Believer’s Bwahaha

Believer’s bwahaha is what I came up with because Christian Crack-ups  2 didn’t you know what.

Here they are for your pleasure.

humor, cloud 8 could be happier



humor, pour gatorade over pastor's head

Can you imagine??


humor, not gossip, sharing opinions

Ummm, yeah…


humor grace not license to sin

Good one!


humor, one job



humor, girl is pretty and knows God's Word

Go girl!!



humor, is Bible app light saber

I wanna know!!


humor, loving enemy, mad face

Yup! I recognize that face!


humor, Moses basket, water damage

Belly laugh!!


humor, wait there's myrrh

Ancient Billy Mays??


humor, Noah kept bees in Ark Hives

Only Dad.


cross is the one way

Not funny at all, truth!!


humor, desperate girl Song of Solomon

Oh, girl. Bless her heart.


hear God



And last, but not least:

humor, pastor is 42, looks 82

Man, that’s rough!!