Probable Printables

According to my BBFF (best blogging friend forever) Janice, I’m supposed to offer more value with a subscription.  Maybe a printable, perhaps?

But, I’m having a hard time deciding on what to offer.   A heartfelt plea to not make your family live like this anymore, please dear God?    

How to become a slob in 7 easy steps???

how to become a slob in 7 easy steps

I really don’t imagine there’s anyone who needs help doing that.  


How to start a blog?   I’m sure somebody else already covered that one.    

How to lose your health?    Probably not too many interested in this topic!!

How to become a clumsy person who falls in the shower?  

clumsy woman falls

She’s not in the shower, but I’m sparing you that visual!


Ah, I know!    6 easy ways to have handsome firemen show up at your door!!

cute guy alert


 Lots of value there!    No one has to ever be lonely anymore!!

Okay, now is where I’d insert a quiz, asking what you’d like see as a printable.   Except with the “new” WordPress editing experience, I can’t figure out where they hid the quiz makers.  (But I did figure out how to make the first meme up there!    So proud of myself!    Probably inordinately proud, but whatever!)

If there is something you’d like to see me make available as a printable, well then, tell me all about it!!