Steering Steady

I feel good today.   I’m so glad.   Last night I was so overwhelmed, and exhausted, I was considering taking myself to the hospital again.   I have told my counselor repeatedly, that I will never go back there again.   (Uh oh, remember when I said I’d learned NEVER to say never again??   Yeah, about that…)   But, I was so low, that I was bawling for about an hour.   I called my Sis in love, Shirley, and she talked me off the ledge once again.   (The first time she talked me out of killing myself, was before I even met her in person.   My brother did good, real good.)   I wasn’t suicidal last night, but seriously considering going to the hospital is bad, real bad.   Anyway, she said I needed time for myself, to have a life, and get out and meet people.   That sounded like a real good idea.   Shirley is one smart cookie.   That reminds me, I’m hungry…

I didn’t have Vanronica, but since it was such lovely weather, I hopped on my scooter, and away I flew rolled to the store, to get some more ice cream bars.   What??  Ice cream bars are people too, right??   And, I met a new cashier, so that was getting out and meeting someone.    

Not what she meant, Melinda.


No.   She meant like, a man person, ya know, a potential date??

Oh, okay.    Well, let me finish my story then.   I think you’ll approve.

As I rolled through our MH park, eating my i.c .bars, I waved at people, like I always do.   One guy I’d never met before, said “Hi”, and another remark.   So, I stopped, and we started talking.   Now, I’m a talker!   And, apparently so is he.   We talked for an hour!    After admiring the sunset, and learning he lived alone, we sat down in his patio chairs.  (He had been standing, and I was on the scooter, which isn’t the best seat in the house!   OR yard either.)  Eventually we both decided we needed to go.   {I really had to GO!!}    As we stood up, I stuck out my hand to shake.  

slob, humor, man

My new friend.



He shook his head, “Nope, I’m a hugger.”   So, I got a big ole bear hug!   Then I asked for another, please!   He was only too happy to oblige!

slob, humor, hug

Yeah!! A man hug!!

(These are re-enactments, since my resident photographer was on break at the real first meeting.)


So, now I believe we are going steady!    {That was our first date, right??}   Look for an engagement announcement soon!



Honesty is the best policy.  You’ve heard it all your life.   And, it really is!

Kids, if your parents say this to you, TRUST them!    They have been there, done that, and hidden the T-shirt from you!!



Having the Holy Spirit living inside me is a wonderful way to stay honest.    When I ask Him to help me not lie, boy is He ever Johnny-on-the-spot!

For example, in Man, Much? I said “This time I haven’t looked for a man.”    Immediately I felt a “check” in my spirit.   And I thought, oh that’s right, except for that one time on line. A “check” in your spirit is when you feel God nudging you, but not like an audible voice or anything.

And an honesty meme, thanks to Jenny from Unremarkable Files for posting on her Facebook page.

slob, humor, terrible housekeeper

Yep, pretty much says it all!




Wow, I really am preaching a lot lately!   I never knew I wanted to be a preacher!   lol