More Mammal Memes

Okay, more animal love memes.

cat has long hair on legs

Seriously, dude!!

mom gripping kid's arm in public

Oh yeah! Mama had it down to a science!!


windows aren't dirty. it's dog nose art

Ewww! Just ewwww!

dog's name is get down no

Hi! I’m PurpleSlob! Nice ta meet ya!

don't care who dies in movie as long as dog lives

Okay, that’s just mean- to the humans!

snapchat makes dog look like dug from up

I don’t know. I didn’t see the movie. Is this funny??



death ray of light kills dogs

RIP doggies, RIP.



Alright, show’s over.  Go home!!   (Anyone else remember Tracey Ullman??)




kon maried

Help! I was kon maried!  Without my permission!!


OOPSIE!  That’s my unnawear drawer!  Wasn’t gonna show THAT one!

{I hate it when my editor, ME, doesn’t follow my instructions!!}


Pjs, just the pants.  The tops got their own whole drawer!







Like a drive by shooting, except it was a sit by folding.

And DD1 is who did it to me!!  Maybe I should take away her allowance??

OR, maybe I need to pay her double???

Decisions, decisions…..


Take a good look at these pix.  You won’t see the like again in your lifetime.  In MY drawers anyway!!