Fiction’s Food

Fiction’s Food  Quote Challenge .

I’ve been summoned invited to a quote challenge.   Thanks, Gary!!

Rules of the challenge

(Copied from the nomination by the garrulous Gary. From FictionIsFood.  I met him at my BBFFJ’s place:   And he is funny!!)

If you accept the challenge, post 1-3 quotes for three days and nominate three other wonderfully talented bloggers to the challenge as well.


Hmmm, the rules seem simple enough.    I can count to 2!!

Looking at the title of his blog, Fiction is Food, makes me hungry!   Wonder what I have laying around to snack on…..

slob, humor, grapes

Yumm!! Grapes!! Sweet!!


lost in the kitchen snacking for hours, then sleeps in a food coma for more hours…



Oh yeah, what was I supposed to be doing???

Okay, okay, enough fooling around, down to business.

Who should I quote??   I know!   Myself!    {Ego trip- party of 1.}


“This is my last Wendy’s cup ever.”    From  the post dated April 28, 2016,


slob, humor, drink

Wendy is such a cutie! And a cup chock full of sweet nectar!


I give y’all permission to remember that, and check up on me!!    (From the money I’ll save, I expect to be able to buy a brand new Ford F150 truck, in about 2 years!   For CASH!!   Lol, but I really did spend way too much on Cokes!!)

My 3 nominees are:

Envelope please!

Melanie from The Journey of my Left Foot.

Jenny from Unremarkable Files.

My new friend  from Texas Quilting.  ( Sorry.  She is such a new friend, I don’t even know her name yet!)   Just found out it’s Barbara. 😉

Have fun ladies!!

See ya later, with more me moments!!