I’m not sure what miracle occurred, but WP decided to let me have access to this account again!!            Woo hoo!!                   😀

So I can write, I just can’t post pix.          Hmmmm

Oh well!!         Hop on over to

That’s where I’m presently parked.         But you know me, I just looooove to move.        (Eye roll)

No Name

Originally, (on my other blog) this was named December Decisions.           Since obviously it’s not December anymore, I’m struggling to come up with a new name.

Wonder if WP allows posts with no name?? 

Aha!!        I found the name!           Thanks, me!               Anytime.


Some Sewing

slob, humor, 2 Brother sewing machines

Another Brother, from another mother!!

Sew, can you guess what this post is about??     3 guesses!!

Some body say sewing???       Ding ding ding!           We have a winner!

Sewing is some kinda work!!


Yay!     I CAN have pix!         They just have to be old ones!!

Better old, than none!             Right?!