Delightful Dirt Digging

Last Friday night, when the girls came home, I decided it was time to introduce them to dirt.         Well, actually, introduce PPJr to dirt.        PP and dirt have a long standing serious relationship already going on.       Next to rocks, her 2nd favorite toy is dirt!   Sticks come in a very close third.

slob, humor, hierarchy of toys

PP’s Hierarchy of Natural Toys

(apologies to Maslow)


So, out to the dungeon flower bed we went.

PP jumped right into helping,

slob, humor, Omie & PP weeding

                              Omie showing PP how to weed.  “No sweetie, pull from the bottom!                            That’s called, picking flowers!”

and showing me all the rocks, and snails, and baby eggs she found.      I’m not sure what the “Baby eggs” were, but she enjoyed finding them!     ( Tiny white spheres, that were very brittle.)        And I promptly “Ooohh”ed and “Ahhhh”ed over each, to her satisfaction.

I tried putting Jr down in the dirt, NOPE!      She wasn’t having ANY of that!!          Every time I picked her up, then tried to put her down, she bent her legs 90 degrees, so I literally couldn’t stand her up!  

After 4 or 5 times, I thought,  “Ya know what??      She wants to sit??         Sit she shall!!”   And I plunked her butt right down in the dirt.      (She had dirt already on her knees from falling, as she tried to walk.        Maybe that was why she was so adamant about not being in the dirt!)

slob, humor, PPJr toes in dirt

No!!!           I can’t touch dirt!!

She was not happy!!    She immediately raised both feet, like they were scalded!!       And refused to put down her hands.       I just ignored her, and kept weeding.      Finally I guess she was convinced that I wasn’t trying to poison her!

slob, humor, sisters in dirt

PP shows little sister that dirt don’t hurt!

So, she put her feet, and hands down, and started touching the dirt.  

Next thing I know, she’s covered with dirt, and eating it!!       

Play date over!!

slob, humor, Omie and my 2 girls

We got a lot done, though!!            Yay, us!

Inside for a good old fashioned hosing off!!         Except, back in the day, I woulda stripped her, and hosed her off right there in the yard!!        Nowadays, we have to be civilized, and use the tub!       {Not to mention, Omie don’t want to get arrested for causing public nudity, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor!}


This is an 8 house post.         Due to Shirley’s aversion to the long list, I will skip it today.  You’re welcome, Sis.

Seven Seconds Scullery Scaffolding

Boy, I hope I get outta the Scullery soon!      I’m running outta alliterations!       Nooo!!!!         I can’t believe it!         Don’t test me!

   The series so far.

slob, humor, decluttering

Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds Sequel

Seven Seconds Scullery

Seven Seconds Scullery Spices

Seven Seconds Scullery Scape

Seven Seconds Scullery Sunder

Seven Seconds Scullery Scrape

Alright, now we’re in the midst of Seven Seconds Scullery Scaffolding.         What in the world does scaffolding have to do with the Scullery??         Well, here’s my take on it.     Google defines it as “a temporary structure on the outside of a building, made usually of wooden planks and metal poles, used by workers while building, repairing, or cleaning the building.”         So, I’m taking the cleaning part, and applying it to the fridge.           Got it?      No, not that it matters to you.

So, the inside of the fridge is a fright!!

This is the top shelf.      Can you see those open cans??      Look behind the pie!

                                                            Yeah, had to trash those!

And later, I found out, thanks to PP’s discriminating taste buds, that the milk was rotten too.       Sorry, baby!       Omie didn’t mean to!

     (If you squint, can’t you see how the wire shelves look like scaffolding??)

Second shelf, the 2 dozen eggs that I bought for DD2’s birthday breakfast.       On Feb 23.      At least it was 2017!!       And at least 1 of the yogurt boxes was completely empty.      Huh.         And more open cans.        Can you say yuck!!          I thought ya could!

The 3rd shelf.        Green eggs, (I’m sure by now)   and ham.     (At least I think that’s ham, all bundled up under there.      Probably it’s green by now too.)          And that yogurt is at least 7 months old.       Another toss without opening.

slob, humor, icky shelf

Close up of ickiness.

Yay!     At least 2 cleared, if not clean, surfaces!         Oopsie!      That cantaloupe is way past it’s prime.     Unless old as the hills is prime time now.       Poor PP, never got her ‘loupe.

Why do I have 2 lemons, for goodness’ sake??         I don’t even remember buying 1!     And I sure don’t remember using it!        But, it was amusing when PP opened it, and tried to drink it!       Bless her little heart!!          Oh, since I don’t remember which one it was, guess I better ditch both then.         Probably for the best!       And sadly, that Fanta is not peach.         It’s mango.      What a nasty trick to pull!

slob, humor, rotten food

All this goodness (note the sarcasm) that I was “shelf”ishly keeping all for myself!     

slob, humor, dehydrated mandarin oranges

I’ve never seen flat mandarin oranges before…

I didn’t even bother recycling those cans.      They just all went to the trash.       I do recycle, but I have my limit!

slob, humor, empty box

The aforementioned empty box. Recycled, of course.

The mac n cheese didn’t look so, so bad, in the first pic, so I had to dump it out some.        Now you can see the true depth of the nastiness!

slob, humor, moldy can o' food

You can see the nastiness of this moldy mac n cheese, even with your eyes closed!

     Yeah, the red stuff is cranberry sauce, from Thanksgiving.       (I’m thinking about just chunking those 3, without even opening them.)       Wise move, I’m sure!

So, that took the whole 15 min.      Pulling it all out, and dumping it.       I’m still dithering about the 3 plastic containers.

But, since a sweet lady at my church just gave me new ones last Sunday, I think I can probably just let them go….

So far 3 hrs 17 min Scullery Time, plus today’s 15, equals:  3 hrs 32 min  

 House Time was 5 hrs 28 min.    Adding today’s 15 , Total House Time: 5 hrs 43 min

Wow, this scaffolding sure needs more support!

Title Time

Okay, now that I don’t have the girls full time anymore, and I can go back to being just “Omie”, instead of nanny, (which, YAY!! btw) I’m gonna get down and dirty, and clean my house!   {Which is about as down and dirty as it can get right now.   IF I’m wrong about that, and it CAN get downer and dirtier, I don’t even wanna know about it!!}

slob, humor, shuddering

My feelings exactly!!


OH really??   {eyebrow raised to the scalp}   I’ll believe it when I see it!!   With a today’s newspaper in the pic, to prove the time stamp please!!

Okay, I just might do that very thing, smarty pants!    But seriously, how long has it really been since I cleaned?  Only 6 or 7 weeks… right??

Try 70??!!

slob, humor, wow face


Nuh,uh!!   That’s over a year!   I’ve only been here in my newest place for 2,4…(having to employ both hands) 9 months!   So that can’t be!

Well, it certainly has been a L O N G time!!

I know.   But it’s hard for me to even have the energy to take a shower when I have the girls, never mind cleaning!!    Do you know you have to change dirty diapers at least every 2 hours???   And that the baby wants to be fed every 4??    And ya have to mix the formula, and the rice cereal…   And the toddler wants to be fed every 4 hours, and it takes 30 minutes to figure out what she wants to eat, but they are not ever the same hour??    I’m not telling the Mommies anything they don’t know, but some people might not, that’s why I’m here!    To tell ya, it’s work!!   Don’t EVER DARE ask a mommy, if they work!!!!   Raising kids is the hardest job on the planet!!   Okay, stepping down off my soap box now.

Where was I??   Oh yeah, yakking instead of cleaning…Ok. here we go!!                                            

slob, humor, purple clock

So sorry, time’s up for today folks.   

Come back tomorrow!






Omie ‘Omage

Number 1 thing in my life, is my love for, and my relationship with Jesus Christ, my Savior. So, actually, number 1 is not a thing, He’s a person!

Being an Omie (my grandmother name) is the 2nd greatest thing in my life!   So, actually #2 is not a thing either, it’s 2 people!  Tied for second place in my heart!

Being a wife was #2, until my girls were born!    Then, they were #2, until PP was born!!

Today, I’m paying ‘omage to being an Omie.

I just never could have imagined how becoming an Omie would affect my life.   Becoming a mother, profoundly changed my life.   Becoming an Omie, changed it again, by a thousand!!

slob, humor, fat feet

Fat feet in fence

PP’s feet


slob, humor, baby feet

Fat feet in fence

(I hate it when it copies the previous caption!!  I gotta figure this out!!)

PPJr’s feet


I always heard people say that being a grandparent was so much better than being a parent. It’s hard to believe, because being a parent is so wonderously incredible!    But, seeing that grand baby’s face, for the first time- unimaginable joy!!    Times a million!!!     Then, to have that joy doubled, by a second grand daughter, just makes my heart full to bursting!

The stress is less, because I know I’m not completely responsible for them!   {One reason parenthood is so terrifying!!}    But, all the joy is doubled, because the child of my body, now has children of her body!!    Just so amazingly loving!!

I look at those sweet little faces, and all I want to do is stare at them so hard, they’re imprinted on my eyeballs, just like they are imprinted on my heart!!

slob, humor, heart



slob, humor, heart


And kiss them and hug them till they know they are so precious, and loved!!  (Or, until I’m satiated, whichever comes first.   Hint, it’s not me being satiated!!)


I feel like I can do anything in the world, be anything for them.    (Even when my body says “Oh no, you cain’t!!   My mind still thinks, “Oh yes, I can!!”)

If you have grandchildren, I ain’t tellin ya nuttin you don’t already know!   For the rest of ya, just wait.   When it’s your turn, then you’ll know too!!

Fragile Frog

PP was so excited to get out onto the porch!   She had been cooped up, like a chicken!    The porch represented freedom!    Her kitchen was out there!   Her chalks were out there!   Her sand box was out there!   Everything good and desirable was out there!

Anyway, you get the drift.

So, we came out on the porch.   As I sat down, with PPJr in my arms, I saw something move, outta the corner of my eye.    Happily, I’m not a nervous Nellie!    I figured it was a gecko.

Nope!   It was a small frog!   I called PP’s attention to it, and she was over there like a shot!

I thought she’d be entertained for awhile, chasing it back and forth.   When it went under the scooter, she started calling to it “Come back, fwog, come back!”

And do you know, it did!

She was patient, and stalked her prey…

She caught it!


slob, humor, captured frog

PP- the Great White Frog Hunter


After playing with it for a long while, she put it down, and said, “It not wowk {work} Omie!” I said “Uh, oh.   Maybe he’s tired.”    (Tired to death???)

She kept watching it, talking to, and encouraging it.   In a few minutes, she clapped her hands, and shouted with delight, “It wowking, Omie!!  It wowking!!”

And persistent little frog hopped away.    Not far, or fast enough, however!   She caught him again, easier this time!   And, repeat.

Now, she brought him to me, when he stopped working again.   I think I see the problem…

slob, humor, frog

Maybe he was hopping too hard???.



Poor froggie, RIP.    He was loved too well, and too often.

Done Dollhouse!

When I was in Hobby Lobby shopping for clearance crafts, and I saw the (expensive!) dollhouses, I thought, “Oh, how I’d love one of those for PP’s birthday, God!  But they’re too expensive. ” sigh


(This one is only $119.    And it’s the bottom of the line!)  

  And went on my merry way.   ALWAYS merry when I’m spending money!

But since I clearance shop, it’s never TOO much money.   Unlike that one time as a new mother when I spent $110 on clearance beads...    I never could figure out why hubs was so angry.    Didn’t he understand exactly HOW much MONEY I had just saved him????   (And no, I didn’t ever use all of them.    Do you know how many beads are $110 worth, when each pack is only like 25 cents???     Let me just tell you.    Eleventy million!!)

Anyway, life went on.   About 2 days later, I was over at Jeanette’s house, when her neighbor came out the door with {Drum roll, please!!}  a dollhouse!    She said, “Do you want this?   You were the first one I thought of.”     I almost snatched it outta her hands cried!   Then I told them about my prayer.   God loves me!!    (And He loves you too, just the same!!)

It had some boo boos, and bangs, but it had been well loved!    And she gave me all the pieces!

3 walls/floors were off, and the peaked roof was detached.   Yes, it had been thru a hurricane!

slob, humor, dollhouse

So, it’s missing a roof? No problem! Voila! It’s a skylight!


But, SF to the rescue!   I told him it was for PP’s bd, and he got all construction contractor on me!   (Just in case I’ve never explained it, Sweet Friend is my first EX, and therefore PP’s PopPop.)

slob, humor, dollhouse

Taking down some walls! It was too tall anyway.

He took that thing apart, then put it back together again, stronger than before!    (Missing an attic, but tra la!)

slob, humor, dollhouse

Yes, he cleaned up the construction site, and removed the nails!!

She was one happy little lady, when she saw it in her room!!   

And here it is , in all it’s glory, PP’s Dollhouse, Done!

slob, humor, dollhouse, and occupants

And her (generic) Barbie is very happily living there! With her pet zebra, and the Veggie Tale Nativity Stable, and half the cast, apparently.

Happy Birthday, PP!!   Omie, and PopPop love you!!


Van Vacuum

Vanronica was a “mommy van”.  

slob, humor, family

Sis’ family, before Jeffery died, and Ranger had to be re-homed.


If you have kids, or know someone with kids, ya know what I mean!

So, now it’s an Omie van, and I wanted it to start out clean, anyway!   Pretty soon, it’ll be back to “mommy van” status, I’m sure!   When the grands are “hun-gy”, ya gotta feed them!   Preferably cookies!   And chocolate!   {PP knows where her treat drawer is, in the house, trust me!}   All she has to do is bat those big, blue eyes, and Omie melts into a puddle.   “Here darlin’, have whatever you want!”

So, here is a few befores:

I spread the baking soda just to freshen up things.    (But it ended up making more work for myself Sweet Friend!)

slob, humor, baking soda

Whose idea was it to sprinkle baking soda again??

slob, humor, cleaning

Just needs a bit o’ vacuuming!

And a few afters:

slob, humor, cleaning

Still see the traces of baking soda, huh? I told you it made more work!

slob, humor, cleaning

AAhhh!! So nice and clean!


(Thank you so much, Sweet Friend for doing the actual vacuuming part!!   Hey, I spread out the baking soda, don’t forget!   I did my part!)  

There!   Nice and tidy- until the first time PP rides in it!!   I’m gonna try to train her to throw trash in a bag….  but, I’m not real hopeful.   She already had been “floor trained” in Burgundy.   She saw me throw stuff in the floor, so she did too.   But then she never saw me picking it up, when I should have been letting her help me clean!

We’ll see how it goes….

Bland Blankie

PP Jr is set to make her entrance soon.   And I don’t know who’s more excited, me or her parents!    (DD1 and SIL).     Just kiddin!    I know it’s me!!!    I get to be an Omie for the second time!    And PP will be a big sister!

So, ya know the drill.   Gotta make her a baby quilt.   (I was gonna title this post “PP Jr’s Quilt, but I’m on probation with my BBFFJ for alliteration violations!!)

Here’s the 3 fabrics for the front side.

3 gender neutral fabrics for baby quilt

3 “Gender Neutral” Fabrics



Not sure what the back will be yet.    The reason that it’s so much yellow, and green, and blue is, they wanted gender neutral.    Well, that went against my grain, but since they’re the parents, and control how much I can see the baby, I figured I better do what they said!    lol   So, this is the best I could make myself do for gender neutral.       See all the yellow?    and green?     and even blue in there too!!    Oh, so ya wanna know about the pink??    Well, gender neutral includes all the colors, amiright??

That’s why I called it a bland blankie, not enough pink for me!!

Here are some of the squares, cut out.

quilt squares cut out for baby quilt

And yes, my arm and hand are both wore out now!


Here is a finished 9 patch.

PPJr's gender neutral quilt's 9 patch

Coming along quite nicely!!

Starting the actual quilting.   Why does it go wonky???

misaligned quilt edges , humor

See how the edges no longer align??? AUGH!!


And here is the quilt fini!!

finished baby quilt, wonky edges, made with love

Well, it’s done. Wonky edges and all. At least it’s made with love!



On to Kim’s!!



Eggy Eggs

So, PP wanted eggs for lunch.    PP always wants eggs for lunch, for dinner, for breakfast…. basically anytime it’s food time!    Eggy, eggy, eggs.

And, since I’m such an awesome Omie, I let her crack the eggs one time.    Then, if you have kids, you know what happened.    She has to crack the eggs EVERY time now!    What was I thinking???    So, here we were after church, making scrambled eggs.    And she “stirs” them with the purple spatula, which doesn’t work, of course, because she basically just chases the yolks around and around the bowl.


purple pancake turner

WE always called it a pancake turner. Why did I say spatula??


So, next thing I know, she’s “stirring” them with her hands!    Wha????    Oh well, we washed her hands before, and we’ll bless the food before we eat it, so just grin and bear it.

Sometimes it’s hard to choke down the shells, but she tries!    (I try to distract her long enough to get the huge pieces out, but….)

Then she “helps” me pour them into the frying pan.    And I use “helps” really, really loosely.    I put the pan on the back burner, and she stirs the eggs until she gets bored, 5.6 seconds, or so, then she moves her stool to the sink to wash her hands.    And treat them to a full 15 minute spa experience, if I’ll let her!

pretty purple frying pan

It’s so purdy!!


Then, this time, the alarm went off!  

fire alarm



I just ignored it, because it meant the eggs were ready!  But it scared PP, poor baby.   Happily, the eggs were done enough, and I turned off the stove, and the hideous clamoring ceased.   {Later, when I went to clean up, I saw the problem, in her enthusiasm, PP had slopped the eggs all over the burner.   Boy, if that wasn’t a joy to try to scrub up!}

Anyway, we said our blessing, and she inhaled the eggs.   And I thought I ate fast!    That girl loves her eggs!!    And she eats 3 every time!    So, of course I have to eat three, to keep up with her.   So, that’s half a dozen eggs, just for the two of us!!    And eggs are expensive, so it costs me…  calculating….  a whole dollar every meal!    Well, when you put it like that, it’s the cheapest meal ever!    50 cents each!

So, we were both full, we had a bonding experience, and the alarm was silent.    A successful end to our adventure!

Talking Turkey

You already saw the adorable turkey material.   But!  I only showed you the one- there’s two!!  Aha!  Tricked you!

cartoon turkey material

And I’m going to!

Here’s the second, coordinating material:

brown turkey material

Gobble Gobble!



This is how sewing is supposed to be done!  (Decisions, decisions; to press or not to press, that is the question.)


pressing seams

Pressing seams


working on bodice

Sewing bodice


Bodice finished, waiting for skirt:

bodice done

Bodice is done. What?? You can’t tell what it is??
It’s a bodice!

Here’s the neckline detail:


neckline detail

It’s supposed to be a sweetheart neckline.
Can you tell?

I know, not really. Oh well,  at least it has some shape to it!



Don’t you just love Thanksgiving??  I do !  So much!!  It was the first truly American holiday.  Just colonists, and Native Americans giving thanks together, to God, for the harvest and surviving another year.   No shopping, just family, and friends, eating and celebrating, enjoying each other’s company.

(And just like us, probably passing out, after the sugar rush of all those pies!  Oh, is that just my family?)

{I just hope I don’t have plumbing problems the day of the dinner!!  Asking guests to stick their hand in the tank to flush is a WHOLE nother matter, than doing it myself!!}

Oh, the dress??  It’ll be done by the 26th, I promise!