Extra Extra Expedit Expedition

20150317_221510  Yes, you’ve already seen both these pix.  Deja vu, anyone?

Now that we’ve gotten the boxes off the top, (remember how hard that was???  I’m still having nightmares about reaching over my head!)

And Mama has organized the books, as much as she could in the time allotted;  we are gonna tackle the rest of the behemoth.

Yes, we took care of the blue bin already.

Time to get nit picky, and go for the gold.

See that material way on top?  That’s for my friend, Shirley’s quilt.  Nah, she doesn’t mind if I blog instead of sew.  It’s at least 6 months away from being cold!

So much random crap, I mean, stuff on these shelves!


Christmas ornaments?  Yup, don’t you leave yours out all year?  C’mon now, I know some of you do.  I’ve driven by your porches!  (I’m looking at you, Sweet Friend.)

BTW, I know I’m supposed to be de-cluttering, but don’t lay a finger on my Butterfinger books.  You’ll draw back a nub, mister.

But, I did take a deep breath, and donate the books.  That was traumatic.

Part of the donate pile

Part of the donate pile

Mama's & Sis' pile

Mama’s & Sis’ pile

And 2 boxes to Zoe’s Journey, a women’s ministry here in town.

Working on it

Working on it

A nice friend came over to help me.   She was firm, but gentle, making me throw away sentimental items, like cards, AND  DD2’s baby cap.  That she wore home from the hospital!!!

DD2's Home from Hospital cap

DD2’s Home from Hospital cap

Now how ever will I remember that I brought DD2 home from the hospital when she was born???     Waaahh!

But, I do want to recover my home from slobbery, so….    I bit the bullet, and did it.

Thank you nice friend, for pushing me a little, to make better choices.

Looking better!

Looking better!

All the way there! YAY!

All the way there! YAY!

I’m exhausted, by all this extra expediting.  Time for a nap!




Update:  You know what??   I don’t miss a thing.

House of Horrors

Disclaimer: This post was originally written before May 12th, and I just forgot to publish it.

Remember when I kept bragging about sweeping, and mopping all the time,some times, a few days a week?

Well, I was, just not everywhere.  Yesterday I needed to plug in my laptop, which required going behind my recliner.

Oh my goodness!!  I was unprepared for the House of Horrors hiding there.  MY EYES!!  MY EYES!!


slob, humor, Cheerios

Real Cheerios, not the generic o’s.

(Okay, so maybe there really wasn’t THAT many.   But there were a LOT!!)

I had inadvertently uncovered a Cheerios graveyard.  At least I’m assuming they used to be Cheerios, by the round shape of the dust, with the hole in the middle.  How did they all know where to go to die in peace?  Should I put up markers to commemorate their lives?  Brave, brave Cheerios, we appreciate your sacrifice.

So, what does this mean for me?  Well, I guess I could should actually sweep and mop back there.  But the real question, will I???

Here’s an AFTER:

behind recliner

What other junk? What do you mean? I don’t see anything, other than 1 lone Cheerio that escaped my broom of doom.

Rest assure, All the long dead Cheerios were granted a peaceful rest in the appropriate urn.

(File 13 is the most appropriate container for dead Cheerios, right?  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)