Scooter Storage Sequel

So sorry I didn’t get after photos of the Scooter Storage Space.


I did get pix after it was transformed into my new….

Superb Sewing Space!!!

TA-DA!  (This happened on May 6th.)

potholder 005  DD1’s gray cabinet now holds fabric.  The filing cabinet on top is new.  I needed somewhere to put my important papers!  (Other than beside my bed, on the floor.)

I know the lamp is ugly, but it’s free!  And provides light!  The first feature being the most important to me!

potholder 006     I hope putting the sewing machine smack dab in front of the window helps me see better.  Seemed to work in the other room.

potholder 007      And look! There’s even room left for the scooter!  WE can all just get along!

Sewing, and scooting, together.

See those pretty, purple containers under the table?  Com-pletely empty.  What a shame!  Well, just cuz I got ’em, don’t mean I’ll use ’em.  I do like looking at them, though!  So purdy!  Maybe someday, I’ll utilize them properly.  We can always hope!

“Sew”, now I’m set up to begin quilting again.  Ready, set, sew!

(Thank you DH for working so hard to create a serene space for me to work in!!)


Saturday a paperwork catastrophe  occurred.

The sequence of events:

Bubba went for an eye exam.


DH and I met him in the parking lot, and drove him to a restaurant, (due to the fact that he was, ya know, effectively blind.)

We sat down in a booth.


Bubba handed me his paperwork, including a prescription.

I put on MY reading glasses.


Read his paperwork.

Texted DD2 to find out what presbyopia meant.

Ate dinner.

Gave Bubba a present. Pair of readers.  Coincidentally, they were for his prescription, 1.75!! ( that was funny)

Left restaurant.

Drove away.

Realized paperwork was missing within 3 minutes.

Tried to pull a U-y,


but inconsiderate drivers in front of us in the turning lane refused to get out of the way.  What would a little head-on collision hurt?? Can’t they see we have a paperwork emergency here???  Rude.

DH went back into restaurant.

Came back to report paperwork had been thrown away.

Wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Darn rushing bus boys!

busing table

Ironically, while we sat in our booth, there were 3 dirty tables, the whole hour we were there.  But apparently, there is a little known clause in the bus boy code of conduct that states: “Do not clean off tables quickly, UNLESS customers left something of importance.  Then, you MUST clean it within 5 minutes, or your pay will be docked 5 %.”

So, poor Bubba was left paper, and prescription-less.  Thank goodness we gave him those readers, or he’d still be blind to this day!