more mess, I mean memes

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I HAVE to get a franchise on one of these!!


slob, humor, meme

Sorta like me- ALL the things!!


slob, humor, meme

You go , girl!


Hmmm, so far it looks like this week’s theme is ALL.   Let’s see if I can keep THAT ball in the air??


Haha!  Score 1 more all for me!   (Oh wait!  Did I use this one before??   Whatever, laundry dread is always funny!)

slob, humor, meme

Lol, me too!

Oops, I lost the “all” theme there.  Oh well, extra fries are worth it!

slob, humor, meme

sigh, this one is so true, it’s not EVEN funny!

slob, humor, meme

Haha! I’m surprised it even got written down!


slob, humor, meme

sigh of satisfaction

slob, humor, meme

This one is dedicated to my BBFFJ, and Ethel. I love y’all!


slob, humor, meme

What???? On no!! How old am I then??


No, really!  How old am I again??   I’m so confused!!

Hope you got your laugh on!







More Murdered Mouse

Oh my grief!   This mouse is determined to get on my ever loving LAST nerve!!    It started its shenanigans again tonight.    Not working, not responding.    I (smartly) looked on the back, and the light kept blinking on and off.     Now, I know those batteries, that I JUST put in there a WEEK ago, are not bad!    {I really said “them”, but I’m trying to clean it up for all the Grammar Nazis.   You’re welcome.}

I might murder it myself this time!    What ever could be wrong???     So, like the techno whiz that I am, ( since I fixed the problem last time, I can call myself that now.   Uh huh!!!   I can so!!)  I opened the back to investigate.   Lo and behold, the batteries were loose!     More aggravation!    But, at least this time it was such a super simple fix, I didn’t even need to get outta my chair!!!    (And ya know how lazy I am, so not having ta get up is a good thing.   A very good thing!)

And now, to top it all off, I can’t find the previous mouse pix in my media library!!    Am I really gonna haf ta get out my phone, turn over the mouse, and take another picture???    Really??  I ain’t got time for this!!

mouse with the light on

The light is on! YAY!!


Hurray!   There it is!    {No jokes from the peanut gallery about needing stronger glasses, please.}

Now, let’s just wait and see what other tricks this mouse has up its sleeve to annoy me to no end.  

Okay, so mice have no sleeves.   Up its circuits???


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Meme Me Me Meme

Here’s some literary funnies for you, and me.

Meme, meme, meme, meeee  (in a singing voice…)

reading glasses, glasses reading

I love this one!!


best of times, worst of times-choose


x-ray book in you

Hope he gets it out soon!

accidentally closed book opened right back to same page



my money says wanna go to bookstore today?

Oh yes!! Please!

claustrophobia fear of closed bookstores

send book advance money

Please let me know if this one works, Snoopy! I gotta book in me too!


how many librarians to screw in a lightbulb

You might have to be a librarian to find this funny! I think it’s hilarious!!


And…. 1 more for the road:


book problem #444 almost finished book, have to bring 2nd just in case

Just 1 more??



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Saturday a paperwork catastrophe  occurred.

The sequence of events:

Bubba went for an eye exam.


DH and I met him in the parking lot, and drove him to a restaurant, (due to the fact that he was, ya know, effectively blind.)

We sat down in a booth.


Bubba handed me his paperwork, including a prescription.

I put on MY reading glasses.


Read his paperwork.

Texted DD2 to find out what presbyopia meant.

Ate dinner.

Gave Bubba a present. Pair of readers.  Coincidentally, they were for his prescription, 1.75!! ( that was funny)

Left restaurant.

Drove away.

Realized paperwork was missing within 3 minutes.

Tried to pull a U-y,


but inconsiderate drivers in front of us in the turning lane refused to get out of the way.  What would a little head-on collision hurt?? Can’t they see we have a paperwork emergency here???  Rude.

DH went back into restaurant.

Came back to report paperwork had been thrown away.

Wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Darn rushing bus boys!

busing table

Ironically, while we sat in our booth, there were 3 dirty tables, the whole hour we were there.  But apparently, there is a little known clause in the bus boy code of conduct that states: “Do not clean off tables quickly, UNLESS customers left something of importance.  Then, you MUST clean it within 5 minutes, or your pay will be docked 5 %.”

So, poor Bubba was left paper, and prescription-less.  Thank goodness we gave him those readers, or he’d still be blind to this day!



I’m sure you have questions for me.  Since I’m not a mind reader, I only play one on TV, I’m going to pretend I know what they are.

Why haven’t I posted any cleaning updates since Thursday?

Ummm, because I haven’t written any.

Why haven’t I written any you ask?

That would be cuz I haven’t cleaned since Wednesday. (hangs head in shame)

Oh, wait! That isn’t entirely true!  Friday morning I wiped the Thursday’s spaghetti sauce off the stove.  The baked on UFO,

(unidentified funky other-glob)  Not so much.  That part IS entirely true.

And I bathed Pudding Pop. Hey, that’s cleaning!!

I even took a shower!! Again with the cleaning.  And just now I turned on the dishwasher.  So there.

Okay, next question:

Do I think I’m funny?  Well, I’ve been told I am. (looks down demurely while blushing delicately)

And not just by my sister, either!!

Am I really a slob? OOOOHHH yes! If you need verification, I can provide witnesses. Again, not just my sister, either!

Am I purple?? Weeeell, I’ve had purple hair at different points in time. 

PurpleSlob with purple hair

PurpleSlob, purple hair



I wear purple nearly every day.  My living room curtains are purple, as are my reading glasses, and my purse.  I even have purple towels!  Not convinced yet?  Well, I can tell you I’ve had purple marker all over my hands before, and it’s not a good look for me! But sadly, my 1 (teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy) tattoo isn’t purple. It’s a strawberry.  The bunch of grapes was WAY too big!!  And I’m a big chicken!  Plus, I’m from Plant City, FL.  The Winter Strawberry Capitol of the World, sooo it all came together.   Why I have a tattoo in the first place is a story for another day.



Did I write all my comments myself under nom de plumes?  Absolutely!  After all, who better than me to know what I want to hear.  JUST KIDDING! Relax, it’s not a college paper, sheesh

Do I call my grand baby Pudding Pop IRL? (in real life)

Only when she’s in trouble. HA! When she’s in trouble her name really is “NO NO NO NO!”  And she knows it well!

How do I come up with the ideas for the posts?  Glad you asked.  My head is 1 giant squirrels’ nest, full of nuts.  Sometimes, I go chasing around and around in there, and something falls out.  Voila, a post idea!


By Rushenb – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,




How do I have time to do all this writing, when I don’t have time to clean???

Sorry, folks!  Time’s up.  Come back soon, ya hear?