Silly Soap

Nope, it wasn’t the soap that was silly, it was me.  Shock, shock, right??

Remember last year when I was pontificating about being too old to use broken, ugly stuff??  

Well, then what was the justification for this???

used soap bottle

Fancy dancy soap dispenser, order yours now!

Um, straight up laziness, is all I can plead.  No excuses, especially since I’m even older than when I wrote that!

Even worse, look at the counter.  Shameful, shame I say.

messy bathroom counter

Shock and horror that a slob would have a mess!

And nobody to blame but myself.   So annoying!   Sometimes, I regret living alone!  At least when 1 other person lived with me, I could always delude myself that everything was their fault!  (Even when it wasn’t, as was usually the case, if I have to be honest.)

There, now isn’t that better??

lavender soap dispenser

Ah! Lavender, my love!

And it took all of maybe 60 seconds to pour the soap in it, and throw away recycle the bottle.  Take that, laziness!

I even took a few extra seconds, to wipe down the counter and throw away the bowl.  (Yes, it’s been sitting there for over a month, and…..?  The point is, it’s gone now.  Just be happy.)

clean bath counter

So, so pretty!  Thank you, Jeanette, my neighbor for the lovely lavender soap dispenser.  (She doesn’t even like purple, of any shade.  GASP!  I know!  I feel sorry for her too!)

Inspire Me Monday party

soap or shampoo

Why do I have so many products in my shower when I only use 1?

There's a tube inside.

There’s a tube inside.

Smells so good.

Smells so good.

Product, product everywhere

Product, product everywhere

Annnnd, 1 more

Annnnd, 1 more

Guess I could de-clutter some. Reckon?

I gave the yogurt body wash to Shirley.  She took it, even though I warned her, it felt slimy, all over my body!

What do I mean I only use 1 product? Well shampoo is for hair, right? And we have hair all over our bodies, right? So all I use is shampoo.

Partly cuz I can’t read the bottles, without my glasses.  Partly cuz I’m too lazy to do 2 steps. I only have 2 inches of hair, so why fuss?

And it’s cheaper too! Got my shampoo on sale with coupons for cheap cheap.

Now, the good part:

Products- poof!

Products- poof!

No more rack, and stuff here!

No more rack, and stuff here!

Oops, I forgot to take a before of that part.  Oh well, y’all are used to that by now, right? 😉  (And I’ve donated the rack already, so no way to fake the shot!)

I kept the Cherry Blossom shampoo.



That one is gone!  Oops!  Didn’t realize how nasty that corner was.  Tra la, I’ll think about that some other day.

Aaahhhhh! That looks better.  Ummm, as in de-cluttered better, not cleaned better!

I can’t get rid of the tube in PP’s cups, because it floats.  And she loves to play with it.


Thus endeth my soap or shampoo saga.

Decluttering my Master Bath Counter

 Here it is in all it’s glory: my master bath counter.


bathroom counter

Yes, my actual bathroom counter. ewwww, I know.  But, in my defense, I DID tell you I was a slob, remember?

Why do I have a red Big Gulp there?    Ummm, let me think…. Oh yeah, I got it!  I’m gonna use it as dye to test how well I brushed!  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

See the basket there?  (I made it, ya know, in Basket weaving class in Alaska.)

I digress… my point was, see how the blue of the tissue box, brings out the amethyst of the wash cloths?  I normally call ’em wash rags, but since these are “Decor”, they’re wash cloths!)

And notice the beautiful roll of tp.  So very white and soft.

The measuring tape?  Oh, you saw that?  Well, it’s to measure how deep the water is when I give PP a bath.  Don’t want to waste more than 55 gallons washing 1 little baby.  And no, I didn’t throw her out with the bath water!  (Just in case you were worried, DD1.)

The kitchen soap?  Ummm.. well… let’s see…. just in case I run out of my pump soap, and I can’t see that huge jug of refill soap, because I have clutter blindness, then I’ll need something to wash with, right?

All the rest of the stuff is necessary bathroom stuff.  It just doesn’t need to be on the counter.  But hey, if I put it away, how ever will I find it again?? Out of sight, out of mind!

Now is when I’m supposed to post the


Except there isn’t one yet.  Guess why?  Ding, ding, ding! You got it in 1!! Maybe I’ll watch another Hoarders, and get busy cleaning.

Or not.  I’m IN recovery, not recovered.   I’ll be sure and let you know when it happens.  By, perhaps, a blog post about it???