Quilting Quickly

No, no, this isn’t going to be another marathon post featuring 500 pix of fabric squares.  You’re welcome.

It’s just a quickie to say: Sorry, no post today!! I’m quickly quilting my fingers to the bone, quietly quacking all the way.


Just going quazy!

How do I picture that??  I know, just a regular pic of me, on any given day!!  LOL

There’s a crazy pix, fer sure!!!

Or how ’bout THIS one??

wrong towel crazy eyed

uh, I think I grabbed the wrong towel…

Enuff yet?

One more, just to make it odd….

scrunched up face

Crazy enough for you??


I was re-blogged!!  I’m so utterly thrilled right now, I can’t even think straight, or hardly type!

Judith Barrows is officially my new best friend!!

She has a lovely blog named JudithBarrowBlog.com

Here is my post, re-blogged.


Keeping a tight grip

Keeping a tight grip

Did I mention I was re-blogged???


No, I’m not the least bit excited.  (Where oh WHERE can I find a sarcasm font???  Somebody PLEASE invent one, quickly!!)

Thanks you so much, Judith!! You are a wonderful friend!


Melinda  AKA  Purpleslob

From Purple Slob to Clean Queen Well, maybe Princess? What's lower than that? Lady?

From Purple Slob to Clean Queen
Well, maybe Princess? What’s lower than that?