Sweeter Sweatin’

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De-clutter, De-claim, De-cline, De-clusion

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Sweeter Sweatin’

This is the second hand account of the second time, working in my sweatshop widdle woom.       Where the sweatin’ is always sweeter, when it directly benefits me!!

Now, if I can only cast my mind back, to remember what I did!          (More than 2 weeks have passed, and I’ve worked on other things.      Why don’t I write things in the order I do them???     Because that would be too logical??)

Before Pic, for this go round.

slob, humor, mess atop filing cabinet

Filing cabinet fiasco.

As Dana, (Nony), says, some clutter is “Procrasticlutter”, delayed decisions.    The 2 black boxes, and the 2 cardboard boxes would be the illustration beside that word, in her dictionary!

The cardboard boxes are full of Verizon equipment, that I’ve been meaning to return.  Since before I left XH.      4 years ago, on July 1st.        So yeah, procrastination, at which I am a pro!        

But, I can’t just get rid of it!      I have to return it!!       Cause they already put it into collections, and its on my credit report, and everything!!        But, its been 4 years, and you haven’t done it yet.        But, I’m gonna!!         Are ya really??           Cuz I call bull hockey!

DD1 put it into perspective for me.        “Mama, you already have the ding on your credit.       Verizon has already written it off.       They don’t want back 5 year old equipment.        Dump it already!”

So I did.        Finally freedom!!      No more nagging sense of “Gotta do it”!!          Whew!   Really did give me some mental relief!!

slob, humor, more to trash!

Whittling it down to size!!

And the 2 black boxes???        They are Dish boxes, from the former owner, of my former trailer.        Yeah, I moved 2 heavy pieces of electronic clutter, that weren’t even mine.

slob, humor, horrified

What in the world??

Yep, so I trashed ’em without a single qualm!     Along with the sparkly purple (broken) gift bag, squooshed behind there.

So much empty space!!       Nice!!       Now to take care of the other piddlin junks up there.

The de-tangler spray and bristly brush went on top of the girls’ dresser, within easy reach of PP, for after her bath.      Returned the little white drawers to DD1’s custody.      And so on, and so on.

slob, humor, finally de-cluttered!

Ahhhh! Clean, empty space! So much easier to breathe! But, it does look kinda bare…

slob, humor, grape placemat

                                    That looks better!!


But, I think it still needs something…..

slob, humor, purple jar

Aha!    That’s it!!      Perfect!

The glass jar was a birthday gift, from Cindy D.       Hey girl, hey!!

It look so gorgeous now!!      I stare at it, just to enjoy a purdy piece of calm!!

But, it takes vigilance to maintain the clean look!     I want it to stay pretty, and I’m the only one who lives in this room, and yet I’m constantly having to declutter the same little spot!      What’s up with that??        But the effort required to keep it clutter free, is so worthwhile!!

Now, if I only I could do something about this….

slob, humor, ugly cord

This makes me blue!!

I asked Sweet Friend to just cut it off.      He refused.       The nerve!        He said “I don’t know where it goes, and you’re just renting this house, in case you forgot.”

Oh, that makes a difference???         Who knew!  

Maybe I can paint it white????          Try to shove it all the way back up thru the hole in the ceiling??         Cut it off myself???          Try to ignore it???

Sigh.         There’s always something.

Anyway, the sweatin’ was all the sweeter, for the sense of serenity, and the piece of prettiness, that I ended up with.  

I love my daughter!!          As I was finishing writing this, she came in, and I complained about her daddy not removing it.         She promptly climbed up on a stool, and….

slob, humor, cord almost gone.

Voila!! Cord be gone!! (Almost)

Blue bugger banished!!

31 thoughts on “Sweeter Sweatin’

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  2. Oh Melinda…I really need to borrow you to come over to my house right now! I haven’t even started sorting out and we’re moving in 4 or 5 weeks! I am seriously panicking as I have all three kids’ stuff in our garage and loft (attic) crammed, literally, in there for years. They really need to get it sorted but with living away and getting the time and all hubby and I have to sort…guess what we’ll be doing this weekend to kick things off? Here comes the dump and charity shops! But of course, we can’t just throw out the kids’s stuff (I say kids, they are all adults, ha!). Anyway, I’m rambling. What I most wanted to say was this: I adore your beautiful crosstich runner with the scripture. Did you make it? I’m assuming you did, since it’s purple, and looks perfect with the beautiful glass jar… love it and you! 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Melinda! Wow…how long has it been? After this everything went crazy. The day after we exchanged contracts and moved on 22nd September. Now we’re living in our van not down by the river but on a goose farm until we can move into our ‘new’ house in late October. Phew. Got mobile broadband but it’s limited, so catching up now. I will be intermittent until we move in and get back to some kind of ‘normal’. We got all the stuff sorted out in the end…storage, ha! We’ll get there eventually! Hope all is well with you my friend – miss you! Can’t believe where the time is going. We were supposed to move in July – and here we are it’s October already…but I’m just so happy we sold our house and still can’t quite believe it. Big love and huge hugs to you! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend… 🙂 ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Sherri! Wow!! Too much stuff going on with you!! I’m glad you’re happy that you sold! And that everything got sorted! But you’re living in your van?? By a goose farm?? Does that stink?? Do you have a real bed?? Limited broadband?? I’m so sorry!! I empathize with the agony of that! 😉
        I moved , yes, AGAIN!!, last SAt. Irma made our roof leak, and the landlord was in no hurry to fix it. All the mold, and mildew had us all sick.
        ❤ and hugs back!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Okay…so having just replied to your other comment before I saw this one, I now know you’ve moved…AGAIN!!! But I’m so sorry to hear about that awful mold and mildew after all that rain and storm and how terrible for you. Oh I hope and pray you’re happy where you are now…and warm and dry and cosy. Yes…lots going on here. Getting colder but we have a small electric fan heater, we’re hooked up to mains electricity so that’s good. The geese are free range so go in a barn at night and free to roam – do geese roam? – by day on the grass so they don’t smell lol. But the limited internet is a pain…and I had a nightmare with our internet provider from our old house taking it to our new. I could seriously write yet another book just about that!!!!! So…it will be a miracle if we get our internet ready as soon as we do finally move in. All this waiting though is so stressful. Okay…breathe. Phew…what a time! Keep smiling my friend…much love and all blessings to you… ❤ ❤ ❤


      • Oh my goodness, Sherri! I just found this in my spam!! Sorry!!
        WE are great in our new place! More about it later!
        Internet will be the death of us yet!! No, no, we refuse to let it be!!
        We are stronger and smarter than that!
        <3, Melinda

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh no!!! Not spam jail again…so glad you sprung me, ha! No worries..just so glad you’re enjoying your new place! And yes…we are better than that! And we are finally moving next week..more on that later too. A manic rush having waited months for it to all come together. And I’ve got some awful cough/cold/throat thing when I have so many phone calls to make and I sound like I’m about 90 lol!!! We’ll do this my friend! Have a wonderful weekend and big love and hugs to you…always purple ones of course 🙂 ❤ xoxo

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh Melinda, darn it , my first comment disappeared 😦 Hope it didn’t go to spam…I commented on your most recent post, hope that came through. Just to say I love your crossstich runner with the scripture, it’s beautiful, and looks lovely with the glass jar. Did you make the runner? You have totally transformed that space with it…gorgeous…and purple! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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