Purple Pumpkin?

Well, it’s not really purple.   It’s orange.   Annnnd, technically it’s not a pumpkin, it’s an orange.    Okay, okay!    It’s an orange orange, and the whole title is just 1 big lie!     Whew!   That feels better getting that off my chest.

The only reason I even said anything about pumpkins is, PP called it a “Puh-kin”.    Which you can see why:

huge orange

Pumpkin? or Orange?


It’s the same size, shape, and color of the mini pumpkin she had back in the fall!    And look!    It even has ridges on it!!!    All the evidence of her eyes support her hypothesis!

ridges in side of orange looks like pumpkin

Looks like a pumpkin to me!!



 Can you blame the poor baby for thinking it’s a “puh-kin”???    Considering she had never in her LIFE seen such a big orange,  she did a great job identifying it, I think!    Well, I could be just a little prejudiced, but I don’t think so!!!



But, there really ARE purple pumpkins.    See????


purple pumpkins

Photo credit: Ruffin Gray



two uses tuesday







Alliteration Alley

Ahhhhh! I’m stuck in Alliteration Alley, and I can’t get out!!  HEEEEELLLLPPPP!!

back alley



Yesterday I tried to write the title,” I’ve Fallen and I can’t get up”, and WP auto corrected it to Alliteration Alley.  {;)}  What???  I’ve alliterated so many titles, now I’m stuck in that mode???   I sure hope I don’t run out of alliterative titles any time soon!!   PurpleSlobinRecovery might not ever recover, if that happens!!!!


Literary License was invoked here:  WP did not in fact auto correct my title.  Silly, it’s not an iphone!


Boy, sometimes I swear these phones are alive!