Roach Resort

Apparently I’m running a roach resort.   Or else, a roach nursery/ maternity ward.   I’ve never seen any actually born (hatched??), just the itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny ones, running around after their mommas, and the empty egg casings.    (None of them have been wearing itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, yellow, polka dot bikinis either.    Well, maybe they were, and my eyes just aren’t sharp enough to see them anymore!)

slob, humor, roaches

1 Momma, several babies. I’m thinking her significant other is gonna want a resort refund.

Oh, if only I was getting paid for each!!   Can you imagine how filthy rich, I’d be!!

Emphasis on the filthy.

Now, you listen here.  I can’t help having roaches.   It comes with the territory of living in Florida.

Living in Fl, and being a slob, you mean.

Well…..  ok.  To tell the truth, having roaches is a consequence of living like a slob, in Fl.   Where even CLEANIES  get roaches!

But they don’t keep them, like you, do they??

Well, ummm…It’s not like I keep them as pets, or anything!!

Tell the truth!

Okay, you’re right.  If they see a roach, they immediately spray, and scrub till everything is surgically clean.


And, they never leave out food on the counters, or crumbs.

And they don’t offer deluxe accommodations, like you apparently do!   They don’t leave the light on either!   (like motel 5 +1.   ARGH!!    I did math!!)


Side by side seaside cottages.  With a few guests on their way to check in.