Washed Windows

Pressured washed the trailer last Monday.    (Well, you KNOW it wasn’t exactly me who did it.   But, if I paid for it…. anyway, it got done!)

Remember the old, moldy sides??

right side trailer central air unit

Right Side. Notice the central air unit!!



It looked hideous!!   (On a side note, my yellow roses are blooming now!!    So gorgeous!)

home grown yellow roses

My yellow roses! I didn’t know I could grow those! lol (Only because they were already here, and I haven’t had time to kill them yet!

So, now here is the newly washed, so pretty side!!

side of trailer, pressure washed

Freshly washed face!

Nice, no??

Next up, paint!!    3 guesses what color?  only the first 2 don’t count!   Lol!    (Even if this is your first time here, I know you can guess too!)

Only the stripes, and the trim tho, for now!    Bwahahaha, {evil genius laugh}   Oh yeah, and the cow spots.   Can’t forget the mailbox!

So, tune in next time, same purple channel, same purple time!     I just realized, how ironic is it, that the word purple, is green????



Skunk head- just for LBeth!

Here is your special order, ma’am, hot off the press!



I was helping my aunts paint my grandmama’s house, the same one I was sitting on the porch, after Grandma had passed.  Unfortunately, no one in the family could buy it, so it was going on the market.  😦

So, here we were, painting the ceiling of the dining room, do ya feel where this is going???

We are all laughing, then crying, talking about Grandma, and memories we had in the house.  So, after a too long crying jag, I painted someone’s shirt back, just to get a laugh.  Then, it was all out paint war!

Before long, we all had paint smeared hither to yon.  I already had flecks in my hair, so I painted the stripe down the top, and said, “Hey, y’all!  Remember when Sherry skunked me??”

They all stared at me horrified!!  “Melinda!!  That is oil paint!  You’re gonna have to use paint thinner to get that out!!”

“Yeah, but do ya remember when Sherry put that streak of white down my hair, by using all the bleach on me, cuz I was too impatient to wait for her to do it right??  Blast from the past, baby!

And, just like 35-ish years previously, it had to grow out.  But!  This time Mama couldn’t yell at me for ruining my hair!  HA!

I love my adventure filled life!

Tiny Tackle

Remember when I de-cluttered the huddles of hangers?

Here ya go, in case you forgot.  (You’re welcome.)


It’s hard to see from this picture, so rest assured, I’ll take a better one.  But there’s a glass aquarium inside the white bucket.

Here ya go, view 2:


(Yup, the bucket bounced into the donate box too.  Just in case you were worried.)

Really?  The last time I remember DD1 having a fish was 4 years ago!

Is she keeping the bowl as a memorium?  RIP, little fishie, RIP.

Now we can get to de-cluttering.  Yay!!  I know you want to!

Since DD1 left it in my house, it’s mine by the rules of possession being 9 tenths of the law.  Plus, finders keepers, losers weepers.

So, off to the donate box it goes, splish, splash. Okay, that’s taken care of (dusting off hands).


Here’s the closet after:


The can of paint?  Hmmm, that’s a harder problem.  I really don’t think Salvation Army would appreciate a half empty can of paint.  But, who knows??  What’s a girl to do, what’s a girl to do?

Probably not a good idea to pour it down the sink??  No, I wasn’t really gonna do that.  It would kill all the little fishies.

Maybe I’ll ask our maintenance men.  Hopefully, I  can pass off the problem to them!!  (Heh, heh, heh)

Pudding Pop’s Party

Pudding Pop has added a new hobby to her favorites.

Let’s see if you can guess what it is.

Today’s Phrase:

_udding   _o_’s   _redawn    _oo_     _ainting     _arty


Let’s see… it has to be a consonant….

Let’s try a “P” in there!

huge purple letter P

That’s what I’m talking about- a purple “P”!!



Pudding Pop’s Predawn …..

Yup! Got it in one!!

How do you make a 1 year old clean THAT up??




Aren’t you just soooo glad you read this today???