Many, Many, Mixed Memes

slob, humor, mom meme

slob, humor, political meme

I can’t help it! This is funny to me!

slob, humor, mom meme


slob, humor, man meme


slob, humor, toddler meme

Can I get an amen??

slob, humor, historical meme

slob, humor, meme

Am I the only one??

slob, humor, mom meme

Oh, so true!

slob, humor, mom meme


slob, humor, Jonah meme

Me thinks Jonah no likee.















slob, humor, sky diver meme

OOOhhhh!! That would be fun!!

slob, humor, invisible cereal??


slob, humor, in or out? meme

The story of my life….

slob, humor, Asian dad meme

I just had to sneak him in!!

Hope you got your laugh on!!     Many, many, mixed memes just seemed the way to go today.


Title Time

Okay, now that I don’t have the girls full time anymore, and I can go back to being just “Omie”, instead of nanny, (which, YAY!! btw) I’m gonna get down and dirty, and clean my house!   {Which is about as down and dirty as it can get right now.   IF I’m wrong about that, and it CAN get downer and dirtier, I don’t even wanna know about it!!}

slob, humor, shuddering

My feelings exactly!!


OH really??   {eyebrow raised to the scalp}   I’ll believe it when I see it!!   With a today’s newspaper in the pic, to prove the time stamp please!!

Okay, I just might do that very thing, smarty pants!    But seriously, how long has it really been since I cleaned?  Only 6 or 7 weeks… right??

Try 70??!!

slob, humor, wow face


Nuh,uh!!   That’s over a year!   I’ve only been here in my newest place for 2,4…(having to employ both hands) 9 months!   So that can’t be!

Well, it certainly has been a L O N G time!!

I know.   But it’s hard for me to even have the energy to take a shower when I have the girls, never mind cleaning!!    Do you know you have to change dirty diapers at least every 2 hours???   And that the baby wants to be fed every 4??    And ya have to mix the formula, and the rice cereal…   And the toddler wants to be fed every 4 hours, and it takes 30 minutes to figure out what she wants to eat, but they are not ever the same hour??    I’m not telling the Mommies anything they don’t know, but some people might not, that’s why I’m here!    To tell ya, it’s work!!   Don’t EVER DARE ask a mommy, if they work!!!!   Raising kids is the hardest job on the planet!!   Okay, stepping down off my soap box now.

Where was I??   Oh yeah, yakking instead of cleaning…Ok. here we go!!                                            

slob, humor, purple clock

So sorry, time’s up for today folks.   

Come back tomorrow!






meme monday

I’ve been collecting these memes from Facebook for a while.

Now, I just gotta share!!

And, it’s Monday, hence the name “Meme Monday.”     Don’t expect this every Monday!!!!      I’m not starting a series or anything, here.

do all ironing in dryer

Is there any other way??


Jesus does not call us to be stressed

dishes all done! living room a mess

The fun of living with a toddler, or just having one visit her Omie!!


           (How perfect were those first two purple ones????!!!!!)


fat cat on bed trying to gather energy

Me- every day


three pot sizes too small too big the dirty one

Ain’t that the truth??


favorite exercise cross between lunge and crunch called lunch

Mine too!!


Well, that’s enough laughter for today.    Gotta ration that stuff, ya know!    You might get addicted!




Inspire Me Monday linky party


Clothes and Carmen

Carmen, if it’s about clothes, you have to be included!

Here’s my closet.


Do I have too many clothes?

Just reading a blog the other day, (I think it was Nony from about having too many clothes.

And how most of us wear only 20% of our clothes for 80% of the time.  What?? That sounds cray-cray!

I wear mine, all of them!  (As soon as they’re clean! And I can find them in the pile.)  But, I must admit, I do have favorites, and unfavorites.  I hate stuff up on my neck, so if it’s a crew neck, I try to avoid wearing that.

20150419_151632     Oops, didn’t see the stain!

( That’s how you’ll know it’s laundry day! )

And of course, purple(lavender) has precedence over ANY other color.


But, my lavender jeans, that are long enough!!!! do not stay zipped.  And last time they did that, I was in church… walking in front of half the congregation, to get out the side door, on a walker, herding a screaming toddler…. Yeah, you can imagine how that went!  Thank God I was wearing purple undies!  And a long shirt!  So, maybe no one noticed…. Right…

(where’s that sarcasm font when you need it???)  At least I caught them every time before they hit my knees!!

Who needs hands on their walker??  I can use my forearm!

I needed several doughnuts to recover from THAT trek! ( In the pre-gluten free days!)

Any hoo… where was I?? Oh, yeah!  Too many clothes.

So, maybe, just maybe my favorite, lavender, long enough jeans need to go.  I’ll need support to handle this one, ladies!  Do you know how hard it is to find lavender jeans?? that are long enough???  in a size (mumble, mumble)??

Who cares if they don’t stay up??  Oh, I see, everyone who sees me. Oh, okay.

Well, drats.  I guess they go in the donate pile.  A moment of silence , please. (Taps plays softly in the background).