Paper Purgathon- Pal

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Paper Purgathon

Paper Purgathon- Pact

Paper Purgathon- Palisade


Tonight as I was reading my news feed on FB, this came up.

As my long time readers know, Nony is my slob mentor.    No, wait!       She did NOT teach me how to be a slob!         I did that one ALL by myself!         She’s my un-slobbing mentor!     There ya go!

(I sure wish I knew how to photo shop a pic of Nony and I together!  I’d be ALL over that bad boy!

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Probably as close as I’m ever likely to get!)

Okay, enough fooling around with our heads….

So, since we’re in the midst of a Paper Purgathon, I thought, what better time than now to feature a post from Nony about paper de-cluttering??          Answer: None better.

Nony starts out:

How to Reduce Paper Clutter

Tips for reducing paper clutter at

Oh, how I don’t want to write this post. I’m only writing it because it has been specifically requested many many times.

Paper is a slob’s natural enemy. And I most definitely don’t have paper “under control.” This makes me feel unqualified to speak on the subject.

But . . . I’ve come a long way. A VERY long way.

So I decided to share how I have greatly reduced paper clutter in our home. Notice I saidreduced instead of conquered.


(Notice: Nony’s pic, not mine.)

Then she goes on to say:

So here’s how I’ve significantly reduced paper clutter in our home over the past few years:


(You’ll just have to go read her post to find out what she’s done!!)


Now, since I’ve spent MORE than 15 min blogging about purging paper, does that count for today???

Not really!

Too bad!       I’m going with it!


Go check out what my fellow Queens are up to in their respective kingdoms!         Tell ’em PurpleSlob sayeth “Greetings, and Salutations!”

slob, younger clown me     What???    It’s a crown, isn’t it??


Queen Anne’s Day 3:

Our Other Fellow Sovereigns:
– Viv, at GriefHappens, said she needed to be on this “like an over-sugared kid in a bouncy house”, and is joining with 30 minutes a day.🙂
– Jena, at All Round Better me,  is in for 60 minutes a week.
– Amy, at More time than money, also joining with 60 minutes a week.
– Grace, at The CFO MOM Blog, just told me she is joining, woohoo!                                            – Barb, at Decluttering The Stuff, has gone through some of her papers as well.. but is staying far away from the scanning part (and I don’t blame her..)

Sitting on the fence;

– Jen, at The Hidden Hoarder, is hard at work on her front porch, and hasn’t quuuuite decided yet.😉


-Gilly, at Anything but Housework, had to withdraw from the challenge, due to becoming full time care givers for her parents.     We’re here for moral support, Gilly!!


Purge on, people!

Catchy Categories

After reading my BBFFJ’s blog for a while now, I realized I had way too many categories,   (Only about 100 too many, plus or minus ten).  

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Some of the categories


 So, I started weeding them out.   Some were so easy to get rid of: I had clutter and clutter(.).  No angst there!   I also had ASlobComesClean, Dana, Nony, and   4 categories for the same blog/person!!    Overkill, anyone??

All the other different spellings went to file 13, as well.   (Do we still call it that here in the blogosphere??   Then, I had crazy, and cray-cray.   Well, call me crazy, but I decided I didn’t need either one!   (But did I think of taking any pix??  Well, of course not!!   I didn’t know I wanted to write about it, till I started writing!)    

Just today, I culled down from 5 {FIVE!!} pages of categories on my dashboard, to only 3 .   Yay!!

slob, humor, screen shot

Count ’em! A one, a two, a 3! Anyone remember Lawrence Welk??


After all that purging, I think I deserve a brownie!   Yes, a GF brownie.   Takes some of the pleasure out of it, but I’m adjusting!    As long as it’s chocolate, and sweet!!   {BTW, I’ve discovered Udi’s GF chocolate cupcakes!   I’m in LOVE!!!!}

An after pix.   [I still don’t know how to take screen shots.   Except to literally take a shot of the screen.   Horrible quality, I know.   But, you still love me right??]

slob, humor, blog

Some that survived the “Ruthless Purge of ’16”



Reminiscing Rememberances

When a friend , Kristen, started a homemaking blog, TheRoadtoDomestication, I was excited for her!  She just got married, so yay! We can learn things together.  But she’s a natural born “cleanie” and organizer, and I AM NOT.  It frustrated me that things that were simple for her made no sense to me, and I tried, but just COULDN’T do them.  So, while I was happy for her, I was still depressed for me.

depressed woman

L0026686 A woman diagnosed as suffering from melancholia. Colour lith Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images A woman diagnosed as suffering from melancholia. Colour lithograph, 1892, after J. Williamson, 1890. 1890-1892 By: J. Williamsonafter: Byrom BramwellPublished: [1892] Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0


Then I heard about FLYLady.  She has flybabies, well then maybe I can do that!  But, her first thing was to get up, shower and dress all the way down to shoes, and makeup.  I didn’t have any makeup, and only wore shoes outside!  So, before we even started, I was already a loser!  Than made me super upset and frustrated.

Then I finally had the bright idea to Google slob, (best thing I ever did for my home!!) and found NONY from the SlobComesClean, and the angels sang! She gets me!!  She’s just like me!!  I had found my tribe!!

I started reading her, then a month later, decided to start my own blog, (this very one!) to document my own journey out of slobbery.

Lots of things have happened between now and then.  DD1 and PP have moved out, DD1 and SIL have gotten married, now with PPJr on the way!!

I have moved twice!!!

my first place all on my own

My Very First Place, All on my Own!


DH and I separated, and now on the way to being divorced.

I have learned how to de-clutter!!  I have learned to do dishes!!! (before they mildew even!!)

I’ve broken my back, (can’t find the right post for some reason, oh well, back to my sentence) gotten back on track with health, gone GF, gone back on that, and gone back to GF!!

Whew! That’s a lot of switchbacks!

I’ve organized!  (With help, of course.)

I’ve lost a brother-in-law.  This one is the worst.  Death is horrible, the effects last as long as you live.  The only consolation we have , is that we will see him again in heaven.  So, cherish all your loved ones.  Kiss and hug, and say “I love you” everyday.  You never know when it will be your last chance.

So, here we are, today, January 25, 2016.   A year and a half later, I’m still slogging, cleaning, de-cluttering, and learning.   And I love my life!   Thanks everyone for coming along with me!!  I appreciate y’all so much for taking your time out of your busy life, to read what I have to say, and comment.  Y’all are the best!!  Hugs and kisses to all!

I love my readers

I love you, my readers!!

{I can NOT believe I didn’t say PURPLE one time in this WHOLE post!  I had to remedy that real quick like!}

Melinda’s Messy Metal

Well, I got stuck there,  Couldn’t come up with an “M” word for desk.

So, I just left it like that.  To confuse all you skimmers. Ha,ha!  Now you have to read at least the first line or you’ll never know what it’s about! (evil laugh)

You’ve seen this before; but then it was an after… Now, we’re gonna make the after into a before, and go from there.  Oh gracious!  Don’t tell me I’ve already bumfuzzled you!

20150317_221327  Waiting for someone else to do it didn’t work.  Had to do it myself.   sigh  Kristen always encourages me that I can do it!

Do the easy stuff first.  Nony’s mantra.  And boy, do I ever agree with that!

Okay, so let’s just dive in.  The water’s great.

Chips, and candy to the trash.  (Don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten about the Great Purge of  ’15???  Trust me, I haven’t.  But it’s all good.  At least the headache’s finally gone away.)

The shampoos and conditioner, duh!  Hi ho, it’s off to the bathroom we go.

The air fresheners??? Oh no!!! I don’t know where they go!!!  I’m stuck!  Bathroom? Laundry room?  Under the kitchen sink?  (wail)  I just don’t know!!!!!  [They ended up under the bathroom sink.]

Cry Baby Bear needs a special spot.  Where I can look at her all the time, but still accessible when I need to hug her, and cry all night.  Not that I ever do that.

The tape goes in the office drawer, which went away, with the gray cabinet.  Oh wait!  I still have it, it’s just not in the living room anymore!   Wow, good thing I don’t have to lead tours around my apartment.  The poor people would be lost, and wandering for days.

The rest of the stuff, I can’t see what it is from the picture.  (Yes, I have my readers on, thanks for asking!)

Okay, so when I actually walked over to the desk, ya know, about 2 feet away, now I can see what all is there.

And, I’m putting it away now, as we speak.

Here’s the proof. (Oops, forgot to include top shelf too.  But, it’s clean as well!)


That’s better!

Yes, Shirley, I put everything away, not just outta camera range!

Thanks Nicole, for being my inspiration to get this done!

Now, to get Sweet Friend to remove it from my house, since I don’t have a desktop anymore…

Costume for the Purple Slob

Now that I have established my role as The Purple Slob, it’s time to figure out my costume.

Hi, I’m Melinda.   Yes, the real me in my real bathroom.


First, I think I need a purple bandanna.

Why purple? Duh, I think the reason’s obvious.

Why a bandanna? Because I don’t think an eggplant would stay on my head.

Okay, got made the bandanna.

Now the question remains:  How do I wear it?


Nony from


Willie from Duck Dynasty?

willie I thought this one was hysterically funny!!!

Spike from Motorcycle Gang?


Aunt Jemima from Syrup?

aunt jemima

Could I cram any more pix of me into 1 post????

Anyhoo, time for you to vote, America.

Which way should I wear it??

Sit Down Before Reading This

I mean it. SIT DOWN. I don’t want to be responsible for you fainting from shock, hitting your head, thereby cracking your skull, having a CAT scan, and waking up paralyzed!  I will have lots of sympathy for you, but can’t afford your medical bills!  After all, I did warn you to sit down!

Ok, last night, I went to bed at midnight! Very surprising, yes, but not the shocking part.  Dh stirred and asked me the time. I replied. Then, in a duh-oh moment, I asked him if he’d  turned on the dw.  (Now, I had been sitting 6 feet away from the dw since he went to bed at 10. It had been silent the whole time. What was I thinking to ask that??? )

slob, humor, face palm



Now, here’s the shocking part.  I GOT UP.  I finished loading the dw, and turned it on. See? I told you you needed to be sitting down!

I only got up because I could hear Nony’s voice (from in my head saying a clean kitchen is so much nicer to face in the morning. And that the most important thing she does to keep her home from sliding into chaos, is do the dishes. So, I did.