Ornamental Ornament

We had an earth shattering event yesterday afternoon!!  {Christmas Eve} I was taking  stuff off the table, to clear it off.  And, I accidentally brushed one of the ornaments (GLASS! mind you!!) hanging on the chandelier!

shattered ornament on table

Less than half of it

shattered ornament on chair

More shards

{Sorry the pix are blurry!  I was shaking from shock!  But at least I thought to take pix!!  Yay me!  I’m learning!!  Good slogger!!}


And, I was barefoot!  And alone!!   And that thing shattered into a million shards!   I was afraid to even move!   Thank God, I had my phone to hand!!  I started calling people in a panic!!   No one was answering the phone!!

It was 45 minutes before Sis, Mama, and the kids were due.  DH wasn’t answering.  Sweet friend was at work.  [And he wouldn’t have thought “Ex-wife barefooted surrounded by glass” was an emergency enough, anyway.]

When I called Sis, I was panicking so hard, she couldn’t understand me.  Then, I started down my list of neighbors.   Thank God for Doris!!  She was home, and answered!   Once I calmed down enough to speak English, she finally understood me, and came “right” over.   It was 5 hours!!  (Well, it seemed like it at the time!   In her defense, it was maybe probably only 5 minutes in real time.   In “barefoot-standing in shattered glass, knees shaking, afraid I couldn’t stand up another minute, feeling like I need to go” time, it was FIVE HOURS!!  Trust me!!)

She came in, found my broom, and rescued me!  And scolded me for how I parked down at the clubhouse!  Oh well, that’s the price for rescuing matrons in distress nowadays, I guess.

Here’s a pic of the sole, surviving sibling of the late, lamented ornament.  (Dang it, Dan!  Why isn’t there an “L” world for ornament??)



{Sorry, can’t get it turned right now.  Will try to remember to get it done before it publishes!!   If I don’t, just cock your head to the left.}

BTW, anybody want to buy this killer chandelier???

If you asked “WHY?”  Hello, you must be new round these parts!!   I’m a PURPLE freak!!



Next year, I’m NOT gonna clear off ANY tables under chandeliers!!   I learned my lesson!!



Jeffery’s journey

This is in memorium of my brother-in-law, Jeffery Watson.

I don’t like writing in all red, but that’s his favorite color.

He went to heaven on Oct. 3, 2015.  My sister, Michelle, and my nephew, Nick, my 2 nieces, Kristen, and Jaime are all devastated.  They know they will never see him again.  On this EARTH.  However, they will see him again, in heaven, as long as they live a righteous life in Christ Jesus.

Watson Christmas photo

Watson Christmas 2013

My sister wrote this, after he’d been gone 9 days.   She wants to share it with the world, in hopes that someone else will come to faith in Christ Jesus, by the witness of Jeffery’s life.

Michelle Hawkins Watson

October 12 at 9:55am 

God is Good all the time. Jeffery was healed and rescued many times. Here are the times I know.
1. The first few years of his life, Jeffery was hospitalized with double pneumonia during the Christmas season.
2. At age 2, one time after church, in a park with a lake, he disappeared in the Lake. Dad dove in still in his good suit and boots (?).
3. Very young, he was poisoned with Vick’s vapor rub. It was so bad the doctors told Mom & Dad to call the funeral home and plan his funeral. A local church came and prayed with them.
4. Another tubing trip he slipped thru the inner tube and was submerged. Dad pulled him out then too.
5. At age 3 (?) He was trapped upstairs when the kitchen caught on fire. Only because the Lord had Mom glance at the house in time to have Dad run in and pull him and Karla Flak out of the house.
6. He had an accident with a knife that could have killed him.
7. He had an accident in South Carolina with a trash truck. (not Jeffery’s fault). But his quick thinking slowed him down and only totaled his dodge pick-up. He was bruised. The trash truck leaked fuel, but the fire marshal driving behind him was able to shut it off.
8. So many dirt bike accidents I know about, and some I don’t know about. I know he landed in a tree at least once. He landed in a gulley at least once.
9. Jeffery had acute pain when he went to Garland,TX for work training. The walk in clinic told him to stop eating rich foods, he was fine. Jeffery finally drove himself to the ER Friday morning to discover he had to have emergency gall bladder surgery. The Dr said he stopped counting, but 100 was mentioned. The next day, he had to have emergency secondary surgery to remove some that migrated and blocked his bile ducts.
10. One last time, he had an accident with a semi and dodge charger, and God said, “Well done, good and faithful servant”.

(His lord said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithfulservant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.’  Matthew 25:21  New King James Version, Holy Bible)

I will miss you. I will see you again. My hope is this: because of your death, someone else will make a relationship with Christ so they may hear those same words.

(16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.   John 3:16  New King James Version, Holy Bible)

jeffery watson

                  Jeffery Watson

This is not goodbye, Jeffery, it’s only farewell, until we meet again.

waiting on wednesday