Muerto Mouse

Uh, guys?   Remember when I said I’d be okay, unless I saw a real live dead mouse??   I think I just have…

slob, humor, dead mouse

Muerto mouse?? 


Obviously, he died from eating so much he burst.   Mama always told me that would happen and I never believed her.

Lesson learned:  The Mama is always right!!

OR: maybe he died of fright from all the mess???    Naaaah, that can’t be it!   Where did the saying “rat’s nest” come from, if they’re scared of a little lotta dirt??


What do you think???

On second thought, does it look more like bitty baby bunny bones???

slob, humor, dead mouse or baby bunny bones

Muerto mouse?? or bitty baby bunny bones???


I know, I know, the whole hall corner right there is filthy, and needs a clean sweep.   Didja miss the “Slob” part of my name???


Oh my word, quit nagging, will ya??  

“What??  I didn’t say a word!”

I can hear ya nagging, by your look.


eye roll



Fine….. (or not).

I’ll do it.     Sheesh.

slob, humor, swept hall

Animal free zone!!   Yes, uh huh, I did too sweep! Twice!  Can I help it if the dust is so old, it’s melded into the wood??   (Well, yeah, I guess technically, I could have helped it….)



RIP, poor mouse, or bunny, or whatever you are were.  { Just don’t expect a memorial, ain’t happenin.}

Poison Poinsettia

I confess: I’ve killed again.  <sigh>  I’m already a serial killer, somebody stop me before I become a mass murderer!  (I’m looking at you, dust bunnies.)

This time it wasn’t by dismemberment, (cow), or by smashing it to smithereens, ( elephant), burying it alive, (cat), or shooting it down, (butterflies).  [Poor things, they were considered so insignificant, they didn’t even rate their own post.  My hard heartedness has no bounds.  Do I even have a conscience??]

No, this time it was by starvation.  {I like to vary my methods to keep the thrill of killing fresh.  Nothing worse than a bored killer on the loose.}

Anyhoo, the poor poinsettia plant on the porch, FL room if you must, got it in the neck.   I just totally ignored it, every time I went in and out of the house.   Even though someone, Sweet Friend perhaps, suggested it could do with a drink of water.   Cruelly, I refused.   Even though I could hear faint cries of “Water, please, water!”   As I continued to ignore them, they grew fainter, and more faint.

dead poisoned poinsettia plant


I did however, stop PP from playing with the leaves.  Besides the fact that they are poisonous, there does need to be some kinda respect for the dead.

dead leaves from poisoned poinsettia



Poor poisoned Poinsettia, peace out.

Melinda’s Menagarie



The one I saw was soooo much fatter! It looked like a dinner plate! Really!   Ok, maybe a bread plate.

It ran into my trailer side as I was opening my door.  I nearly had a heart attack!  It was so huge, that it made a LOUD plopping!!

Toad- is there really any difference???


They’re both ugly, and slimy too, I bet!!

When I was a barefoot hick, I called ’em all “toadfrogs”!!   I didn’t learn till around 8th grade that they were 2 different animals!   [And how much did gaining that knowledge impact my life???  Not at all, until now!]


Roseate spoonbill- these are such a gorgeous pink.  My first thought was “Wow! We have flamingos!!”  But, it was standing on both legs, so I knew that was wrong.


Then see?? This one is one legged!! How’s a person supposed to know??


common spoonbill

This one is called “Common” spoonbill. Well! Not everyone looks good in pink!



Florida red belly turtles

Florida Redbelly Turtle (Pseudemys nelsoni) at Camp Echockotee. Freshwater spring covered by vegetation. Around noon. Google Maps shortcut to location:,-81.7283&spn=0.001,0.001&t=h&q=30.1531,-81.7283

Speaking of turtle- SIL fried some last Sunday, that he’s caught.  Yumm yum good!  That boy, whoops, man can cook!!  I asked what seasonings he used, and he whipped out like 10 bottles of stuff.   DD1 said “Salt! He used salt!”   Sure enough, in every bottle, the first ingredient!   But, it sure tasted good!!   I just can’t eat anything else salty for the next week, month!!

(My apologies if this is not the exact same turtles we ate.  They were from Florida!!)

Gators- we have two in our canal, a big and a little.  I’ve only seen one, but you know the story, couldn’t get a pic.  So- this pic will NOT be my own personal gator.  But they all look alike to me!!




Blue heron-

blue heron


Again- not mine, but I’m sure they’re related somehow!




This pic does NOT do justice to how UGLY they are!!!

Several kinds of Ducks-

We have the brown ones, not the yellow bills.   And this is the only pic I’m gonna take the time to hunt up for ducks!   If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck, you don’t need to see another pic of ducks!

Green parrots- YES!  There’s a flock of wild green parrots!  It’s so cool to watch them fly by!

So glad I have only seen them, and not been “baptized” by them!

Rabbits– This one I have my very OWN pic for!!  Yay me!!


Yes, the real rabbit out my window!

Grasshopper- There was one was on my hibiscus bush.

Looked sorta like the bottom one:

2 grasshoppers

Not gonna ask any questions- just pretending it’s a baby getting a piggyback ride from it’s daddy.


Snakes- no pix, haven’t seen one personally yet, thank GOD!!   But DH did chase away a copper colored one from the neighbor’s shed.   I’ve been afraid ever since to go in her yard!  What if it’s a copperhead, and it bites me and I DIE?????

{I’m only thinking of YOU, not myself!   If I died, where would you get your daily dose of purple slobbery????}

Edit:   I saw one more than a year later.     Horrible!!     Read all about it!       Sneaky Snake.

Rare Rabbit

No, it’s not rare to SEE a rabbit, at my house, but I’ll get to the rare part in a minute.

There I was minding my own business, actually DOING my dishes for once!  When I look up, and see a rabbit out my kitchen window.

Yes, the real rabbit out my window!

Yes, the real rabbit out my window!

He just sat there, frozen.   (Please don’t burst into song now!!)

I thought, “Well, is he okay?  Is he a little rabbit statue?”

But, he turned his head, and I swear he looked RIGHT at me!  And sat that way for about 5 whole minutes.  Then, he hopped a little way, turned his whole body, and sat THAT way for another 5 minutes.  I was torn between just watching him, enjoying the sight, and running to get the camera(phone).  If only I hadn’t had to stop to get dressed, I’d have made it outside in time to get a Good pic of him!(her??)

(This pic is pretty good, only because I cropped it and blew it up!  It was TINY.)

That wasn’t the rare part, that I wasn’t dressed,it was rare that the rabbit sat still so long!   Have you ever seen a wild hare sit still for 10 minutes??

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