Cheap Choices

Brother has given his 6 months vacate notice.  Great, now I have 6 months to stew about what to do.

Not really, I’m happy for him.  He’ll be moving on to the next chapter in his life.

I don’t see anything wrong with 50 something siblings sharing an apartment, do you?  (no, not 50 siblings, siblings in their 50s.  You’re so funny.)

Our apartment is the bottom one.

Our apartment is the bottom one.

What?  You think it seems like we never grew up?

Well, that’s true!  When we are together, you might think we are teens again!  Wild and cray-cray!

me,curt,michelle Sometimes we let Sis play too.  Awww, ain’t we sweet??

So, I’m thinking I’ll have two choices:

Either 1. Stay here, and get another roomie,

or       2. Downsize into a cheaper place.

Both choices have their advantages.

#1, I wouldn’t have to move!! HUGE advantage!

#2, I’d save money, and be forced to purge even more.

I’ve started looking around, just for funsies.

Found a 500 sq. foot trailer, in a retirement park.  Big plus-NO KIDS!! Aaaah, peace and quiet!  Not that I hate kids, but they do make a lot of noise!!  (And they knock on my door and run away- errrggghh)

I would have to purge BIG time, since my stuff occupies 3 outta my 4 bedrooms, and 5 outta the 7 closets.

Hmmm, I thought I HAD purged!  But, I guess I better see what else can go out the door.  500 sq. feet is less than half of my present 1200.  Wow, I can do math!

Best thing about this trailer is, it only costs $100!!!


The other excellent thing is, it’s right beside Sweet friend’s place!!  I go to his house all the time, to use his Internet.  So, I’d save gas money, just walking across the yard!

Not to mention, the lot rent is cheaper than my rent, no charge for water, and since it’s smaller, probably less electric.  Win/win

BUT, is there a floor you say?  Yes, it just lacks floor covering, and there’s a tiny detail of all the wires hanging out of every electrical socket.  But, I’m sure a little duct tape would fix that right up.

And there’s no plumbing,  (not even the pipes!!)  and the hall is so narrow, I have to suck in everything, and scootch sideways.  But, I’m losing weight, so that should be okay in time, right?

And no appliances.  But, I don’t need to cook!  Or have any cold food, or shower, or use the restroom, or have lights…..

ALRIGHTY then!  You’ve talked me outta it.  Happy now?

The handicapped apt. I applied for back in December is only 500 sq. feet as well, so needs must start paring down in any case.

So, hang onto your hats, ladies and gentleman.   Stuff will be flying outta my house at the speed of light!  Better duck when you walk down my hall.

I’ll be a minimalist in no time!

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