Declutterathon Divided

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And away we go!!    Since someone complained about me making up words, I decided to use a “real” one today.     I’m doing the filing cabinet, but instead of searching for a word, I just went the lazy easy route, and used a related word.   So, are we all good to go?

All good.

Thanks, here we go!

The top of the filing cabinet.

slob, humor, top of filingslob, humor, right top of filing     Threw away the open cracker box, and candy .  

Cuz you were afraid they were stale??    {sarcastically}

No, cuz I remembered I have creepy crawly friends, and I don’t wanna eat their leftovers.

Good thinking!!    Maybe next time you could remember that BEFORE you leave out open food???

[sniff, ignore]

Kept the coloring pages for PP, but put them inside the drawer, for neatness.

slob, humor, not clutter     Great!


Okay, here’s the top drawer, in all its shame.

  slob, humor, oh yeah its clutter    See how its divided?    From whence came today’s title.

slob, humor, not mine!   Another animal??   Are ya kiddin??     But this one’s not mine!!    I have no idea how one of Mama’s giraffes got here in my filing drawer!   It probably followed the llama from 3 days ago, and got lost.    So, it’ll be returned shortly??     ASAP!!     I can’t afford the care and feeding of a giraffe!!     Update:  It has been trucked back to its owner.

This is pretty!!      slob, humor, not clutter Yup, a Christmas present that never was given.    

slob, humor, frowny face

This is my not happy face.

 There’s always another December coming!      Speaking of that, here’s a graduation present from last December as well.        slob, humor, not mine           Reckon she’ll get it by THIS December?                   Hope springs eternal.


YES!!   [fist pump]   A massage certificate!!

slob, humor, certificate

slob, humor, expired    NOOOO!!!!    How can it be expired????      {wailing and gnashing of teeth}

But here’s some good news!     slob, humor, not expired     At least the coupon isn’t expired.          yay     whoop di do       who cares

More un-given presents:   slob, humor, not clutter

Magazines, thumb drives, medical papers by the metric ton….

and this.  slob, humor, important    Finally!!    Something that belongs in a filing cabinet, not the ark!

Ya know, I spent 45 minutes on de-cluttering, and guess what I ended up with?

A cleaner, emptier divided filing cabinet, I’m guessing??

slob, humor, no more clutter    Look Mama, no more clutter!!      Besides that.

0912160058    Another shred pile!!     <sigh>    But at least, I only have a very small action stack!    slob, humor, action stack      To do list, or whatever ya call it.    YAY.

And this gave me a smile.    slob, humor, a don't pay bill!     A bill where they owed ME money!!   How often does THAT happen??    I wrote “Thank You, Jesus!”    Maybe you should frame that one!

Then, I looked down, and saw this.    slob, humor, lots clutter

Oh no!!    Not going there today!!    I did not just do overtime, I did triple time!!    Stick a fork in me, I am DONE!!

It’ll still be there tomorrow!     Mwuahahaha!



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