Wee Willie Winkie

No, Willie is NOT wee, nor are we gonna talk about winkies. EVER.

But you know me, if I can’t alliterate, it’s not a good day.

Anyhoo, we are however gonna talk about Willie, and the whole Duck gang.  {I’m afraid to say the alliterating word after Duck, for fear that I’ll owe A&E a royalty!}

Will I or won’t I say Willie a dozen times, in this post?  Only Willie knows, oh, and me!   I accept the challenge.

6x?  12x?  18x?  Well, I can promise it won’t be 18x!!!  However, I just might say Willie 17x, just to go right up, but not over the line!   By the way, “will” doesn’t count, cuz it’s missing the “ie”, that Willie has.  {Are you counting?? We’re up to 6} So, saying “will” doesn’t count as a Willie.  {oops, up to 7!!}

Heeeeere’s Willie!!!

Willie the duck lipped guy

Willie with his Duck lips.  A feast for the eyes.


Duck, duck, duck, Willie!  (Keeping track of the x??  only 6 more to go!)

This Willie “camo” {Yes, I’m aware it’s supposed to be “cameo”, but Willie wears camo, Willie doesn’t wear cameos} is brought to you courtesy of cousin Jan C, and Sis, Michelle. They are Willie fans, extraordinaire!   And all things Duck related.   Sis has their poster on her bedroom wall!!   No, it’s not weird for a grown woman to have a Willie poster on her wall!   Now, if she kissed it goodnight, THAT would be weird!!  It would weird out even Willie!!

Well, I’ve bagged my Willie limit for the day.   That was 17x!!  

Okay, so I can’t say that guy’s name which starts with “Will”  any more today.   (ah ah ah! remember?  I said “Will” doesn’t count as a “Willie”!    DRATS!   That was 18x, and I promised I wouldn’t say Willie 18x!!  Ahhh, but there, I’ve said Willie 20x now, so it’s okay!!   20 is definitely NOT 18!!  I made it!

Challenge completed!


Many Melindas

Why are you waking me up so early? I hate you.


Guiltily reading under the covers cuz I can.

I'm the boss of me.

I’m the boss of me

Omie as 3 d art piece.

Decorating Omie

Decorating Omie

Sister smells something!


Harried chef.


Chief cook and bottle washer.


Weeding woman.

Digging in the dirt

Digging in the dirt

Seamstress Sal.

Me sewing industriously

Me sewing industriously

Sibling rivalry instigator.


Dutiful daughter.

Dutifully eating the

Dutifully eating the “rotten” eggs.

Proud Mama, and Omie-to-be.


Spring Wardrobe from Anonyomous

Spring Wardrobe from Anonyomous

Happy Homeowner.

My Very First Place, All on my Own!

My Very First Place, All on my Own!





Aunt Jemima.


Taste tester.

potholder 009

Lazy Laundress.


Pooped partygoer.


Me, (YES, really me! 3 decades ago)

Me, (YES, really me! 3 decades ago)

I’m not really sure why we look so weirdly truncated, but I’m sure it has something to do with my (non-existent) photography skills.

I hope you enjoyed the many moods, and faces, of me.

Pouty protest

I don’t wanna be doing this.  I’m only doing it cuz someone tried so hard to shame me about it.

(Hello, person formerly known as “Sweet friend”, I’m talking about you.)


(See??  I told you if I had notice I’d have put on a purple shirt, and my Aunt Jemima bandanna!  This time, I had notice!)  And lookey there, I’m cleaning up too!   Will wonders never cease?

Not anything drastic, just folding some laundry, the gargantuan mountain of Living room loveseat laundry.

20150324_13220320150324_132213The loveseat couldn’t hold it all, so some spilled into the wingback chair…  and the floor… Oopsie

I can do that from a seated position, so no real excuse for NOT doing it, just my arms hurt, I’m tired, I’m hungry, I feel like I’m gonna faint… any of those work for ya?  No?  Drats, I was hoping to get out of this for a longer time.    Oh yeah! I forgot, I have a headache!  No?  Still not working?   My stomach hurts???   Check my head, I think I have a fever!


Oh, look!  Willie stopped by to help!  You’re welcome, Jan C.!

Fine!  I’ll fold the stinkin’ laundry.

Yes, Shirley, it's really empty!

Yes, Shirley, it’s really empty!

There- happy now?

Next time, I’ll ask Mama, she’ll let me get by with it!




Bandanna Ways, Reprise

Okay, the votes are in.


Not an accurate graphic, but I had to borrow one, since I don’t know how to create my own.  A terrible failing on my part.  I’m so ashamed.

(And in at least 1 case that I know of, the double votes are in!  Thanks for confessing Michelle.  I forgive you, but your penance is to write, I will not cheat by double voting for my favorite bandanna style, 200 x.  Oops, is my teacher voice coming out again??)

Drum roll please.  (Long pause while I go hunt up the drum someone who shall remain nameless, cough, cough, Grandmama gave to a certain little person.)


Okay, here’s the eagerly awaited results.  (Are you on pins and needles of suspense??  How much longer can I draw this out before the big reveal???)

aunt jemimaTa Da!!

Aunt Jemima it is, by a landslide!!

(Jan C. I’ll see what I can do about making sure Willie reappears sometime!)

willieOh, look! there he is now!!

duck lips, beard and all

You will be seeing more of Aunt Jemima, I promise.

Costume for the Purple Slob

Now that I have established my role as The Purple Slob, it’s time to figure out my costume.

Hi, I’m Melinda.   Yes, the real me in my real bathroom.


First, I think I need a purple bandanna.

Why purple? Duh, I think the reason’s obvious.

Why a bandanna? Because I don’t think an eggplant would stay on my head.

Okay, got made the bandanna.

Now the question remains:  How do I wear it?


Nony from ASlobComesClean.com?


Willie from Duck Dynasty?

willie I thought this one was hysterically funny!!!

Spike from Motorcycle Gang?


Aunt Jemima from Syrup?

aunt jemima

Could I cram any more pix of me into 1 post????

Anyhoo, time for you to vote, America.

Which way should I wear it??