Declutterathon Dumped

slob, decluttering, challenge

No!   The Declutterathon was NOT dumped!    I dumped the drawer out on the floor!     The bottom drawer of the filing cabinet, to be exact.    

My erstwhile “card” drawer.    And indeed, there were many, many cards in there!

But also this!    slob, humor, clutter     Yup, the same dead llama.    I guess it chose its final resting place a BIT unwisely.    

Who choose it??   {archly}

[crossly]    Oh, alright, I did it.    I dumped it in there yesterday, so I wouldn’t have to deal with it.

And now?

Now, I have to really decide where to put it.   <sigh>     I don’t really wanna get rid of it….   so memory box it is.    As long as it fits, I’m still good!

Oh no!   What is this?    More animals??

slob, humor, animals

A whole cascade of Christmas, gifts, ornaments, cards, and the tags from the other day, that I also tossed in there, to avoid!

slob, humor, ornamentsslob, humor, Christmas

Can’t show the gifts!    Some of the people might read this!    Sshh!!

A scarf, for playing dress up, candy sprinkles, 1 tiny ornament, and a cardboard box- ended up dumped in the trash.

slob, humor, trash     I can’t believe I actually threw something purple away!    But, it’s more trouble than its worth, to try to remember to take it out to the bins in the workshop!

Other finds; a trio of tiny bins, a music cd, which I promptly popped into the player, and fell in love with!!   slob, humor, music

A tag surrender affidavit, which I filed in my newly decluttered important paper filing drawer!!

I used one of the tiny bins, and then put the remaining 2, and the now empty white one in the donate pile.     slob, humor, not clutter- it's purple!    Look Mom- no llama!

I kept all these cards:   slob, humor, cards  And the 8 that were to me, ended up in the memory box.


And I kept going!    Only long enough to do this:

slob, humor, back on track and closed     Put it back on track!!    And close it.

I just wanna say…    

What now??   What is wrong this time??      

Chill!!    I just wanna say, Great job!    I’m proud of you!

[mollified]     Wow, okay.   Thank you for noticing!

Thus endeth the tale of today’s Declutterathon .



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Mixed Memes

Another Monday already??     They sure do seem to come quite regularly!      Yep, nearly every 7 days!!

Today’s Meme Theme is A, B, C, D.

The A’s.

slob, humor, meme

Yes, please!!!

slob, humor, meme

All the winkys!

The B’s.

slob, humor, meme


slob, humor, meme

slob, humor, meme

Best friends don’t let friends bare their bums!

slob, humor, meme

This is a B and a C.


The C’s.


slob, humor, meme


slob, humor, meme

Cupcake- key to all happiness?

slob, humor, meme

Crazy lady- hey! I do NOT live in her house!


Da D.

slob, humor, meme

Deadlifts- yeah, ME!!


Not out right laughed out loud, but eh, I chuckled.

Mixed emotions about my memes, Monday.


Declutterathon Divided

slob, decluttering, challenge


And away we go!!    Since someone complained about me making up words, I decided to use a “real” one today.     I’m doing the filing cabinet, but instead of searching for a word, I just went the lazy easy route, and used a related word.   So, are we all good to go?

All good.

Thanks, here we go!

The top of the filing cabinet.

slob, humor, top of filingslob, humor, right top of filing     Threw away the open cracker box, and candy .  

Cuz you were afraid they were stale??    {sarcastically}

No, cuz I remembered I have creepy crawly friends, and I don’t wanna eat their leftovers.

Good thinking!!    Maybe next time you could remember that BEFORE you leave out open food???

[sniff, ignore]

Kept the coloring pages for PP, but put them inside the drawer, for neatness.

slob, humor, not clutter     Great!


Okay, here’s the top drawer, in all its shame.

  slob, humor, oh yeah its clutter    See how its divided?    From whence came today’s title.

slob, humor, not mine!   Another animal??   Are ya kiddin??     But this one’s not mine!!    I have no idea how one of Mama’s giraffes got here in my filing drawer!   It probably followed the llama from 3 days ago, and got lost.    So, it’ll be returned shortly??     ASAP!!     I can’t afford the care and feeding of a giraffe!!     Update:  It has been trucked back to its owner.

This is pretty!!      slob, humor, not clutter Yup, a Christmas present that never was given.    

slob, humor, frowny face

This is my not happy face.

 There’s always another December coming!      Speaking of that, here’s a graduation present from last December as well.        slob, humor, not mine           Reckon she’ll get it by THIS December?                   Hope springs eternal.


YES!!   [fist pump]   A massage certificate!!

slob, humor, certificate

slob, humor, expired    NOOOO!!!!    How can it be expired????      {wailing and gnashing of teeth}

But here’s some good news!     slob, humor, not expired     At least the coupon isn’t expired.          yay     whoop di do       who cares

More un-given presents:   slob, humor, not clutter

Magazines, thumb drives, medical papers by the metric ton….

and this.  slob, humor, important    Finally!!    Something that belongs in a filing cabinet, not the ark!

Ya know, I spent 45 minutes on de-cluttering, and guess what I ended up with?

A cleaner, emptier divided filing cabinet, I’m guessing??

slob, humor, no more clutter    Look Mama, no more clutter!!      Besides that.

0912160058    Another shred pile!!     <sigh>    But at least, I only have a very small action stack!    slob, humor, action stack      To do list, or whatever ya call it.    YAY.

And this gave me a smile.    slob, humor, a don't pay bill!     A bill where they owed ME money!!   How often does THAT happen??    I wrote “Thank You, Jesus!”    Maybe you should frame that one!

Then, I looked down, and saw this.    slob, humor, lots clutter

Oh no!!    Not going there today!!    I did not just do overtime, I did triple time!!    Stick a fork in me, I am DONE!!

It’ll still be there tomorrow!     Mwuahahaha!



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Declutterathon Da-shred?

slob, decluttering




slob, humor, clutter  pile.   slob, humor, clutter

Here we begin to be weary of the dumb “D” words, that are not really words, Melinda!!

But I tried wracking my brain, but that was just too painful!

Another thought?


Try this.

slob, humor, help

Thanks!!  You saved all the strain on my gray matter!     Okay, how’s “disunite’??

Too late now, you already hit publish!   Everyone’s already read it, and think you’re kooky for making up words.

I think they were already well aware before today!

As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, [clears throat, gives severe look], today we’re gonna tackle the shred pile, under the desk.    AND, since we have no shredder, it has to be done by hand.    So, we are for realz gonna set the timer, AND start it this time!!

Rip, shred, disunite, tear…….


Wow!  At least I reduced it to this smaller heap.

slob, humor, smaller pile    Good going!!                  Thanks!!                      Welcome.   Now, get going!

Resets timer.    Resumes tearing.

Wonder why I had a note to myself in the shred pile??

slob, humor, shred

Good question!!

All done!   With 8 minutes left on the timer!!    

Do you mean to tell me I HAND shredded that whole pile in only 21 minutes??


Then WHY did I wait so long????

{Opens mouth to answer…}

Never mind!

Now the bottom two shelves of the desk are empty!!   YAY!!    Thank you Queen Anne for the challenge!

slob, humor, decluttered


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Declutterathon- Dafloor

slob, decluttering

  1. Declaration
  2. Declutterathon Day
  3. Day Dos
  4. Dos Doubled
  5. Donate
  6. Desk
  7. Day 6- You are here.


I know, I know.    I’ve reached a new low, as low as I can go.    But how else could I alliterate “Floor“??

Here are the befores:

slob, humor, clutterslob, humor, clutterslob, humor, clutter

And this time, I’m getting to it before noon!    Not waiting till quarter to midnight!!    Go, me!

Oh no!   This is gonna be harder than I thought!

Why?   What’s the matter??

I have to bend over!!    Waaaaahhh!            

slob, humor, giphy

Now I really wanna cry!




Get over it you big, lazy baby!  



First item out the door!   I didn’t even know what it was till Stella, from Purfylle told me!  

slob, humor, mystery tool   Neither do I know where it came from.    Who is dropping off all this stuff in the middle of the night??    And HOW do they get in??

Oops!    I forgot to set the timer!    Well, I KNOW it’s gonna take more than 15 minutes.   (Counting the blogging, and photography, and editing, about 2 hours!!)     I think we’re good!

I was debating whether to donate, or trash.  slob, humor, decluttering(You know these things are like Twinkies, full of enough preservatives to last till I have great-great grandchildren!!)     So, probably trash is the safest option?

Uh, yeah, I’d say.

slob, humor, clutterslob, humor, fabric isn't clutterslob, humor, not clutterslob, humor, clutter?

All manner of craft, sewing, and quilting supplies.     Wait!!   That’s a curtain there!     Since it was a blackout one, I didn’t see it!     (And why do I see so much green????)     The wired ribbon bit the dust, and the box of little giblets too.    The material and the curtain survived this tribal council.

slob, humor, brand new shirrt    No wonder PP has no new clothes!!    They’re all playing hide -n- go – seek in the clutter piles!!


slob, humor, clutter?slob, humor, not clutter

Paper!!    Purple paper!!    (Well, purple cover of paper.)               Purple paper put in place!!

slob, humor, declutter     Believe it or not, these are only the ones I have left.    I bought 10!   Why? Because they were only 19 cents of course!!    What a bah-gain!    Was gonna trash- after all, who’s gonna use them in 6 months??     Then I remembered- hmmm  DD2 just graduated, and I’m still working on her quilt.….

0910161252   Whoa!    That’s one huge needle!!
Am I gonna be sewing a dress for the Statue of Liberty, or something???

slob, humor, definitely clutter


All I can say is :   Ugh, ugh, U G L Y!!!  








Ta-da!!  All decluttered??

Nope! Not yet!

What’s the matter now?

Don’t you even SEE that roll of RED wrapping paper?

Oh yeah, duh, slob-o-vision.    Away it goes, into the closet.

Ta-da!!    All decluttered!!    

slob, humor, really decluttered this time     0910161258b

Another quality decluttering job by PurpleSlobInRecovery.




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Declutterathon- Desk

slob, decluttering


Oh no!   I just looked at the clock, and it’s 11:45 pm!!    On Day 5!   What is it with me??    Do I just think I have all day to get stuff done?? 

Uh, yeah!   Apparently, ya do!

Ok, Ok, {looks around frantically for a quick project to do.   Preferably one to be done from the chair, without moving.   At all.}

{Eyes light up!}   Aha!    It’s been right in front of me the whole time!!   The computer desk!!  It’s bad!    Very bad!

Here’s proof.

slob, humor, dead llama    A dead llama, y’all.   A. Dead. Llama!!   Well, ok, it was the pen that was dead, but whatever.   I think I proved my point.

slob, desk messslob, muerte mouse?

If that’s another muerto mouse, I think I’ll lose my lunch ice cream bars!

slob, desk mess    Very bottom shelf.   Hey, at least I give my pet roaches plenty to eat!    Speaking of roaches, did you know they get very active after a de-clutter session?    I’ve killed 4 in the last hour.    Who knew they wouldn’t like their nests messed??

Oh, that’s right.   We’re supposed to be de-cluttering!!    It’s a Declutterathon, duh!

slob, humor, 2 pencil cups    How bout this then??    I have 2, only need one.    Buh, bye one or the other!!   Try to guess which one I kept!    (I’ll tell ya later.)    

Or this??

   slob, humor, clutter    Another sad, unnecessary item.

slob, humor, clutter  slob, humor, book shelved

Look!   A book!   And, I just happen to have discovered the perfect place for them, the other day!!

slob, declutter      I knew I had one of these!!    Just could not figure out where!!    Thank you Declutterathon!!

slob, desk clutter                                                             slob, desk, paper place proper place

Quite a mess I have here!   Recycled the box, and manuals.    Made a home for the printer paper.   Moved the Christmas tags to the filing cabinet, in the card drawer.   (Made sense to me.    Remember the not-moving-out-of-the-chair-at-all part??)

Even cleaned (dusted I guess would be a better word) the top!

slob, desk, all clean!

     All clean!!   Nice!!

slob, clutter, soap    This was up there too.   What is it?   You may ask.    Homemade soap, from DD1.    That never has been used.    Since she gave it to me for Christmas.   9 months ago.    So, yeah, regretfully, I let it go.   (I just can’t do slimy.)

slob, humor, VIP piece of tape    Random piece of VIT  (Very Important Tape).    Want to know the best thing?   As I was typing this, I looked up and it’s still there!     I photographed it, then forgot it!    Gone now.

slob, humor, dried wipes    I’ve been looking for these!     Rats!!    They’re so dried out and stiff, I think I scratched my monitor!

slob, clutterslob, humor, desk clutter     Assorted Cds.    But I should probably keep these 2!    The one with no writing turned out to be a country western mix tape (what do they call them now that they’re no longer tapes??).    Since I don’t listen to that anymore, it’s trash.

Alright, enough on this.    I did double my 15 mins.    And the results are wonderful!!    I’m thrilled to be sitting here, looking at my newly de-cluttered desk!     It even makes me feel more….. what’s the word I’m looking for??    More….. motivated to keep de-cluttering!!

Now, what to do tomorrow??    Guess I’ll actually have to get up outta this chair.    

Wait!!     There’s this:

slob, humor, clutterslob, humor, clutterslob, humor, clutter

To my right, within arm’s reach.   Yup, at LEAST another 15 minutes worth.    EASY!!    You’re going down, clutter.    But not today, time’s up!!




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Oh yeah!   I said I’d tell ya which pencil holder I got rid of.   Let’s see if ya guessed right!

slob, humor, clutter gone

Why ever did I have a necklace??    I haven’t worn one in years!     (Facepalm)


Melinda’s Memes

Welcome to another edition of Monday Memes.    Melinda’s meme theme this week is:

Adulting, maybe??    Getting older??    Something along those lines, I can’t remember.

The first one isn’t a meme, but I don’t know how to upload a pix to someone else’s blog, so Queen Anne, this one’s for you!


slob, humor, queen

Queen Anne, that is!

Queen Anne can be found on her throne at

slob, humor, meme

I totally need these for my chore chart!!

slob, humor, memeslob, humor, adulting meme    Yup!    And no pictures, cuz you’re an adult now.    Bah, humbug!

slob, humor, adulting meme

slob, humor, adulting meme     In a nutshell.

slob, humor, phone meme      Anybody else??    Oh, just me??    Uh, huh, right.

slob, humor, mood meme



Me too, kitteh.





slob, humor, fall body meme

YAY!! And start knitting the sweater out of my leg hair!

slob, humor, adulting meme

It’s not a hot flash, it’s a power surge!!

slob, humor, crazy girl meme



I just love this girl!!    Socially awkward, anyone??

Or just pyscho stalker??



So, there’s your dose of adulting humor for the day.    Hope it started off your week with a belly laugh!!