Strangest Struggles

{Yeah, I know.   I’m supposed to be writing about the De-clutterathon.    I’ll get to it, I’ll get to it!   Don’t rush me!}

It’s so weird.  It seems no sooner do I post that I’m struggling to post every day, than my brain starts running away with new post ideas!

Hate the green pants and shoes, but hey!   The brain is purple, so I had to “run” with it!


What is going on??   Does my brain just hate me??   Does part of it just hide behind a figurative doorway, just waiting till the other part says “Uncle!”??   Then the first part jumps out and says “Boo!  Haha, fooled you!!   I really do have lots of post ideas up my sleeve!”

Is it the depression??   The bi-polar??  Being an eccentric writer??   Exhaustion??   Dementia setting in??   What??   I really need to know, because it’s driving me crazy!!   Oops, nope, wrong saying.   I’ve already reached that destination.   It’s keeping me up at night!!   There we go!!   That’s the one.

Here it is 2:12 am, and I can’t turn off my my squirrel wheel,

{Nope, not a squirrel, but the wheel is purple… so ya know what I’m gonna say…}

and go to sleep.   Noooo, I have to hurry up and capture all these whirling thoughts, before they drift away, like smoke from a campfire.   If I don’t, I’ll never think the exact same thoughts again, and I’ll fight those struggles for a while, being frustrated with myself, for not getting them down on paper, on the computer screen, when they were fresh.   I’ve already done that several times with posts.  I write a whole brilliant story in my head, but don’t get up and actually write it.  Then later, when I try to remember, it’s gone.  And I know it was perfect!!   And all I’m left with is the title, and a few stray fragments of sentences, that aren’t cohesive.

It’s the strangest thing.   I know our brains are marvelous things, created by God to do miraculous things.   But does mine really have to be so contrary??   Apparently, it must.   sigh

Anyone have any suggestions??  Besides hiring a secretary to sit by my bed, with her pad, pencil, catching my stray thoughts in shorthand??   {Trust me, if I had the money to burn, I’d probably do that!!   But, only if she wrote exclusively in purple ink.  Or conversely, on purple paper.   Or!   Even better!   Purple ink on purple paper!   But, that’s hard to read,

slob, humor, purple paper

Well, I guess not tooo hard…   Did ya catch the mistake??  Yeah, I forgot to proofread!

 unless you use white gel pens.  And I haven’t seen any at Publix lately.}

So, to add to my already full basket of troubles, foibles, and struggles, I have this strangest one.  Oh delight!!   At least I don’t keep anyone else up!!   Living alone does have it’s advantages!

Twin Twist

My friend Kristen C, yes, the cleanie!  made a huge announcement on her blog last Thurs.   She’s pregnant!!   I am so happy for her and Jerrod!   and wait for it…… they’re having twins!!


I knew those 2 crazy-in-love kids before they WERE even Kristen & Jerrod!!    When they announced their engagement, I was in shock!    What???    How did this happen??     They didn’t even hold hands in church.    He didn’t even put his arm around her!!    How was I supposed to know they were serious???

But they have so much in common, and are so cute together!!     After they got married, I started praying for them to have a baby.    When Kristen shared their infertility struggles, that gave me the information of how to pray specifically for them.   

And now, their dreams of a baby are coming true, twice as nice!!    God answered our prayers in a huge way!!

Watching this journey thru her pregnancy, and then the babies growing is gonna be so much fun!!

Yikes!    I just thought of something- 2 more quilts needed!!     Relax!!!     I’ll be all done with my present queue by the end of May, and the twins aren’t due until end of August!     I got this covered!

back of quilt pink blue yellow green

Back of quilt, with just a little wrinkle in time.

(Not their quilt, just a previous one I made.)


Ya know what??    If I was really smart, I’d make the baby quilts, just as soon as they tell people which one the babies are, the pinks or the blues.    Oops, I mean the pinks or the boys.    Oops, I mean, the girls or the boys!    The twins are identical, so how fun is that gonna be to dress them just alike!!!     gets lost in a baby clothes buying daydream for days……….

Criss Cross

Did you chant, “Criss cross, applesauce, hands in your lap”??  Well, if you didn’t I know you’re not a Kg or Pre-K teacher!

Anyway: on to the post:

Another benefit of weight loss I can cross my legs now!  Woot woot!  If you’ve never been fat, you’re so blessed!  And also, you don’t know the struggle!

Cross ’em to the left:

crossed legs to the left

I can cross my legs!!

Look Ma, no hands!  Cross ’em to the right:

crossed legs to the right

They even cross the OTHER way!!

I don’t have a pic of uncrossed legs.  Wait! I just might be able to find one!

{hunt, hunt, hunt,  grumble, “No, not that one..”  click, click, click, mutter mutter mutter, “Why didn’t I take pix of my legs when I was fat??  Oh, yeah, I hated how I looked.”

What a change in only 6 short months!!  It’s like Christmas every day now!!  What a huge difference in my health now.

Sometimes, I just sit and cross and uncross my legs for 15 minutes at a time, just celebrating that I can!!  My friends are probably getting tired of hearing about it.  “Listen, have I told you how I can cro..”

Friends:  “Yeah, Melinda we KNOW. You can cross your legs now.  Could you please talk about something else????”

“Hey, did I tell you how much weight I’ve lost by changing my way of eating??

Friends:  “Groan.”

strawberry love

(In case you missed them, part one, Strawberry City,  part two, Man Giant,  and part three, Strawberry Banquet.)


Joyfully, Man Giant, knelt down, asked 1 final time for Strawberry Girl’s hand in marriage.

After hearing her “Yes!”, he put the sparkling diamond on her hand, that he had been carrying in his pocket for so long.


At last, they were Engaged!

Strawberry Girl, and Man Giant were so happy!

Of course, they had a perfect purple wedding, with Tiny Noel as the Best Man.  Strawberry Girl’s Sis, and Aunt were her attendants.


The Honeymoon was in a castle, on the beach.  What a wonderful time they had, just being together.

But, when they got home, and began living together, Man Giant began being  puzzled at the messes, and clutter that seemed to follow Strawberry Girl, wherever she went.  Before, he had been so blindly in love, that he never noticed.


“Just clean up”, he tells her.

Strawberry Girl struggles to clean, and organize, but it’s the same trouble she’s always had.  Man Giant helps her clean, and organize, but still doesn’t understand why she can’t do it herself.

In due time, Baby Strawberry Giant arrives, to every one’s great delight!

To be continued……