major minimalist

Today I feel like bragging on myself.   Celebrating, even!    Nominating myself for an award maybe!

In at least 1 area I am a major minimalist. Wait- isn’t that an oxymoron??

Where was I? Oh yeah, major minimalist.  In the area of footwear, I am that double “m” phrase.

I only own 1 pr slippers, purple naturally!

quilted purple slippers on my feet

Quilted, warm!!


1 pr crocs for everyday wear. And I do mean everyday!  I wear them every where, even church.

purple Crocs

Comfy purple Crocs

(Of course I got them on sale!   With a coupon too!)


Then I have 1 pr closed toe black leather shoes.  For snow boots!! Lol

black closed toe leather shoes

Gotta be FRIGID to drag out these puppies!


I hardly ever break those out any more. Maybe for a funeral.  Except Jeffery’s.    The dress code was purple and red, so the Crocs were required.  Red for him, purple for Sis.

Don’t even own any flip flops! Cuz that’s what I do when I wear them!

It takes real talent to “fall” off those!   And yet I have. Sad when ya can’t even walk like normal people!!

So, a total of 3 prs of footwear qualifies me as a major minimalist in that area, wouldn’t you agree?


swish and swipe

I read it on Nony’s blog, ASlobComesClean, about the “Swish & Swipe”.  (And of course, I couldn’t find the post I am referring to….)  I found it!!  Ya know, cuz she has a search feature, and all!!  Duh!

I believe she said it came from the Fly Lady. I had never read that blog, but it was scary, just from what I’d heard.  Fully dressed to makeup, and shoes??  First thing in the morning???  Ain’t happ’nin.

Thought, that’s just too much trouble.

Then I find myself taking 30 min and a jack hammer to chip away at all the crud.

(Have you figured out yet that we’re talking toilet today??)

Finally I decided maybe there is something to the “Swish and Swipe”.  And I started swishing the brush around, every day(ish), and swiping the counters, every day(ish).  And guess what??  The bathroom stayed clean(ish)!!!

Who knew?

Experts know whereof they speak.

Why didn’t I listen sooner?



Anyhoo, now my toilet is usable by guests on any given day.  (Now that PP is potty training, she’s getting in on the action too!  It’s so cute to see her cleaning the toilet!!  And soon, I won’t have to do it anymore!!!!)


Bad, Bad Shoes.

(Did you hear the scolding tone of the title? I totally meant it to sound like I was yelling at a dog for messing in the house.) Look closely at my shoes, see any problems??

{The sole was peeling away from the sides.}

(I messed up with these photos.  At that time, I didn’t know if you deleted them from the library, that they disappeared from the post.    I know, you might think it’s a “DUH!”     But, to me it wasn’t.     So, now I have missing pix in some posts.      And, due to the fact that the shoes went in the trash, I can’t recover the pix.)   slob, humor, sad


I knew they were old, but really????  This is why I prefer to go barefoot, but the hot sidewalks are brutal here in FL!!  Okay, so I bought a new pair, since I can no longer wear my beloved ugly sandals, due to my falls. So, then what happens to the old ones?  Throw them back into the far forsaken corner of the closet?  Under the bed? In the vast wasteland under the sink?  Those would be my former slob choices.     No! Be a non-slob and throw them away! Alright, alright! Quit nagging!  There, they’re in the trash. Happy now??

Granny Chaney

My Granny was a whirlwind of energy.  She rarely sat still, unless she was sewing.

Disclaimer: NOT my real Granny, but looks a lot like her! Except Granny’s hair was in braids crisscrossed on the top of her head, not in a bun.  Otherwise, spot on, including the shoes, long sleeves, high neck, and glasses!


By 7 am, she

was fully dressed, down to her shoes (and she had never even HEARD of FLYLADY lol)

would have already swept the porch, and front steps

had a load of laundry in

picked oranges out of the backyard

squooze the fresh juice ( I know, spelling)

had a hot breakfast cooked, and on the table.

Then she would allow herself exactly 5 seconds to relax, (more or less) and drink her coffee.

cup of coffee

And so on, for the rest of the day.

Oh, I’m so tired just typing all that!!  They do not make ’em like her anymore.  She was an original.

Granny raised 11 kids, while working in the fields all day, using CLOTH diapers! sewing their clothes, and cooking 3 meals a day. Whew!  She was an amazing lady, no doubt.

Her greatest accomplishment was pointing all her family to Christ  So many times I’ve heard some of my cousins say, “I wouldn’t be a Christian today, if it wasn’t for Granny.”   She certainly received many crowns when she stepped into heaven.

Christian cross



She passed along her work ethic to her children.  So my Mama is a hard worker too.  She always says Granny worked circles around all her girls.  And Mama works circles around her 2 girls!  I work, uh….. well, there’s plenty of room for my girls to work circles around me too!

The whole community knew and loved Granny Chaney.  She was so loving and generous.  She would give you her last dime, if you needed it.  Often she gave away so much, she’d leave little for herself.  And loving!!  No grand or great grand child of hers ever got a spanking in her house!  She’d say, “Now ____insert dad’s name here__, don’t you spank my baby ___insert child’s name here__.  Put that belt away.  Now run along and play honey, don’t do it again.”

She was famous for her dumplings. Handmade. Of course! She’d be so insulted if she heard you ask that!!

And her banana pudding!! MMMMMM, clouds of pure bliss! She did the meringue topping, not that ole cheater stuff.

homemade banana pudding

Not hers!!   She’s been gone many years now.  And I was never smart enough to ever take a pic of hers!


Ever since she died, I’ve chased that taste.  I don’t think I’ll ever find it again. 

(I wouldn’t have told Granny, but Mama’s dumplings are just as good!)

I have such a legacy of love, laughter, and the Lord to live up to.  I’ve failed a lot in my life, but I’m working on it now.

Also, a spotless house legacy to live up to.  That ain’t happening!  But, in my recovery I’m shooting for non slobdom.

Lived in will work for me.

Who was an amazing example and inspiration in your life?