But I Was Gonna…..

You remember “Saga of the Sad Bare Windows“, right?  (since it was only yesterday, I hope so! Lol)

It only had cafe curtains, but I was gonna make valances too.  (Oh, you didn’t know the seamstress was me??)

slob, humor, seamstress

Me sewing industriously


Due to a change of circumstances, my table disappeared.  So I can’t sew anymore. So, the valances didn’t get made, but I posted anyway.  (Cuz, ya know, the blog MUST go on!)  Also, to be honest it was a touch of laziness, (I can feel some of you shuddering at even the mention of the “L” word!) even before the table disappeared.

Okay, okay, a lot of laziness, then the table disappeared and I literally couldn’t sew at that point, because I’m not handy at balancing the sewing machine on my knees.  So many excuses……

Anyway, I’ll be moving again shortly, due to another change in circumstances, (being on the walker full time), so the curtains would need to be changed anyway.  So, it’s a good thing I didn’t waste anymore time or material, right?? Right??  Please tell me I’m right!!

As always, I’ll kiss and tell some more later.

BTW, how do you like this header?  Does it make you want to do violence like my giant head did??

I really like this one, but in all honesty, I wish I could figure out how to make it smaller!  Any of you techie bloggers out there,  please feel free to give me advice!!