Blueberry Bliss

You’re never gonna believe this!!!   In fact, ya better sit down for it!   (Remember what happened last time I warned ya??   I’m still not responsible for your doctor bills, if ya remain standing!!)

Okay, here goes:

I went blueberry picking!   OUTSIDE!!   STANDING UP!!

(Blues just seemed appropriate for a blueberry post.)

For your eyes only:

slob, humor, berry picking

Look at me- outside and everything!!


I even lasted 25 whole minutes, to my complete shock!

I ended up with 2 lbs of farm fresh blueberries.

slob, humor, berries

I did pretty good!

(But how is it that I ended up with a stink bug in there, when I didn’t see it till I got home??)


Sshh about the ones I ate!

slob, humor, eating berries

Quality control testing!


Guess what I had in my salad that night???   Gave some to DD1 and PP (that little girl of mine LOVES her fresh fruit!   I’m so glad!)   And froze most of the rest, for later.   Frozen blueberries will be a treat when I don’t have any fresh, for future salads!

And a recipe coming up soon, that’s outta this world!

A WHAT???   Did I hear you say “recipe”???   As in you COOKED???

Well, not cooked really, more like combined ingredients and ate it!   Anyway, you’ll know it when you see it.

Buh-bye blueberries, down the hatch!


Ripe Recipe


I had a wild hair today.   It was so annoying.   Don’t worry, it’s gone.

buzz hair cut

This is a #3 guard, on the clippers. Too long?

Artistic, no?

side buzz cut

Pretty short, huh? Cool!!!

My Mama almost had a fit when she saw me. She thinks it’s a catastrophe.  I knew she would.  And it’s not that I don’t care, or want to upset her.

It’s just that I’m trying to survive the  oven Florida climate!  Remember this?  Icy Exterior.  103 degrees in the shade, ain’t no joke!  Add to that, I’m still fat fluffy, and NO AIR in my car!!  And there you have a recipe for heat stroke!

I need a blog post here

What can I write about today??

Yesterday I showed my house of horrors, and I’ve done nothing to improve it at all.  So, what does a slob write about when her slobbery has been exposed to the world in all its technicolor splendorificalness, AND she doesn’t want to clean up anything, to have another post??

I’m thinking….. food!

Last night at a women’s extravaganza at Harvest Assembly, we had a wonderful homemade, chocolate, and peppermint trifle.  O my goodness!!  IT was to die for!

I’d have asked for the recipe, but why?? lol  I’ll never make it, so why have the recipe sitting around to taunt me??

Yesterday, while I was shopping, and consequently avoiding cleaning, I bought some chocolate cookies.

slob, humor, cookies

MMMmmmmmm, chocolate cookies! Me LOVE cookies!


 Now this morning, when I look for them to eat as breakfast, (don’t judge me, you probably eat ice cream late at night) no cookies to be found!  WHAT???  I need my morning chocolate fix!!  sigh  They must be still in my sister’s van, which has 3 kids in it, all the time.  NOOOOO!!  Not my cookies!

So I ate some pecans, hey, at least they’re healthy!! and sulked quietly.  Except for the part where I sulked on here for the whole world to see!  But I did it quietly!

There’s always Publix.….