Memes, Memes, More Memes

Memes, memes, more memes.

slob, humor, meme

Did you read this in Steve Urkel’s voice??   I did!

slob, humor, reading meme


slob, humor, Christmas meme


slob, humor, job meme

Ah yes, best catch-22 in history!







slob, humor, book meme

Mwahahaha!!      Never too many books!!

slob, humor, laundry meme

I’m about to bust a gut laughing!!

slob, humor, cow meme

Very punny!

slob, humor, twin meme


slob, humor, money meme








                                                                                                                  He’s gotcha there, Dad!

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No themes, just memes, memes, more memes.        Enjoy your Monday, and your week!


Matthew Memes

AS you all probably know, we had a “killer” storm here earlier this month.        My condolences to the family of the 1 lady that died.

These memes are too funny!!

slob, humor, Matthew memeslob, humor, Matthew meme    Bwahahaha!!

slob, humor, Matthew meme   Poor guy!!    slob, humor, Matthew meme   No cats were harmed in the making of this meme!!

slob, humor, Matthew meme

Pretty much!!

slob, humor, Matthew meme

Anyone else remember him?  Lol

slob, humor, Matthew meme

Just fine, thanks!!     Didn’t lose a single palm frond!

slob, humor, Matthew meme

I don’t really understand if this one is funny, or not. But I guess they had to include him since he’s named Matthew.


slob, humor, Matthew meme     Nope, don’t understand this one either, since I don’t watch TV.      Y’all tell me.     Is it funny??

slob, humor, Matthew meme






Yep!   That was about the extent of it at my house!

(Next time I wish they’d use spellcheck.)

Declutterathon Dresser Drawers

slob, humor, declutterathon

Finally- day 21!!       It seems like it’s taken me a month longer than everybody else to do a 3 week challenge!!      (Maybe because it HAS??      Queen Anne finished hers on Sept. 25! )

FPPPTT!!     (Exactly how do you spell that rude raspberry noise??)       Never mind, this’ll do.      slob, humor, raspberry

Alrightey, then!      Let’s dive straight into the straightening!!  

Timer set?       Ready, steady, set, GO!!      slob, humor, GO!

Top drawer revealed:   slob, humor, cluttered drawer  Dresser drawers!!      Not Southern type “drawers”!!

slob, humor, cluttered drawer   2nd drawer.      slob, humor, not too bad    3rd drawer.

Need to find the pic of the bottom drawer!!

In the top drawer I had tons of expired meds.      NOT good!!        I know, I know!!

slob, humor, cluttered     Aha!   Here it is!      The bottom drawer pic, I mean.     Okay, back to the expired meds.       Lots and LOTS of expired med!   

Lots, and LOTs of expired meds!      slob, humor, expired medicine      13 bottles, 1 baggy, and 2 boxes.        The top box is not even my med!       How do I have my Mama’s med???        So, I have it bagged up to take to the expired med. drop off place.        Thanks, Queen Anne for the info on finding that expired med. drop off place.      Also in the top drawer, was a memory T-shirt.       slob, humor, old memory     It seems unreal that I used to fit into this shirt!        No, we don’t need to mention how many years ago!!       My college BFF, Joyous, gave it to me, after she graduated our college, and moved on to the next one.      (3 guesses what it was! )       It is now in the memory box.

Also, a purple little bin, and a charging cord.       slob, humor, clutter       Could this be the charging cord for the laptop I already gave away???        If it is, happily, the lady lives just down the street!

Oh my, that 2nd drawer!!        What a literal treasure trove!!         I wonder how many elementary treasure chests you could stock outta that drawer??

Let’s see:

slob, humor, art- not clutter!slob, humor, not clutterslob, humor, art- not clutter! slob, humor, art- not clutterslob, humor, not clutter! just needs installedslob, humor, clutter?

Well, maybe not the vinyl letters…..      And the light switch plate is slated for the girls’ room.

slob, humor, nope, not a pair  Nice pair of purple gloves!!           Nope, not a pair.         Seriously??         Now we’re gonna start the whole thing over again, but with single gloves???              slob, humor, matched pair        Well, at least I have  1 matched pair!!         And since winter is only approx 49 hours long, I think I’ll be okay.      So the 2 spares went in file 13.        Yay!       Another slam dunk!          (But speaking of winter- where’s my hat?????)

Look what the 3rd drawer had in store, Jen!    slob, humor, single sock = clutter!      These single socks seem determined to follow in our very foot steps!!          Buh, bye!

slob, humor, clutter?    Bottom held this gem, along with fabric.        The fabric was shifted over to the left side, along with all the other fabric.       Now, what to do with this???   I no longer take breathing treatments.        (And haven’t in the last 8 years.     I do believe I’m good!)       But do I keep it just in case I ever do??           If I can donate it, where??           Questions, questions, everywhere, and no answers in sight.       I need a little Nony help right now!       I guess I’ll call the pharmacy, and see what they say.

Dresser drawers denuded:

Top.   slob, humor, declutteredslob, humor, decluttered    How neat and organized!!        I love it!!          Thank you!!           (IF you’re wondering what those vials are, they held the expired epi-pens.      Nony suggested keeping them for little stuff.         Like PP’s confetti, maybe??        Definitely!!)

2nd dresser drawer.   slob, humor, decluttered. just not organized      Ummm, well…. it’s decluttered …        Yup!  Undies only!!              And socks.             Yes, undies- tops, and bottoms, and socks.          But certainly not Kon-maried!!           And that’s ok.         It’s decluttered, only undies are there, and I’m all good with that!!

3rd drawer.         slob, humor, decluttered. not organized. There's a difference.         The all jammies, all the time drawer!           I’m excited that now I know where to put stuff, and I can find it now!!

Bottom:  The piece de resistance!              slob, humor, all decluttered!!

Just look at all that lovely empty space!!        Woot Woot!        I’m so proud of you!!         Thank you!!       I’m quite proud of myself!         Now, the trick is to keep it like that!!         You know they will want to see an update in a month or so!       I’ll keep that in mind!

Thus endeth the Royal Challenge of the Declared Declutterathon.        Queen Anne hath declared her pleasure with all her Ladies-In-Waiting!!  

slob, humor, queen

Queen Anne, that is!

Thank you, my Queen!


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Declutterathon Dish Deposit

slob, humor, declutterathon

Well, I was sitting in my recliner, surveying my kingdom living room, and enjoying the view.     The nice, uncluttered, clean deceptively clean looking, view.      And, I was thinking of what my next Declutterathon project could possibly be; since my whole house was pretty much decluttered down to the bone!

AHA!!       Or so you thought!!         Yes, or so I thought!       Until my roving eyes landed on this.     slob, humor, corner hutch

Oh yeah, the corner hutch/ china cabinet/dish deposit place.       (At least, that’s what Granny always used it for; me?     This and that, some of whatever thrown in for good measure.)

I thought it looked like some books on the top shelf, but I wasn’t positively sure, so I ventured closer.    slob, humor, corner hutch- clutter?     Sure enough!     Books!!       Lots of books!!

slob, humor, books!     12 to be exact!      How did I not go thru these already when I went thru books last time??        Got me!        Anyway, the cookbook is a no-brainer donate!   Then the 8 romances went straight into the trash.     I still can’t understand how they’ve been here in my house the last 11 months, when I’ve been purging so much!!

slob, humor, clutter        And the 3 keepers.     slob, humor, not clutter

Grace Livingston Hill romances are so sweet, old fashioned, and Christian.      She includes the plan of salvation in each one.      Remember when I agonized so over my 3 boxes of Graces????      Some that I’d had for 4 decades??       Yeah, well, I still think about them occasionally, but still haven’t cried over them!!       (And I know I could still name a large percentage of them too!     I loved those books!!     But as it turns out, I’m loving my clean open spaces even more!)

Then the drawer, in the middle.     slob, humor, clutter      In my other trailer, this was supposed to be my office drawer, since I didn’t have a desk.     Now that I have a desk, all this has a home to go to.      YAY for knowing where stuff belongs!

slob, humor, decluttered      Ah!     Looks good!        Ahem.        Oh, okay, except for those 3 things it looks good.       I’ll take care of them, but no need for another pic!


Then the shelves below.     slob, humor, some clutter       Not too bad!  Only 2 things!!      The printer paper goes in the desk.       Let’s see what that other thing is.

slob, humor, clutter     A box.      A completely empty box.       Since I’ve been using the antenna for 10 months now, I think it’s safe to say I’m keeping it!       Recycle away!            slob, humor, all decluttered!        Empty shelves never looked so good!


No dishes deposited here, and no more junk books either!!




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Declutterathon DIN DIN Dining

slob, humor, declutterathon

I’m sure you know DIN stands for Do IT Now.    No?     Well, now ya do!

Mama used to always say that, whenever I was procrastinating.

So, basically she said it every day, multiple times??

Smarty pants.slob, humor, smarty pants

So, anyway, back to the dining room.

After the Dining Day, it looks like this.

slob, humor, clutterslob, humor, clutterslob, humor, clutter

But, at least the 1 clear spot is still there!!    slob, humor, decluttered!

So, now to really get down to business, and take it down!

This skirt has a tear in it.    I’m gonna repair it, when I get to the actual sewing part again.

Will ya really??          YES!!                 Okay, but we’re gonna check!!

slob, humor, can be fixed

These containers I kept to put PP’s toys in.    slob, humor, clutter

But, then I got these really cheap, and I think they’ll work better, since they’re topless. slob, humor, not clutter{Screeching}     Wait, hold up here!!     Now you have topless stuff on here?????       OOPS!    I probably should have said lidless??

I found so much random stuff!    2 glue sticks, glue gun {nowhere near the glue sticks}, more material,   DUH!!    Oh, yeah, I guess material on a sewing table would NOT be random.  Okay, moving on.    I had forgotten about this Bob and Larry!!     I gotta make PP something outta this for Christmas!!     Only if your quilt queue is quashed!!       Yes, ma’am!

slob, humor, not clutter      She adores Bob and “Yayywe”!

 2 books, toys, a video, stickers, snow cover:

slob, humor, clutter      Ya know, for all those Christmas Villages I [don’t] set up!

A picture Sis gave me, that I have to paint you-know-what-color.    slob, humor, not clutter  slob, humor, not clutter         Happily, I found the paint too!!      So much other junk, not even gonna bother.      Just like you didn’t even bother to set the timer??       Correct-a-mundo!      I looked at the clock before and after.      I knew it would be at least 3 x 15.      And it was!     And a little over.     But it was so worth all the blood, sweat, and tears.      (Well, no actual blood this time, and the tears were just the sweat running down my cheeks!)

Here it is!!

slob, humor, declutteredslob, humor, decluttered- really!slob, humor, declutteredslob, humor, decluttered, swept even!

Yes, I know I left stuff on the top of the table.     It’s for finishing Dr. Kim’s kwilt.     NOT gonna put it away, just to have a completely clear table for the pic, then have to HAUL it ALL back out again!!

slob, humor, no time

I think it looks terrific!      And I even swept!!      Woot!    Woot!!      Bonus points for finishing up that little detail!!

Dining Did.



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Oh, this is the dreaded day.   Decluttering the dining room, where no actual dining has happened in far too long!     Lame excuse #1- I have to use it as my cutting table, for sewing.  Lame excuse #2- I have to use it as my pressing table, for quilting.     lame excuse #3- Would you believe I’m lazy??     Anyway, here it is, the…

Dining Disaster:

slob, humor, declutterslob, humor, declutterslob, humor, declutterslob, humor, clutter

I tried to capture a pretty much 360 view, without having to resort to video!!     I’m still traumatized by failing to upload the 1 I did try!

Every time I’ve walked by it (the dining room, not the video!) in the last 15 days, it seems to mock me    “You can’t beat me!     Your piddly 15 minutes mean nothing to me!     Nothing, I tell you!”

Intimidated, I’d put it off for another day, and another.

But, today’s the day!      I’m gonna march in there, and tackle it 1 item at a time!       Clutter is no longer the boss of me!!      Even a huge, heaping helping of hoard!

I might run out screaming after the timer dings!!      And believe you me, I WILL start the timer this time!!      But, I will have have made a dent, no matter how tiny!

The timer actually was set, AND started!!    I told you I would THIS time!

slob, humor, time's up

And, I gave up after that first 15!!     I was exhausted, because I had already done dishes, and folded 4 baskets of laundry earlier!     Woot  Woot!!     Go, me!!

But, I DID it!!     I did make a DENT!!      slob, humor, found mail     Found mail from last month!!     Good thing it was only my OTC stuff from the pharmacy, NOT meds!


slob, humor, donate                     slob, humor, recycle    Recycle.

slob, humor, decluttered   I see da-floor dere!   slob, humor, decluttered

Dining done dented.


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Meandering Memes

Don’t even  have a theme, I don’t think today.

slob, humor, date meme

For some reason, I just love her.    Maybe because I’ve been her???    Nah….

slob, humor, sleep meme

Aww, poor Hammie!!

Nope!   NO theme, just the first 10 memes I came to, in my folder of memes.

slob, humor, exercise meme    Now see, here’s where the trainer would die!

slob, humor, dating meme     Perfect!!    Of course, after she’s 35, she can befriend anyone she wants!

slob, humor, meme     I totally get that!!

slob, humor, exercise meme     Wow, I beat her record!

slob, humor, clutter meme     I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder.

slob, humor, age meme     I think I’ve used this one before, so I’ll throw 1 extra in today.   How’s that?

slob, humor, exercise meme

Me too, kitteh!! Me too!

slob, humor, food meme

Me too!!

slob, humor, 80s meme

Oh yeah!!      Until your neighbor walks over and yells “Hang up the phone!”     {Yes, kids, we had an ancient form of phone service called party lines.   Everyone shared, and you could eavesdrop!    Until Mom saw you!!}

slob, humor, lazy meme    <sigh>   Me too.

There you have it.   Meandering memes for this Monday.