Mammal Memes

Here’s some mammal memes “fur” all you pet lovers in the house!

dog in bed. tell husband sofa is free

cat on other side of window meowing


turtle on his back thinks he's flying

cat walked thru panoramic picture of living room

card is llamanated

every bunny was kung-fu fighting

Remember this song???


koala sleeps 22 hours a day

Anybody else but me????

And just one more for today.


black kitten hiding in plain sight

I see you, kitteh!


See y’all next Meme Monday!!








More Meme Monday

Okay, so apparently I just totally lied about not making this a  series.    Well, now that all your unreal expectations of perfection of me are dashed-  we can get down to business and have some fun!    (Besides, with all these memes just sitting around, why would I even want to WRITE a post??    These puppies do all the work for me!!)

Drat it! The very first one I tried to upload came as a picture, not a GIF.    It was so funny!!      Sure hope I can go find it!



horse not pleased with zebra hip replacement



I’m soooo thankful MY hip replacement didn’t turn out like this!  Just my walker!



swap croutons for m&ms

Oh yes! You got that right!! Make sure you include lots of purple ones!!


say welcome really loud when people don't say thanks

Oh yeah! I guess you could say I’m a “Manners Nazi”!!!!


That was one of the completely satisfying parts seconds of my day as a Kg teacher!

Monday sharpening its claws

This one REALLY should have been posted Friday.  Meme Monday,- more appropriate for the weekend- What’s a slogger to do???? Now my brain hurts!!



stop cleaning house. It's insanity

I’ve ALWAYS said that!! Finally people are listening!!




Yada yada yada  (Do I credit you here, Donna??  Or do I just send a million bucks to Jerry Seinfield??)

I don’t have one with yada in it, just wanted to say that.  It’s fun!!


Okay, gonna try to upload the polar bear cub again…..  Hold your breath!


Nope.   sigh     Maybe next time.    Not that I’m promising anything for next Monday!!






































Now that’s you’ve gotten your laugh on, enjoy the rest of your day!!

meme monday

I’ve been collecting these memes from Facebook for a while.

Now, I just gotta share!!

And, it’s Monday, hence the name “Meme Monday.”     Don’t expect this every Monday!!!!      I’m not starting a series or anything, here.

do all ironing in dryer

Is there any other way??


Jesus does not call us to be stressed

dishes all done! living room a mess

The fun of living with a toddler, or just having one visit her Omie!!


           (How perfect were those first two purple ones????!!!!!)


fat cat on bed trying to gather energy

Me- every day


three pot sizes too small too big the dirty one

Ain’t that the truth??


favorite exercise cross between lunge and crunch called lunch

Mine too!!


Well, that’s enough laughter for today.    Gotta ration that stuff, ya know!    You might get addicted!




Inspire Me Monday linky party


Quickly Quietly Quilting

Update:  This is what the baby quilt looked like Monday evening at 9:38 pm.  (That’s when my bobbin ran out.  My arms were already yelling “Uncle”!!)  The top 4 rows are completed, and was attaching the fifth…

This is definitely a challenge: racing against the clock!!

baby quilt in progress

Starting to actually look like a quilt!

Uh, please overlook the mess in the background, as usual, I didn’t see it till now.  Don’t worry, fans, plenty of slobbery to go around!  The fount of post material is not in any danger of running dry!!

Just in case you have forgotten, or don’t know, this is the bobbin:

making bobbinThe teeny one on the right.

So, back to the sweatshop, uh, I mean the air conditioned factory of joy!!

Linky Parties

I have joined all kinds of Linky Parties lately.  It’s a wonderful way to meet other bloggers, and see what they have to say!  Then, they get to meet me too!  Win/win!

The first Linky I ever did was with Kristen of

Brand-Logo-HMLP-2015 38/

Then Janice, from  Reflections


3rd, Shirley   from Intelligent Domestication.


Link-party-site monday madness

4th, is Monday Madness, with How to Get Organized at Home.

It takes me a while to go through each one, because I want to read ALL the links!  I read fast, but oh my!  Some of the parties have 300 links!  That’s a lot of reading!!  Good thing I have snacks!