Dang it Dan!

Today I just want to brag that all the dishes are clean!!   YAY!!   Aren’t we ALL proud of me??!!

Here’s proof.

slob, humor, clean dishes

All done done! Notice the pink bottle and sippy are clean now too!!


See?   Even the sink is empty!

slob, humor, sink

Nice empty sink. Shine, schmine.


clears throat

I hate to burst your little bubble, {See what we did there?} but may I ask what is that???

points to purple cup


quickly deflated

Oh.   tears in voice   Well, dang it Dan!!   I really thought I was all done for once!

Now I remember!   I couldn’t get the lid off with wet hands, cuz I screwed it on so tight!   So, ya see, it isn’t my fault!

And so it’s the cup’s fault??

Yep!  I’m glad you agree!

Maybe next time…

Here’s hoping!