Menu Memes

Downloading these memes is getting down right addicting!   Somebody stop me!!     Today’s Word on the Street is Menu.   Look for the word Menu on this episode of PurpleSlobInRecovery.     Brought to you by the color purple.

bear with tongue out

add phones if too much water in your rice

This one is hysterical!!

raisin cookies that look like chocolate chips reason for trust issues


memories of butter

RIP Butter. You’ll be missed.


Today’s Menu:

Phoned in rice

Faked butter

Raisins that look like chocolate chips cookies

Kumquat calls

Cadbury scrambled eggs

Caterpillar butterflies

Pizza bacon


calling a kumquat

Yes, a kumquat is really a food!

when someone says food

Ah, that madcap Joey! I miss him!


butterflies in stomach from eating caterpillars

Well, if you eat it, is it food???

diet of cadbury eggs



don't eat coffee with fork and knife

Oh, that’s a bad thing??


Food!   Food   FOOD!!!

And 1 more for the road…


brother fries bacon behind pizza box shield

Genius!! Why didn’t I think of that??



Today’s choice of beverage:

orange water in tervis

See my pretty Tervis? Oh yeah, and the orange water in it.

Vintage: 3 pm, Today

I went to Outback, and ordered water.  [What an accomplishment!]  YAY me!!  I deserve a Water Conservation Award!    Oh, no, wait… that would be if I DIDN’T drink water.  Okay, so I deserve a Healthy Beverage Choice Award!   And I asked for orange slices,

orange slice

My own photo, Kjetil Lenes.

instead of lemon, which the waitress was more than happy to do.  Ummmm, so refreshing!  Why don’t I remember to do this at home?

It’s stupid simple to make.  Hello oranges, {before} meet knife.

paring knife

Author=Donovan Govan.

 Deadly carnage ensues.  {After} Results:  Tasty hydrating beverage that also tingles your tastebuds!  What else could you want?  Besides a yummy drink that makes you small enough to go down a rabbit hole, I mean?

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two uses tuesday