DD2’s a Doctor!!


As of May 20, 2016, DD2 is a Doctor!!   If you heard a tremendous noise that Friday, around 5 pm, EST, it was our family screaming for her, as she walked on stage to receive her doctorate!

Just hearing her name being called, (for the 3rd time in a graduation ceremony!!!) made me tear up with pride!   She is so smart, and dedicated!!   After HS, she has persevered, and labored for 9 long years, for this achievement!!

Kim has always been determined.   When she declared she was going to be an eye doctor, I knew she’d do it!!   When she puts her mind to it, nothing is impossible!

Here we are, after the ceremony.

slob, humor, graduate ceremony

Proud Mama and Doctor!!


(Lookit the pretty flowers.  They’re a whole nother story!!)

Here’s some of the family.   (At Golden Corral, after the ceremony.   Can’t celebrate without food, amiright???)

slob, humor, doctor, family

Me, Cuz Britt, Aunt Sherry, Dr. Kim

slob, humor, family, flowers

YAY, Grandmama! Thanks for the flowers!


Celebrating!!!   {I just can’t get enough of saying Dr. Kim!!   My baby is a Doctor!!}



slob, humor, Dr. Kim

“Good night, y’all!”


Dr. Kim saying a final bye.  

[Oh yeah, Vanronica is photobombing!  OR is it Dr. KIM who is photobombing Vanronica??]

Dr. Kim’s on her way to being the Surgeon General of Optometrists!

What??   There’s no such thing??    Trust me, she’ll MAKE it a thing!!


Congratulations on your success, Dr. Kim!!!


32 thoughts on “DD2’s a Doctor!!

  1. Lucy, This is fantastic news! How can you stand all the excitement that has been happening around your place in the last two months? Was little Desi jealous? Tell him I said that being a drummer has its rewards, too. Your friend, Ethel.

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