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Oh, this is the dreaded day.   Decluttering the dining room, where no actual dining has happened in far too long!     Lame excuse #1- I have to use it as my cutting table, for sewing.  Lame excuse #2- I have to use it as my pressing table, for quilting.     lame excuse #3- Would you believe I’m lazy??     Anyway, here it is, the…

Dining Disaster:

slob, humor, declutterslob, humor, declutterslob, humor, declutterslob, humor, clutter

I tried to capture a pretty much 360 view, without having to resort to video!!     I’m still traumatized by failing to upload the 1 I did try!

Every time I’ve walked by it (the dining room, not the video!) in the last 15 days, it seems to mock me    “You can’t beat me!     Your piddly 15 minutes mean nothing to me!     Nothing, I tell you!”

Intimidated, I’d put it off for another day, and another.

But, today’s the day!      I’m gonna march in there, and tackle it 1 item at a time!       Clutter is no longer the boss of me!!      Even a huge, heaping helping of hoard!

I might run out screaming after the timer dings!!      And believe you me, I WILL start the timer this time!!      But, I will have have made a dent, no matter how tiny!

The timer actually was set, AND started!!    I told you I would THIS time!

slob, humor, time's up

And, I gave up after that first 15!!     I was exhausted, because I had already done dishes, and folded 4 baskets of laundry earlier!     Woot  Woot!!     Go, me!!

But, I DID it!!     I did make a DENT!!      slob, humor, found mail     Found mail from last month!!     Good thing it was only my OTC stuff from the pharmacy, NOT meds!


slob, humor, donate                     slob, humor, recycle    Recycle.

slob, humor, decluttered   I see da-floor dere!   slob, humor, decluttered

Dining done dented.


Queen Anne’s Day  16  :

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31 thoughts on “Declutterathon-Dining

  1. dining dented and nice wood floors – congrats 🙂
    and my dining room table can easily be a catch – all and so I try and watch it – or before I know – we cannot eat there when we need to.

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  2. Nice floor you got there – can’t wait to see your dining table! The silly-stupid-ignorant shortcut for uploading videos is:1. Upload to Youtube. 2. Once it’s up and playing on Youtube, click Share. 3. Copy and pate the URL of your Youtube video into the body of your post. That’s it!

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