Tipped Toe

This is why you have to clean and organize your house:

Poor bruised, battered, broken toe

Poor bruised, battered, broken toe

It hurt like everything.  I was in agony, agony, AGONY I tell you!!  I think it’s broke.

Call 911!!  I need an ambulance!  Oh, wait, who am I yelling to????  There’s no one else here.  Hmmmmm, think!  What to do???  It’s so hard to think when you’re in AGONY!

I know!  I’ll lay on the floor, and simply expire from the pain.  And when someone comes looking for me, they’ll find my cold, broken body, stretched out on the floor, in a position of supplication…  pleading for help, and non came.   Ha, ha!  That’ll teach ’em a lesson!  Oh, wait!  Teach who a lesson????  I’ll be dead.  Okay, not the best plan....

I decided to fall onto the bed, clutching my foot, howling in agony.  Did I mention I was in AGONY???

Once I recovered sufficiently, to be able to arise: I photographed the scene.

Here is a mug shot of the dastardly fiend, who’s responsible:

murderous fiend

murderous fiend

How dare you be in MY way??  Well, what do you have to say for yourself??  Speak up!

Great, cat’s got it’s tongue.

I wrote an account of the tragic events, and gathered the evidence.

Can I sue the chair?  (I’m sure I’d win!)

Update:  Poor toe is getting better..  Still sulking about not winning the suit for a million dollars, against the chair, but healing nevertheless.

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There we all were, serenely enjoying our day as usual.  DH watching TV, DD1 on her smartphone, me on the laptop, and PP playing with a toy empty box.  Out of nowhere, it struck like lightening!

Darkness!  The TV went blank, the phone went dark, the laptop went blue screen.

Wails of disbelief soon  crescendoed into screams of panic.  “NOOOOOOO!”  Then chants of despair, “No, no, no, no, no!”

Shell shocked, we glanced at one another with despair in our eyes.  What had just happened to our lives as we knew them???

DD1 rushed into the next room, desperately trying to reboot the modem.  Nothing, nada, zip, zilch.

Already shaky with DTs, we huddled together for comfort.  Only PP went on playing, happily unaware of how barren life had become in an instant.

With questioning eyes, we murmured meaninglessly to each other.  Trying to silence the pain, murmuring meaningless platitudes.

Hysterically, we sought answers.  How could this have happened to us?  What would be our next step?  Would we be able to hang on until something was figured out???

Slowly, a horrible realization seeped into my memory.  I might, just possibly, maybe, quite probably be responsible for this catastrophe.  A certain utility bill may or may not have been lost under a certain pile of clutter, important paperwork,

slob, humor, paperwork

Um, yeah, bills, some paid, some… not so much


and may or may not have been paid.  Oh My Goodness, I was the one responsible for this horrendous devastation.

Now what do I??  Do I just keep on questioning what happened with the others?  Do I quietly go in the other room and hide under the bed?? No, that won’t work, it isn’t 4 feet off the floor.  Dare I confess, and prepare to be stoned?

DD1 was the first to turn on me accusingly.  “Mom, did you pay the bill?”

I stammered, “Ummmmmmm, umm, I did! I paid it!”  (leaving out the tiny detail, fact that I last paid it 2 months ago.)

“But when you did you pay it? This month?”

Drat that girl, she’s too smart for my own good.

To be continued...




(Kudos Michelle for editorial assist.)