Vacuous Video

I’m going to try something new today.  Uploading a video.  I’m very nervous, both to try it, and for y’all to hear my voice!

Oh, yeah, and to see my bedroom in real time!

Okay, here goes nothing.

And nothing is exactly what went.   (Don’t ya hate it when that happens??)

Well, alrightey then!  When I went to my files, I didn’t have a video!  I could have sworn I uploaded it, all my pix are there.   Time to troubleshoot.  Oh, Sweet Fri-end!

This is hysterical.  When I went to Wikimediacommons, to look up a “loading video icon”, this is what they gave me:

how to export pro x project

Oh yeah, that’s what I asked for all right!  LOL  smh

Ok, thanks to Sweet Friend’s help, I think we got it now.

Here’s hoping!

Nope, WP doesn’t support VLC, whatever that is.

So, onwards and upwards to plan B, whatever that is.

Now, I gotta go home and take still shots, except DH already straightened up all the mess so I could go to bed last night.

Whatever is a slogger to do when her beautifully messed up photo shoot location, is now NOT a mess????

Write a post about TRYING to upload a video, apparently.

Better luck tomorrow!

At least I can stop worrying that I sound funny on video!

Expedit Expedition

My Expedit, in case you’re not an Ikea fan, is from there.  And they name ALL their furniture.  And it’s in the sales contract, that you have to call it by its proper name, or they come repossess it.  It’s 6 foot tall, so reaching those boxes on the top, will be like an expedition to Mount Everest.  ( And will leave me just as breathless.)  Well, maybe not THAT high.  Um… Bok Tower??  Yes, I’m 5’10”, what’s your point?




But before I can even reach the boxes, I have to move the clutter in front of the Expedit.  And I hope I’ll make decisions about where it goes, instead of moving it outta the way, and putting it right back.  (Hope springs eternal.)

Now we have another dilemma… Remember when Nicole, and Kristen C. and I had our little discussion about containers??  And cardboard boxes being not really the class of containers we want?  Well, I still haven’t had a surprise package from The Container Store, so…  we’ll just to use the boxes until we can do better.  Don’t hate the playa, hate the game, girls!

I would dearly love some purple bins, enough for every cubby.  But that is a pipe dream, because I don’t think they have them that size in the Dollar store.

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