Muerto Mouse

Uh, guys?   Remember when I said I’d be okay, unless I saw a real live dead mouse??   I think I just have…

slob, humor, dead mouse

Muerto mouse?? 


Obviously, he died from eating so much he burst.   Mama always told me that would happen and I never believed her.

Lesson learned:  The Mama is always right!!

OR: maybe he died of fright from all the mess???    Naaaah, that can’t be it!   Where did the saying “rat’s nest” come from, if they’re scared of a little lotta dirt??


What do you think???

On second thought, does it look more like bitty baby bunny bones???

slob, humor, dead mouse or baby bunny bones

Muerto mouse?? or bitty baby bunny bones???


I know, I know, the whole hall corner right there is filthy, and needs a clean sweep.   Didja miss the “Slob” part of my name???


Oh my word, quit nagging, will ya??  

“What??  I didn’t say a word!”

I can hear ya nagging, by your look.


eye roll



Fine….. (or not).

I’ll do it.     Sheesh.

slob, humor, swept hall

Animal free zone!!   Yes, uh huh, I did too sweep! Twice!  Can I help it if the dust is so old, it’s melded into the wood??   (Well, yeah, I guess technically, I could have helped it….)



RIP, poor mouse, or bunny, or whatever you are were.  { Just don’t expect a memorial, ain’t happenin.}

More Murdered Mouse

Oh my grief!   This mouse is determined to get on my ever loving LAST nerve!!    It started its shenanigans again tonight.    Not working, not responding.    I (smartly) looked on the back, and the light kept blinking on and off.     Now, I know those batteries, that I JUST put in there a WEEK ago, are not bad!    {I really said “them”, but I’m trying to clean it up for all the Grammar Nazis.   You’re welcome.}

I might murder it myself this time!    What ever could be wrong???     So, like the techno whiz that I am, ( since I fixed the problem last time, I can call myself that now.   Uh huh!!!   I can so!!)  I opened the back to investigate.   Lo and behold, the batteries were loose!     More aggravation!    But, at least this time it was such a super simple fix, I didn’t even need to get outta my chair!!!    (And ya know how lazy I am, so not having ta get up is a good thing.   A very good thing!)

And now, to top it all off, I can’t find the previous mouse pix in my media library!!    Am I really gonna haf ta get out my phone, turn over the mouse, and take another picture???    Really??  I ain’t got time for this!!

mouse with the light on

The light is on! YAY!!


Hurray!   There it is!    {No jokes from the peanut gallery about needing stronger glasses, please.}

Now, let’s just wait and see what other tricks this mouse has up its sleeve to annoy me to no end.  

Okay, so mice have no sleeves.   Up its circuits???


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Murdered Mouse

Did you know mice can turn themselves off????     I didn’t either!!    Till yesterday, when mine quit working.    And, of course, since trouble shooting is not one of my strong points, I was baffled.   Maybe it was murdered???     I turned off the computer, and rebooted it.   Since I finally learned that cures a lot of ills!!!

But, the digital mouse still wasn’t working.  So, I tried to see if the plug was loose.    Duh, it’s wireless- no wires!    Duh-oh!     So, I sat there for awhile staring at it.    (Well, that works sometimes!    No, I don’t have to prove it….)     Considered crying…..    Decided to not let a tiny thing like a dead mouse defeat me!    After all, I’m bigger!    And hopefully smarter!!  

So, I turned it over, and noticed the green light was out.   So, I says to myself, “Self, when the green light isn’t on, that means it’s off.    What could make it turn itself off???????”   So, I did like any normal person, and turned it back on!    Aha! Success!

mouse with the light on

The light is on! YAY!!


That worked !!    For, like 2 seconds.    Drats!!     Now what???     Then came the real brain strain-  if something isn’t plugged up- how does it run???

And the lights came on!!

purple light bulbs twinkling

The lights in my attic came on!




And, I knew right where to go to find some!!!    YAY for organized!!!    (well, at least the batteries are organized, anyway!)

batteries in drawer

Junk drawer no more!



So, I figured out all by myself how to open the batteries package.   Have you ever tried opening plastic packs???    Thank goodness for the cardboard backing!!     Then, onto getting the back of the mouse off.    I can do it myself!    says every toddler everywhere….   (Am I in my second childhood ALREADY??)

So, now the light really came on!!   And more important STAYED on!!!




Hey, this being independent stuff ain’t so hard!    I got this!!

(till a real live dead mouse shows up!!)

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Complimentary Computer

No, the computer wasn’t whispering nice things in my ears!  It was free!  

WHAT?????   Yes!   The owner left a whole working computer!!  (minus the mouse.   No big deal!   I found one in the neighbor’s cat’s mouth.   So, we’re all good there.)


(No, he really didn’t appreciate me taking it away, either!!)

Y’all, it’s crazy how much stuff this lady left!   Even a vacuum!   Which Mama needed, so that was great!   

And ya know I needed my own computer, since I always had to go over to Sweet friend‘s to use his.

c pp 322


So, God heard my prayer, and here it is!    All set up beautifully in my new home office.   More on that later.


A few days later, a cable guy came by to get the boxes that were supposed to be turned in from owner.   I didn’t know about them.  (Later he double checked his paperwork, and she had turned them in.)

face palm




Anyway, one of my neighbors was chatting to him, and asked if I had cable.  No.    Well, it turns out said neighbor is a contractor for the cable company.   He got me a fantastic deal!   And for nothing other than a 6 pck of Coke!!

When Sweet friend, and DD1 came over to use the computer, the first time, they were both JEALOUS!!!   Mine is faster than theirs, for less!!

Thanks, Neighbor!!

So, now I can sit in the comfort of my own room, writing y’all.   In my pjs!!

Yip, yip, yurray!!

And thanks, lady!!

And thanks, computer, for all the sweet nothings!!