Hacked Hair History

This is the history of the first hacked hair horror.

My girls were in elementary school, and came home with lice

8 times in 8 weeks!!

And of course I got ’em too, every time!   {Why oh why did I have to hug them so much???}

We lived with Mama.   (Who mysteriously never got any!   Later she figured it out, hair dryer, and hair spray every morning.)

I got so fed up, I balded myself! I just couldn’t take it anymore!

slob, humor, bald

Bald but beautiful. What?? Don’t you lay out on the grass to talk on the phone?? (The brown wisps on the left side, are DD2’s hair. She still had some, for the moment!)



I threatened them if they brought home l one more lice, ONE more time, their hair would be in the trash can too!

Mysteriously, and thankfully!! the girls never got them again.

Let’s Party!!