Declutterathon Downunder

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Down under- the crib- that is!     It’s a mess all over the place up in here!!    

Haha!   I squeezed  1 more day outta decluttering from my chair!

*GASP*    No way!!

Yup!    XH came over to bring me the tp

WHAT??    You ran outta tp??     Oh, I’m so sorry!!    I didn’t realize how bad things were!!     Are you okay??

Yeah, I’m fine.     God has delivered me from the spirit of fear.     It’s from the devil, not God!     2 Timothy 1:7  “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”    KJV

Wow, ok!     That’s great!!

Anyway, he brought in the tp, so I asked him to “Hand me that, push over the crib, hand me that please?? ”   “Could you put the suitcase in the closet, since you’re right there?”      Hee hee, sneaky me, he handed everything to me, and I didn’t have to get up!     (For those of you that are worried I’m now grown into the fabric of the chair, I do get up for potty breaks, and food.    So, I’m good, ok?!)     {Bonus- I gave him back his book, and his pack of pix!!}

Here’s how it started out.

slob, humor, clutterslob, humor, declutteringslob, humor, clutterslob, humor, clutter

Hey bud, eyes down.   Down under the crib.    Don’t be looking up there on the dresser.   Today is Downunder, not Dresser Day.    {Also, don’t look IN the crib- that’s my staging area for all the clutter leaving this room.}

Contents of 1 shopping bag:

slob, humor, decluttering     Good stuff- party goods, just clutter in its present location.    Yes, I actually took it to its place in the kitchen!!    


I know!!     Walking ALL the way down the hall!!

Oh, you did it on your way to the kitchen for an ice cream bar, didn’t you??

Maybe…    Whatever, I did it!   That’s all that counts!

slob, humor, clutter     This bag held surprises.   1 happy, 1 sad.

YAY!     Oh no!      What??    What??

I’ll show ya.    slob, humor, not clutter!      I’m guessing this is the happy??     Oh yeah!     slob, humor, decluttering     Uh, oh!     Is that what I think it is??     Sadly, yes.    And I don’t think that 32 cents is gonna cover the fine.       

slob, humor, giphy

Now I really wanna cry!



I’m thinking I best start lo-jacking my library books!!




slob, humor, declutteringslob, humor, decluttering     Decluttered one of these post cards immediately, by writing it, and addressing it.     And how’s this for serendipity- the postcards stamps were with!     Down right delightful!

slob, humor, clutter    Cushion from PP’s newest car seat.    Eeh, she’s gotten along with out it this long, see ya!!

slob, humor, NOT clutter!



Aww, looky there!    PP is lending me a helping hand!





slob, humor, definitely clutterslob, humor, definitely clutter      Now that is just completely wild!!    How in this world do I still have that from my original wedding 32 years ago???     That won’t happen again, unless trash develops the ability to teleport…..

slob, humor, decluttering     A sweet lil castle for PP.   Still not sure what to do with it, but I’m keeping it!

slob, humor, decluttering     Ah! I’ve been wondering where this was!     Sis-in-love, Shirley, gave it to me!     And now that it’s been unearthed, I’m gonna make sure I use it!

slob, humor, definitely not clutter




I love it, really!!     I just didn’t know where it was!




slob, humor, clutter     No words.    smh      But the measuring spoons won’t be back to puzzle me again.    Sayonara!     The tool isn’t mine, so I best keep it!


It was a mess all over the place up in here!!    But less mess now, thanks to the Declutterathon!!     Taking out the messes 15 minutes at a time!




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Bars Begging

No, not that kind of bars!   I’m an alcoholic in recovery, remember??

A guy (I don’t want to embarrass him, so I won’t name him, but his initials are XH.) was over here helping me, and I was craving ice cream, so I asked him to go get me some ice cream bars.

This is what he brought me:

slob, humor, ice cream sandwiches

These are ice cream sandwiches.

Public Service Announcement:  These are sandwiches, not bars, which it clearly states on the box.

{Disclaimer: I really did take my own pix, but I have a brand new phone, and for some reason, I can’t get them to download, and my tech guy is asleep because it’s very, very late for him, very, very early for me.  So, anyway, I had to cheat and get Gmail images.  Sorry.}

So, I described to him what I really wanted, (and asked for by name!!) and said, what do you call those??   He said, “I don’t know, this is what I thought you wanted, they’re in a bar.”


“Thanks, hon.  I appreciate you getting me ice cream.” says I.

Then, later that afternoon, a different guy came over to help me, so I asked him to go get me some ice cream bars.   AND  I described it again.

“Ya know, vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate?” I begged.

And this is what HE brought me:

slob, humor, ice cream sandwiches

These are ice cream sandwiches.

Yeah, EXACT same thing.

I said, “These are sandwiches, not bars.  I asked for bars.”

He said “Yeah, well, these are bar shaped.   It’s what ya got.  Now enjoy.”


So “Thanks, hon.  I appreciate you getting me ice cream.” says I.   (We don’t use pet names like that.)

And I definitely am NOT gonna identify him!!   I need my tech guy!!   (Oopsie!!)

slob, humor, ice cream

This is what I BEGGED for!!

slob, humor, ice cream

This is what I BEGGED for!!

(Notice it say “BARS” clearly on the box????)



Anybody got a female to male translation dictionary I can have???

Man, Much?

Okay, I gots thoughts all jumbled up today.  {Yes, I said “gots” on purpose.}    So, if you can’t follow the thought processes, just raise your hand, and I’ll try to back up, and make it clearer.   (Clear as mud, I’m sure.)   Alrighty then, here we go!!

This is my 3rd divorce.   I am very ashamed of that fact.   But, I comfort myself with the thought that at least they (the first 2) were to the same person.   Does that make sense??   I felt like at least I was pouring out all the misery on only 1 man, instead of making 2 men miserable.

slob, humor, nuclear family

Original married family. Look how little the girls are! Look how thin we parents are!

(My jacket was actually purple.   Why do some shades show up blue??)

And I always just knew I couldn’t live without a man, to take care of me, and just generally be there for me.   So, shortly, very shortly, after both divorces, I had snagged me another man.   Then, after the first divorce, we got remarried.   Then, it didn’t work out again.   Was anyone surprised??    I think not.   Pretty much, I’m sure everyone saw that train wreck coming VERY clearly.

After the 2nd divorce, I was with my second husband.   {2nd man, 3rd marriage.   Still following?   Good.}  

slob, humor, wedding photo

Mr and Mrs Roberto Antonio Sanchez

(That man was SO handsome!    I’m a little teary eyed right now.   I haven’t looked at these photos in YEARS.)

 After only 2 months of marriage, he died of cancer.   Which was kinda good, because we would have gotten divorced too, I’m sure.   I was rough to live with, due to all my own issues, and he was too, due to his.    Plus, he was Latin, so, he met my flair for drama, and LOUD screaming talking fights, with his own high level!   The volume in our house, was probably what caused me to start hearing loss!   (Let’s just say I was very grateful for concrete block walls, instead of wood frame!)   Much as we loved each other, it was a volatile relationship.   He never physically abused me, but we all know words can cause hurts so deep, they never heal.

So, after he died, I was so deep in grief, and depression that I cried every day for 10 months.  I lost my job, almost became homeless, etc, etc.   On the first day of the 11th month, I woke up, and decided I would smile at anyone who smiled at me that day.    I was so weary of crying, and being depressed.   I had felt for a time, that I wanted to die too.   But God had plans for me.   Namely, to stay alive!   😀

I had managed without a man for 10 months, because I was so focused on the dead one.   Can you guess what happened??   Yep, that very day is when I met Ranch Man, (XH) and we were together every day after that.   Our marriage lasted 13 years.

slob, humor, husband

PurpleSlob and Ranch Man, (now XH)


But this divorce is different.   I haven’t tried to find another man.   (Whoops, that’s a lie.   I went online to meet someone, and got cat fished.   But at least I figured it out within a week or so!   And that dampened my desire for another man tremendously!)

So, this time, I have focused on having my own life, not looking for another man, to build a life around, because I can’t be alone.   Before, I was almost pathologically afraid to be alone.  I didn’t think I was strong enough to go thru life, without leaning on a man. 

Don’t get me wrong, when I need to lift 50 lbs, I still call for muscles!   I ain’t trying to give myself a hernia, go to hospital for emergency surgery, catch a staph infection, and die, just so I won’t depend on a man!!   I know my physical limits!!   (About 10 lbs….well, 12, since that’s how much PPJr weighs now.)

I’ve found out, I CAN live without a man!   All I need is Jesus, my family, and friends!   I get my hugs from Mama, Sis, Brother, Shirley, DD1PP, and PPJr.   

Solitude can be soothing to my soul.   As long as I am choosing to be alone to enjoy stillness, not isolating due to depression.   Hearing my chimes on a soft breeze, the birds adding their sweet sounds, is healing for the mind, and spirit.

Wow, I’m really wound up today!   I don’t usually preach this long!

Rose’s Reception

My ex-stepmother, Rose, invited me over for dinner.

(Yes, I know my family is weird.  We’re still friends.)

And to make it even weirder, she invited Sweet friend, and XH to play cards with us.   How’d ya like them apples??




closet under deconstruction

Master carpenter at work! Closet under deconstruction.


(Again, yes I know my family is weird.   The weirdest things were #1  When my Mama was living with me and XH, we invited Rose to live with us, because a hurricane had made her homeless.   They had made friends by then, because Rose was divorced from Dad by that time too.    They called each other ex-wives-in-law!!   And if you think THAT was weird, wait till you hear THIS one!   #2  When Sweet Friend needed a place to stay when he retired from the Navy, XH let HIM live with us!   (No, we weren’t running a hotel, even though you would have thought so!   Rose had already moved out by that point.)

XH was really sweet about letting family live with us, when they needed a home.

Okay, well, this post was supposed to be about dinner and cards at Rose’s.   I got WAY off track there!

Anyway, while Rose was cooking, I texted: “Do ya need any help cooking?”   She knew that was a trick question!

But I did go over early, and set the table.   I helped!

Steak, baked potatoes, (in the microwave because she couldn’t start the gas oven, see? I’m not the only one!), and chicken on the grill.  YUMM!!

Then we played cards.   And I won!  That doesn’t happen very often!!

All in all, a terrific night.

Porch Pose

PP and I came home, and tried to get in.    Couldn’t.    Porch door lock was cranky.    So, I jiggled it a little, which usually works.     Nope!

The lock  pieces fell out into my hand.   Shock!!

humor, lock falls out

Yep, something just like that!!


PP began screaming, crying,

humor, screaming toddler

Yep, looks just like PP in full voice!


and banging on the door like she was locked out of an ice cream store.

I tried pulling on the door.   Nope, no go.     Sat down on the conveniently-left-outside-the-porch chair,


(This is obviously inside.    But it’s the same chair.)

and began dialing.

Sweet Friend not answering.    What could you  possibly be doing that is so important, you can’t answer my distress call????

Finally in desperation, after 20 minutes of wailing, and crying, and oh yeah, PP doing it too, I called XH.

He came right away, thankfully, but couldn’t get the door open either.

Why??    Cuz, duh!   The lock was broke!!

So, he went thru the unlocked (Thank God) workshop.     Hey! why didn’t I do that??    I dunno, a screaming toddler???   No light???    Didn’t think of it???

He had to bang on the latch to get it open.     Relief!     Spelled “O-P-E-N D-O-O-R”.

Later Sweet Friend asked me where the pieces of the lock were.

I threw them in the  trash or recycling.   I dunno.

“Why would you do that?   Why didn’t you  keep them?” he queried.

Oh, I dunno, an upset, screaming toddler throwing herself at door??   Because they were broken???   Because I didn’t realize there was gonna be an autopsy??

Anyway, Sweet Friend took off the latch part, so we wouldn’t get stuck again.    Thank you, SF!!

Then, that weekend, he installed a spanking new lock!!      What would I do without my SF???     (Besides never being able to latch my porch door ever again, I mean!)


Divorce Decision

With a pervasive sense of sadness, I drove to the courthouse, and filed my divorce papers.  

divorce paper

We’ve tried to make our marriage work, we just couldn’t.

The clerk couldn’t say how long it would take to have a court date. So, we’ll see….



Endings are always bittersweet.

Bitter, because I feel like a failure.   This is my third divorce.   What kind of awful person am I, anyway??   (The only saving grace in my mind is, the first 2 divorces were to the same husband.   No one can ever say we didn’t try!)

Sweet, because it will be a relief to just have it done, and over with.   Even as amicable as we are, there is always a certain tension.

So, on to practical matters.  For obvious reasons, DH will now be referred to as XH. (EX-Husband.)

We have agreed to remain friends, so he may still appear now and again.

My name will be changing again.   Not to my last married name, but to my first married name.  Since we have children together, with that name, and I was a Woideck longer than anything else, except my maiden name, Hawkins.

boutonniere pink roses white suit

“Boutonniere-whitesuit” by David Ball – Own work. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons –



  My last married name, Sanchez, never felt truly mine.  Probably because he died of cancer after only 2 months.   And being a widow was so shocking, and painful, that nothing felt right.





And now a new chapter begins……

purple new chapter logo

Hey, it says what I needed- (the first line anyway! ) AND- IT”S PURPLE!!