Washed Windows

Pressured washed the trailer last Monday.    (Well, you KNOW it wasn’t exactly me who did it.   But, if I paid for it…. anyway, it got done!)

Remember the old, moldy sides??

right side trailer central air unit

Right Side. Notice the central air unit!!



It looked hideous!!   (On a side note, my yellow roses are blooming now!!    So gorgeous!)

home grown yellow roses

My yellow roses! I didn’t know I could grow those! lol (Only because they were already here, and I haven’t had time to kill them yet!

So, now here is the newly washed, so pretty side!!

side of trailer, pressure washed

Freshly washed face!

Nice, no??

Next up, paint!!    3 guesses what color?  only the first 2 don’t count!   Lol!    (Even if this is your first time here, I know you can guess too!)

Only the stripes, and the trim tho, for now!    Bwahahaha, {evil genius laugh}   Oh yeah, and the cow spots.   Can’t forget the mailbox!

So, tune in next time, same purple channel, same purple time!     I just realized, how ironic is it, that the word purple, is green????



Timed Tidy

Dishes.   Again.   sigh

dirty dishes for timed tidy

Starting point for Timed Tidy.


Won’t they ever go away???    Well, depends, Melinda.   How often do you plan to eat in the future??

This time, I timed how long it took me to tidy the kitchen.    Tidy sounds so much more fun than clean!!    Doesn’t it??

Well, Actually I timed how long it took me to do a drainer full of dishes.   Can’t do it all in one day, I might give myself a stroke!!   Then where would y’all go for your daily dose of purple crazy???  See, I’m pacing myself for y’all!!!   Ain’t I considerate???


So, here is the result for 1 sink full of dishes.

sinkfull of clean dishes for Timed Tidy

First load. (Pretending I have a dishwasher!) I do- me!!


3 minutes.   Wha????    Really??  THREE WHOLE minutes???   Wow, I’m a speed wash champion!!

But, that didn’t take into account the FIVE minutes it took to clean out the plug thingy for PP‘s sippy cup.

sippy cup strainer

Sippy cup thingy that stops it from leaking. What DO ya call it??


Those suckers are horribly hard to clean, if ya don’t rinse them out right away!    And how applesauce (looked like)  got in there, I’m really too afraid to ask!   Just clean it, and move on!

toothpick full of gunk from sippy cup strainer

Toothpick full of gunk from the sippy strainer thingy.


{Sorry it’s so blurry.   I have yet to perfect my photog skills.    Maybe for my 5 year blogaversary, I’ll take a class????   We can only hope!!}



I had to use 2 toothpicks, and much patience, and lots of rinsing to pry out all the gunk.   I hope I got enough out to keep her from catching salmonella and dying!!   Please God!

So now that I can reasonably assume it’s safe once again for PP to drink outta her own cup, I need to get busy on the rest of the kitchen counter.  

 Aww, who am I kiddin??    EIGHT WHOLE minutes of real work wore me out for today!    {That’s on top of having PP all night, and her being awake from midnight to 4 am.    I thought they started sleeping thru the night sometime???? }    And it being Daylight Savings, and making it to the late service, stopping at the store for strawberries, and her obligatory apple  (thank goodness she still thinks they are the best treat ever!!).    Then going back to get her at 6pm, due to an emergency with the neighbor, {she’s fine, thanks}, not being able to get back in when we got home, due to the porch lock falling out into my hand when I tried to open it, waiting for XH to come and figure out how to let us in, {he went thru the workshop door, which I NEVER lock, thank GOD!!, and opened the door, by beating on it or something.) feeding her supper, giving PP a bath and washing her hair, taking her home at 10, after convincing her that YES, you have to wear clothes, AND shoes!! whew! I’m re-wearing myself out again, just typing all this! 

Anyway, so the rest of the story will come later….  Stay tuned!!

Update:  Shirley, my sweet sis, told me that sippy cup thingy is called a “valve”.   Thanks, Sis!

Hacked Hair

Decided my hair was just too long, again!   So, instead of going to the hair dressers, like normal people do, (or so I’ve heard), I got out my scissors, sat down, and went to town.

The next day, my aunts came over.   One of whom requested anonymity, and the other was Sherry.    (My besties can easily figure out which sister she is.   Sorry, if you don’t know me IRL, then you’ll just have to suffer the curiosity.    Hope it doesn’t kill you, like it did the cat!)

When they saw me, their gasps were so loud, the neighbor yelled “Shut up over there!”   {Maybe a slight hyperbole.   Possibly.}  

purple surprised face

courtesy of pixaby 



Where was I??   Oh yeah, they were shocked by the hacked up appearance of my hair.   IDK why, since Sherry has done worse to me!!!

So, after we ate lunch, gotta keep up our strength!!!   The aunt who-wants-to-remain-anonymous offered to use the scissors to try to even it out.    {It was BAD y’all!!!}  

almost completely bald head

This was after the pass with the first razor. Pitiful, I know.


That helped so much not at all, so with a sigh, she asked for a razor.    And I knew where 1 was!  Yay me!!    I’m loving this organized-so-I-know-where-things-are-immediately change in my life!!!    There is hope, and recovery for slobs!!!

Anyhoo, so she attacked shaved my head down to the scalp.   She did the deed in the dining room.    Oooohh, I love feeling the wind in my hair on my bare skin!    It’s quite a delicious feeling!   I highly recommend it, if you’ve never tried it!   {Truly tho, attacked IS an appropriate word, since she snipped my forehead once!   In her defense, they were horrible scissors!   Cuz I didn’t know where my hair trimming scissors were.   hangs head in shame   And of course, I found them when I went looking for the second razor!    Too late for my poor bleeding self.

completely shaved head of PurpleSlob

No, I don’t have cancer! (I know that question is coming. I got it ALL the time last time I shaved.)


Another bonus, I get to spend less time in the shower!   I was already spending a whole 20 seconds lathering up my short hair, so I can “shave” off that time!    See what I did there?   Now I’ll finally be able to get to that 1 push up I’ve been meaning to do, and just never could find the time!

No more gray for me!!   Haha, now I can save that zero dollars I was spending every month on hair color!

Good thing I have a prettily shaped head!

Kim’s Kwilt

Doncha just love the English language??   Just throw any ole combination of letters out there, stir gently, and Ta Da!  You’ve spelled a word!

Kim is DD2.   I don’t talk about her much, since she’s been gone in school for the last 7 years.  

Kim’s kwilt is an old one, that I now sleep with every cold night.   And when I say old, I mean years old.   7 to be exact!   While she was in high school, she asked for a quilt.    So, I looked around, and saw flannel sheets that I had stopped using, cuz they were too hot.  (She needed a heavy quilt since she was going to college in WV.   Go, Mountaineers!)    So, I grabbed an old worn out comforter, sandwiched it in between the sheets, and voila!! A recycled fabric quilt!!   (Isn’t that the definition of a quilt???   Used to be anyway.)   I even went to the extra step of appliquing her name on it.

Kim name appliqued on quilt

The quilt is navy blue, and her name is actually purple. Even tho it doesn’t look like it.


So, I was so proud of myself, when I presented it to her that Christmas!    

And THEN, she had the NERVE to not like it!!

She said “EWWW, it’s made outta old sheets.   Yuck!”

Ummmm, hel-ler, that’s ALL Granny’s quilts used to be made out of, old clothes and such!!   And of course, washing stuff doesn’t get it clean at all.

Anyway, she then proceeded to present me with a bag of her old T-shirts, and asked me to make a memory quilt outta them.  

bag of old T shirts

Apparently old T-shirts are not as yucky as old sheets. Who knew??

(And They were new????   Whatever.    eye roll)   Kim asked me to have them quilted by the time she graduated from college, a dead line which was 4 years away.    (I’ll leave it to your imagination, whether or not I met that deadline.     Umm, hint: NOT.)

So, here it is her THIRD graduation, (high school, college, now medical school-she’s gonna be an eye doctor!!  Woo hoo!!!)  and her T-shirt kwilt ain’t done.    And her graduation ceremony is May 20th.    Yeah, as in only four months away!!

So back to being chained to my sewing machine!!!   I already have a long quilt queue, Shirley’s, ( which is only 15 months long in the making now), PP’s, PPJr’s, and now Kim’s.    Actually, Kim’s should be first in line, since I was supposed to have it done 7 years ago!!!    Priorities, Melinda, priorities!!

Okay, okay!   No more time to waste, sitting here chatting with you!!!  Go go, gadget!!!   I wish I had a sewing machine arm, I could switch out!   Wouldn’t that be the coolest???    {gets lost in a Professor Gadget-like daydream for hours…..}


Publix Pilgrims

I know, I know.  Thanksgiving was a week ago, already.  But, clearance sales have me thinking about it again already!!

Publix is my favorite store!!   If you don’t have them where you live, I am so, so sorry.   They are only the best grocery store in the world!!!!  First of all, because they are a home town store that made good.  Second, they have EXCELLENT customer service!!  They even followed me around pushing my buggy one time, when I was on the electric scooter, and was buying more than the little basket could hold.   Third, when they have BOGOs, and there is a manufacturer’s coupon, AND they have a store coupon- MAGIC happens!   One time I got a whole cart of groceries, and they PAID me $10!!!   That high lasted a long time!!

Ok, back to my topic, Thanksgiving.  I bought a Pilgrim platter,


On each side is a Pilgrim, 1 guy, and on the other side, the girl.  So cute!  And matching salt and pepper shakers:


Uh oh!  She turned her head, looks like she’s mad!  Burnt turkey in the Pilgrim household tonight!

This year, they even came out with the kids’ set, “The Lilgrims”!!!  That is just too precious!!



Look, the girl’s a redhead!  Reminds me of PP, when she was born!!

Okay, now you know what’s gonna be on our table next year!   If you live near a Publix, and don’t have these, run! don’t walk! to get your own!  The salt shaker sets are half off, and the platter was 66% off!!!!   Going fast!

Your table scape will thank you!










Re-blogging Recognition

Porcelain Doll of perfectlyfadeddelusions deserves a Re-blogging Award for re-blogging so many of my posts; and here it is!

re-blog award star

                     Re-Blog Award

Thank you, Doll, for re-blogging me!  That is so cool!!  This is my thank you!!  May we continue to be bloggy friends for many years!  And help each other promote our blogs!!

Porcelain Doll has some of the same issues I do, such as depression, and struggling with work, etc.  Please go visit her, and tell her I sent you!!

Time to celebrate!!   Let’s get this par-tay started!!


Gotta have balloons!

cake slice

By me (w:User:pfctdayelise) (Image taken by me using Casio QV-R41) [CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5-2.0-1.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

And cake!!

(Air horns optional.)

Vacuous Video

I’m going to try something new today.  Uploading a video.  I’m very nervous, both to try it, and for y’all to hear my voice!

Oh, yeah, and to see my bedroom in real time!

Okay, here goes nothing.

And nothing is exactly what went.   (Don’t ya hate it when that happens??)

Well, alrightey then!  When I went to my files, I didn’t have a video!  I could have sworn I uploaded it, all my pix are there.   Time to troubleshoot.  Oh, Sweet Fri-end!

This is hysterical.  When I went to Wikimediacommons, to look up a “loading video icon”, this is what they gave me:

how to export pro x project

Oh yeah, that’s what I asked for all right!  LOL  smh

Ok, thanks to Sweet Friend’s help, I think we got it now.

Here’s hoping!

Nope, WP doesn’t support VLC, whatever that is.

So, onwards and upwards to plan B, whatever that is.

Now, I gotta go home and take still shots, except DH already straightened up all the mess so I could go to bed last night.

Whatever is a slogger to do when her beautifully messed up photo shoot location, is now NOT a mess????

Write a post about TRYING to upload a video, apparently.

Better luck tomorrow!

At least I can stop worrying that I sound funny on video!

Comment Chaos

Lately EVERYONE has been talking about how to manage your emails, and blogs.

Sharon from HowtoGetOrganizedatHome.

Janice from MostlyBlogging.

Ralph from BlueFishWay.  (Here is the guest post he wrote for Janice, explaining how he deals with the pressure.)

Hugh from HughsNewsandViews.

I was getting an email everytime someone commented on a post. Necessary, ok.  (But, was it really??? Everytime I log on to WP, if the bell has a circle on it, I have comments.

comment bell

 So, hmmm  maybe I can cancel those emails too???  Double notifications are a time waster… So, yeah!  I’m gonna cut out those emails too!  Yay!  More digital de-cluttering

I was getting double emails from several sites when a new post went up. ARGH!  Too much!

I was getting an email everytime someone I was following posted.  Too much!  Not necessary, ditched those.  They are in my reader, and can be accessed that way.

AND, I was getting an email everytime someone LIKED my post, or a COMMENT on a post!!! AAAAAHHHHH!

(Talk about  overload! )

My eyes were burning from all the reading of emails!  My finger was cramping from all the clicking to delete.

finger delete button

Enough already!!

Something had to change!!

Well, duh!  Turn off the LIKE email notifications!!  Tonight, this morning, whatever,  I finally played around in the dashboard long enough to figure out how to turn off the “Like” emails.  Thank goodness!  Hopefully, some of my sanity will be restored. What little there is left of it!

(and maybe only 50 emails a day, instead of 1,000???  Please!!!!)

Look!  I got thru my whole inbox, and only 3 left!

only 3 emails

 (2 are books I need to read, so they don’t really count, and I already deleted the OneDrive one.)  What an accomplishment!

AND, I just winnowed down my following list to only 57.  I don’t have to feel guilty about not following someone, just because they follow me, right, Hugh??  I just took a very big, relieved breath.  Maybe the insanity (of my inbox, anyway) has been banished.  My real sanity will always be in question!

Inspire Me Monday party

strawberry love

(In case you missed them, part one, Strawberry City,  part two, Man Giant,  and part three, Strawberry Banquet.)


Joyfully, Man Giant, knelt down, asked 1 final time for Strawberry Girl’s hand in marriage.

After hearing her “Yes!”, he put the sparkling diamond on her hand, that he had been carrying in his pocket for so long.


At last, they were Engaged!

Strawberry Girl, and Man Giant were so happy!

Of course, they had a perfect purple wedding, with Tiny Noel as the Best Man.  Strawberry Girl’s Sis, and Aunt were her attendants.


The Honeymoon was in a castle, on the beach.  What a wonderful time they had, just being together.

But, when they got home, and began living together, Man Giant began being  puzzled at the messes, and clutter that seemed to follow Strawberry Girl, wherever she went.  Before, he had been so blindly in love, that he never noticed.


“Just clean up”, he tells her.

Strawberry Girl struggles to clean, and organize, but it’s the same trouble she’s always had.  Man Giant helps her clean, and organize, but still doesn’t understand why she can’t do it herself.

In due time, Baby Strawberry Giant arrives, to every one’s great delight!

To be continued……

strawberry banquet

(If you missed it, part one, Strawberry City,  and part two, Man Giant here.)

The Charger had gone over a cliff!  He slid down to the bottom, and regained his hooves, shaking in fear, and with the cold.

Man Giant


swept Strawberry Girl off the horse into his arms.

Rain mingled with the tears on both their faces.


Strawberry Girl wept, “Can I ever thank you enough for saving my life?”

Man Giant,  who was no dummy, asked for her hand in marriage.

Confused,and still shaken up, she rebuffed him.

But Man Giant continued to show her true love. And, he always asked for her hand in marriage, after each date.

Eventually, even he grew weary of asking, and being rejected.

Meanwhile, Strawberry Girl begins to realize love is beginning in her heart, due to his careful cherishing of her, and the way Man Giant demonstrated true, Biblical love, in every circumstance.

The time of love arrives, the special day set apart to celebrate true love.


Man Giant invites Strawberry Girl to a special banquet, with all her favorite foods, embellished with all her favorite purple flowers.


After the delicious food was all consumed, Strawberry Girl grabbed Man Giant’s hand.

And started her carefully planned speech.

“Man Giant, you’ve shown me nothing but true love, and I have rejected you all this time.  Please forgive me for hurting you so, when all you have done is love me.  If you will ask me again, the question you always ask, I will say….”

To be continued…

inspire mon