Baubles and Beads Box Bomb

In an effort to prevent world demise, I decided to purge my jewelry box. Um huh, you heard me, my jewelry box. Evidently I believed the 12 in by 6 in box held a bomb capable of destroying the entire planet.  And the only way to prevent that was by purging the contents.  So, like MaCGyver, I defused the situation with only a bobby pin and an old sock.

Yes. My house was a catastrophe. But I was saving the world here! Go me.

Of course no before pix exist.

I was racing the clock  people.

Farewell forever faithful friends. You served me well, but now that you were old and infirm, you are outta here. Lost your mate? Be gone.

Too long? Too grabby? (Catching in my collars and nearly costing me an ear?) see ya.  Your youthful color faded? Hit the bricks.

Also, dumped all posts, because French hooks are sexier.  Just kidding, my fat fingers can no longer put the backs on the posts.

Here are the afters; not organized, but hey, who needs organized when you can finally see what’s there?


So now i have only 3 or 4 pairs of purple earrings left. Waaah.  I need to go shopping! Now I have to save the economy single handed too? I better get the Nobel Peace Prize for this.

Thankfully, the shamrocks survived.