Declutterathon- Dresser

slob, humor, declutterathon


Here it is: Da Dresser:

Top of it anyway.

slob, humor, cluttered

Lovely, right??      Yet another space that I’ve been ignoring far too long.     (How long have I lived here now, 10 months???     Yup, almost that long.      Aside:  I can’t believe I’ve been here that long!!      AND, that you haven’t moved yet!!       Har de har har)

Okay, so here we go.     Remember the timer!!       Yes, yes, I have it right here.      I meant, remember to start it!!        {mutters}     Everybody’s a comedian.      There, I started it, okay?          Ya don’t have to be so grumpy about it, just trying to help.

So, diving in.     Lots of goodies here!

Look, Jen!     Two single socks!    slob, humor, clutter

Maybe if your singles could be fixed up with my singles, we could have some sock grandbabies??       Oooohh, no!!      Look at the heart one- way too young to even THINK of getting married!      True, plus she already trashed hers.      Another good idea down the drain.

Oh my!!        More birthday presents for PP, that she never received!      Drat you clutter!!

Yeah, right, like it’s the clutter’s fault, not yours.

Well,   (sputter, sputter….)    {clears throat}      Look over there!     Is that the ugliest doll you’ve ever seen, or what??      slob, humor, ugly doll- trash!






I think that’s definitely trash.      Especially since the only time I’ve ever even seen PP touch it, was when she hauled it in here, and plunked it down!      Never to be seen again!       Till now, of course.     Of course! I was able to save the cute dress. Someday another doll will come along…

Gobs of paper work, some to recycle, some to shred.      (I was able to just tear the bottoms of some, since they were from the hospital, and that was the only identifying part.    YAY!!)

Gorgeous personalized journal from my Sis.     Thank you, Magnanimous Michelle!!

slob, humor, journal

Handmade Christmas cross stitch, circa 1990 something.       When you could still see??       You think you’re so funny.      {whispers}    I see Christmas presents!

After about 45 minutes (total- I had to take a, several, many breaks!) of huffing and puffing, here is the beautiful, so well-worth-it results!

slob, humor, decluttered!slob, humor, decluttered!slob, humor, decluttered!

The original art work is by my girls- approx. 25 years ago.       See?     Somethings are GOOD to hold onto!!



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15 thoughts on “Declutterathon- Dresser

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  3. Ha ha – the single sock bag! I had the hardest time getting rid of mine. WHY?!!!!!! Because I am obviously some kind of weird bag lady 👵 Soldier on Melinda – you are doing a grand job (while at the same time putting me to shame😀).

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  4. That really is the ugliest doll I’ve ever seen! 😁😁 What a great thing you’re doing! A co-worker of mine is going through the same process of decluttering and slowly see changes in her attitude. This is inspiring. 🙂

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