Religion? Relationship?

A new friend, and follower of mine, Lawson, writes about a variety of topics.  This one is so relevant to what is happening in too many churches today, that I had to re-blog it.  If you enjoy it, please go visit him!   He starts out by complimenting his home church, then goes on to discuss other churches.



“I want to start off by giving the biggest shout out to Coastal Church in Daphne, Alabama for not only touching my heart, but countless others. This non-denominational church stands for the fundamentals of the Bible and the ways of Jesus.”

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Pastor Chad and Jennifer Stafford


“I feel sorrow for the fact that there are many problems with a wide variety of churches today. My prayer is that one day there will be solidarity in the fundamentals of the Gospel. I want to discuss some of these issues.

I want to start with the most extreme problem churches. Many people have heard of Westboro Baptist Church.”

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