you find these to be funny youthful yuk yuks??    Do you look more youthful now, since you laughed??   Do you feel more youthful??   I feel positively childish!!


Holiday Hahas

Here we are 15 weeks later, and I’m still going strong with the Monday memes.   Sarah Eliza, you created a monster!  Ha ( how many ha-s do you have to have for it to be hahas??)

On to the laughing.


ready for Jesus' birthday, humor

How many candles is it this year??

humor, monks changing Stonehenge daylight savings time

That’s a holiday, right?? A nightmare holiday, maybe!


humor, Facebook post reminds wish happy birthday



humor, kid can't sleep on new year's

ALL parents can relate to this! Might not be so funny either.


humor, plan own surprise party

Yup, I’m getting there!

Hmmm, that’s 3 birthday memes.  Maybe I should have named this one “Birthday Bwahahahas”???

humor, kid plays with box, not present

True story.

humor, Thanksgiving whole family together without police

Or is that just MY family??


humor, pretend Valentine's from Biblical times

Biblical Valentine’s!



Done??  Belly muscles sore yet??  If not, I need to do better about finding funnier material!!

Click Clack Cluck

Click, clack, cluck??   Melinda, are you nuts???    (Why, yes I am!   Thanks for noticing!)   That doesn’t make a lick of sense!

Well, Chicken Laughs doesn’t alliterate!!

marrying a free range chicken

Mama ALWAYS knows best!!


free range chickens run for it

can't count eggs as dependents before they hatch

Don’t count those chickens before they hatch!!

chicken knows how to drive


first time egg farming


Easter egg hatched

kentucky freud chicken

Hope you got as many laughs outta these as I did!

To my surprise, I’m finding that I LIKE having a series.    After a year and a half of blogging,  I can always learn something new!












Chicken Chuckles

No, it’s not the chicken that chuckles!   Hopefully it’s you who chuckles about the chicken!!

egg rolling across road


egg a day for room and board


chicken with asphalt in toes



chicken car is a coupe with eggshaust


chicken interviewing for crossing guard job

Do I ever!!


chicken suicide by cooking herself

Uh, Bob, I gotta tell ya something….

I know suicide is a serious topic, and I hope I haven’t offended anyone.    But, to my sick sense of humor, this is funny.

chicken "crosses" road and makes him mad



I laughed out loud at so many of these!!    I just couldn’t stop downloading them, so look for a Chicken Chuckles #2 next week!!

friday frivolity button from Devastate Boredom

Thoughtful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day.  We can just sit around with our families, most of us anyway, eating and visiting.


All pix courtesy of Mama’s Dr. ‘s office.

I’m so grateful for my whole family.  My  daughters, DD1, and DD2, and SIL (son-in-law), and PP.  Then there’s DH, and Sweet Friend .  And my birth family- Mama, Brother, and Shirley his wife,  Sister, and her kids Nick, Kristen, and Jaime, and 1 special Ex-Step-mother.

Then my whole extended family, on both sides- Hawkins and Chaney.  If I tried to name them all, I’d use up all my memory here on WP, just for their names!!

I will be with my peeps, eating the fore-amentioned pies, and being so thankful to God for ALL my blessings.



One of my biggest blessings is my home, but something big is in the works there…..   You have to wait! It’s a surprise!  I know, I know, I hate it when people do this to me too!!  Sorry!!

Anyway, as I was saying, my biggest blessing is Jesus Christ, my Savior.  Then my family, friends, church, etc.  Last on the list are things: my home, my car, etc….   Things should never come before people!


Another blessing we all enjoy here in America, is freedom!  And it definitely isn’t free!  Thank you Veterans!!

So, Celebrate!  Be thankful!!  Eat, drink, and be merry!  Most of all, appreciate all your blessings every day.

I love y’all.   Y’all are a big blessing to me for reading, laughing, and commenting.   Thank you!!


Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good meal!

Falling, falling, fallen

Finally fall, y’all!

I’m so excited to have nice cool weather here!  In fact, it’s been downright chilly a few times!!

chilly 69 degreesOnly 69 degrees??  How cool is that!!

I know, I know, some of y’all are snickering at the idea of 68 being cool.  I hear you laughing back there.  Just remember, for Florida, it is!

It wasn’t enough to have a picture of my patio thermometer; I had to verify the temp another way, just to make sure.

68 degrees on dashYUP!  It’s true!  It’s really, really true! Fall has fallen!

Yes, it says 3:14, but that was A.M. coming back from Sweet Friend’s house. ( The web is a vast wasteland, that I get trapped in, like an alternate universe!)  I’m not sure it was as low as 68 at 3:14 pm!

So, now it’s officially:

break out winter clothes This is so funny because it’s so true!!

I’ve gone thru whole winters in sandals, and only a hooded sweatshirt.  Haven’t owned a real coat in many, many years.

When you’re fat, like me formerly, who needs a coat?  I was always my own portable little heater!   We’ll see how it is this year, with being 55 pounds lighter!  I don’t even own any socks at the moment.  Shopping trip!!

So, to wrap up,       yeah, in a nice soft chenille blankie….  oh, huh? where was I?

Anyway, yay fall!!

Inspire Me Monday party

Skunk head- just for LBeth!

Here is your special order, ma’am, hot off the press!



I was helping my aunts paint my grandmama’s house, the same one I was sitting on the porch, after Grandma had passed.  Unfortunately, no one in the family could buy it, so it was going on the market.  😦

So, here we were, painting the ceiling of the dining room, do ya feel where this is going???

We are all laughing, then crying, talking about Grandma, and memories we had in the house.  So, after a too long crying jag, I painted someone’s shirt back, just to get a laugh.  Then, it was all out paint war!

Before long, we all had paint smeared hither to yon.  I already had flecks in my hair, so I painted the stripe down the top, and said, “Hey, y’all!  Remember when Sherry skunked me??”

They all stared at me horrified!!  “Melinda!!  That is oil paint!  You’re gonna have to use paint thinner to get that out!!”

“Yeah, but do ya remember when Sherry put that streak of white down my hair, by using all the bleach on me, cuz I was too impatient to wait for her to do it right??  Blast from the past, baby!

And, just like 35-ish years previously, it had to grow out.  But!  This time Mama couldn’t yell at me for ruining my hair!  HA!

I love my adventure filled life!

5 photos, 5 stories challenge, part 5


skunk me

purple hair

purple hair

me all aglow

me all aglow



burger me, baby

burger me, baby

Okay, you know me, it’s sooooo hard to follow rules!  I doan wanna!!  <insert whine >

So, I couldn’t make up my mind which pic to tell you about, for my 5th post.

Now, it’s your turn to tell me, which one do you want to know about the most??

(I just now figured out how to change my text colors.  Sheesh, am I thick, or what???)

But now, I can’t find my poll button.    Drats.

What do I do now??  I guess, you’ll have to tell me in your comments, and I’ll have to hand count ’em.  


Yay!! The poll button mysteriously reappeared!     Why does technology hate me????

inspire mon



tips tricks party

two uses tuesday